Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still 2nd Something


Do I have anything else to say? For all of those Jays fans out there who were completely in love with the '09 Jays and their chances at the playoffs, I'm sorry to say that it just doesn't seem like it is going to happen. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of time left in the regular season for a run at the division or wildcard but realistically speaking, it just ain't happening.

There is a reason why averages are used for almost everything in the world. Anyone know where Snider is? How about Hill? Wells and Rios anyone? As I was stating at the start of the year, for the Jays to succeed and make a run at the division and the playoffs, they would need career years from most of their players. At the start of the season they were getting it. Think back to Hill, Snider, Lind, and Scutaro playing over their heads. Again, the law of averages. They were playing over their heads and now they are just playing at a level that brings them back to their career averages.

There is a playoff itch that I can't seem to get rid of. Toronto needs the playoffs. The Jays need the playoffs. I need the playoffs. Looking at the Jays through an unbiased view, I don't see a playoff team. They are at best a plus-500 team. Their pitching is sketch (what else can you say with so many injuries), the hitting is hit or miss (mostly miss), and the bullpen...let's say we went a little overboard with the signing of AJ and BJ during that one off-season. I can only say that because I'm looking into the past. For the record, I was happy watching the Jays spend some money and sign some high profile free agents.

For teams like the Jays, they need career years from a majority of their players for them to contend and win a World Series ring. For teams like the Yanks/Red Sox their players have so called off years see lines of .286avg, 36hrs, 106rbis, and 28 sb's. Just guess who I am talking about.

That is just the life I live as a Jays fan.

Look on the bright spot, we're still second...second last.


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