Saturday, October 31, 2009


Steve Nash and his Suns took down the Warriors in their home opener but what stood out was Nash's usual unselfish play. When the final buzzer went off, Nash recorded 20 assists for the 6th time in his career. At 35 years of age, Nash seems to still go about his game with nothing holding him back.

I am worried though. With his history of injuries with his back and the enormous amount of minutes he plays, it is hard for me to think he can hold up through the entire season. This year the Suns aren't going to have a complete package around him that can take some pressure off him. Even in years past when they had Stoudamire, Marion, Barbosa, and Q. Richardson, to name a few, he still had to really work on the floor.

With the heavy minutes and the heavy amount of workload that the Suns place on his shoulders, I see him wearing a suit on the bench for a few games. With Goran Dragic handling the ball when Nash is resting, the Suns need him to step-up and provide 15-18 quality minutes on the floor. Playing in the low 30minute range is what I would like to see on a nightly basis.

Keep him healthy so he can come play for the Raps one day.

Friday, October 30, 2009


One of the lamest commercials I have ever watched. Sex sells but this is boring. If you want to use sex in an ad at least show some girls in bikinis or some sort of lacy outfit. What Callaway did in this ad was nothing more than a company wanting to incorporate sex but not having the balls to go the whole 9 yards.

Pump It

Haven't posted in the shoes department in a while and the reason was nothing really came around that caught my eye. The above pair of shoes from Reebok is the Yukatin Special Edition Pumps. A nice pair of shoes with TWO pumps. The only beef I have with this pair of shoes is the baby blue. The baby blue kills the shoe and takes the eye away from the nice chocolate coloured scheme. If the designers used a dark gum colour to replace the baby blue I would definitely go out and grab a pair of these.

Another 3Ks

8 At-bats, 6 Strikeouts, 0 Hits

After shedding the label of playoff choker with a brilliant ALDS and ALCS, A-Rod has found a way to fall back into the struggles that plagued him in years past. Maybe getting away from Yankee Stadium and a change of scenery will bring him a hit in game 3.

Big Tex hit a big HR and hopefully, for A-Rod, someone can lead the team and reporters won't put too much blame on A-Rod for not producing. I still think A-Rod struggles because people throw too much crap on his shoulders. Guy is a true ball player and as long as he takes it easy he can produce and rake like he usually does.

If he struggles in game 3, I guarantee reporters will go buck wild.


Wow, I didn't see this coming. * * * 7IP, 1ER, 9Ks * * * Series is now tied at 1 a piece.

This is why so many people are frustrated with AJ Burnett especially fantasy baseball owners. One day, he goes out and throws a CG with 12Ks and the next he won't last 2 innings. When AJ was in Toronto, I was always a fan of his ability to dominate and overpower hitters. But his consistency was absolutely terrible! I'm glad the Jays didn't pay his quote and try to keep him in Toronto. It would have been a waste of money.

The thing with AJ is he only plays when he wants to play. He is one of those guys that has talent coming out his ass and he knows it. The thing the Jays couldn't offer this guy was a legit chance at a World Series ring and I don't have anything against a player who wants to win. Note: He was a part of the Marlins when they won in 2003 but was recovering from Tommy John Surgery and didn't have a chance to really take in the World Series.

Guy has all the skill and ability in the world but would never be found on my roster if I ever had a say in making a team.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

81 to Go

Opening night at the ACC and the Raptors gave the fans of Toronto something to cheer about. The Raptors opened the new NBA season with a victory over the Cavs, who are favoured by many to take it all this year. What a game it was down at the ACC.

The city of Toronto and their loyal fans are in need of a team we can all rally behind and support for an entire season. The other tenants at the ACC are brutal and not showing any sign of playoffs, albeit it is still early. The Blue Jays had a great opening to their 09 season but faded quickly and descended to the bottom of the AL East. The Argo's, which I barely even notice, are 3-13. Enough said.

Toronto needs a team and the Raps, for one night, gave them some a team to support. I know it is only 1 game and bringing your A-game for opening night is not unusual, keeping it over the next 81 games is where the contenders stand in front of the pretenders.

Be honest, did any of you honestly, think the Cavs would come in and leave with an 0-2 record to start the 09-10 NBA season? Great night for Raps fans.

10/28/09 - Raptors vs. Cavs In 6 Minutes

Dirty Lee

I have never understood how Cliff Lee does it. This lefty is not intimidating but seems to find his way through tough and almost impossible lineups without breaking a sweat.

Game 1 of the World Series was dominated by Cliff Lee. Throwing a complete game to lead his Phillies over the Bronx Bombers. Lee had 10Ks, 7 from the Yanks' 3-4-5 hitters.

Lee throws nothing more than a low 90's fastball and the Yanks couldn't find a run until the bottom of the ninth, which was unearned. If the Yanks are going to take the series they have to find a way to solve Lee because if everything goes as planned, Lee might be pitching game 4 and a decisive game 7 if it goes that far.

Anyone think A-Rod and Big Tex were a little nervous hitting on the big stage? Jeter, his usual self, had 3 hits and seemed comfortable playing in front of the world. I have a feeling if A-Rod and Big Tex don't find a way to contribute tomorrow in game 2, they are going to struggle for the rest of the World Series. Once the pressure is on and their names are all over the sports pages they will squeeze that bat a little tighter which will make things worse.

Why the hell is Swisher still starting? I know the Yanks don't have a talented backup but who ever they put in RF would contribute no worse than Swisher. Guy is hitting .144 with 12 freaking strikeouts. Bench his ass now. Bring Hinske in and see what he can do.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Season Over

My latest fantasy hockey injury to report. Simon Gagne, who has produced shit for me this season, apparently has two frickin' hernias in his right groin. Guess he's not going to be helping me anytime soon.

Add that to the time lost from Datsyuk, Johan Franzen, and Daniel Sedin and you have a pretty productive lackluster offence. This crap has to end and end soon. I'm last in goals and overall my offence is shit.

Sorry for all that language but I'm frustrated and I know I'm going nowhere this year. I haven't given up hope just yet but I need a guy to step up and put the puck in the net.

My team has 14 goals in 98 games played!!! FUCK!


No love for the Zen Master

Had a pretty good laugh at the above video. Phil Jackson trying to give Kobe a fist-bump but having to cover it up and not look like an idiot left hanging.

The season has officially started and the Lakers received their championship rings and above is a picture of it. Holy crap, that is bling. Every time I see a championship ring from any professional sport, I always have the same reaction...DAM.

Hanshin Tigers

Kenji Johjima opted out of his contract and left two years which was worth a total of $15.8mil. I'm a little mixed about this move on moving back to Japanese baseball.

MLB is the standard and everything else is just a bat and ball. Every kid who steps onto the diamond dreams about one day being able to play in the bigs. I guess Johjima had his time in the bigs but leaving two years on the table is kind of stupid. Stay in the big leagues and enjoy your time because for most, sticking around in the majors is tough enough. MLB is where the big boys play and where everyone is striving to play but I guess he had reasons for going back home.

As usual, family and his love of everything Japan brought him back to Nippon Baseball. I can agree and completely understand if this was his reasoning but still, why would you give up two years just like that and head home. America isn't like Japan. In America, you can get anything you can get in Japan but that doesn't go the other way around. For those of you who have lived in Japan can back me on this one.

I guess he has his reasons for going home but I still can't understand the 2 years left part. This is the big leagues and no one can say that Nippon baseball is close to the bigs. On a side note, I get to see him up close and personal when he puts on the Hanshin Tigers uniform come 2010.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off We Go

Well, the Yanks, with their new stadium, are about to start another World Series against the Phillies. This post is a little late. I didn't have much to say about the Yanks making the world series because I wasn't surprised to see them reach the playoffs, sweep the Twins, and take the ALCS led by ALCS MVP CC Sabathia. Seriously, were you surprised?

After reading a few things about how the Yanks are crap and they only get to the post season by buying their way in finally got me wanting to post something.

The Yankees are always going to be hated because they have succeeded by continually winning ball games. Haters everywhere complain, moan, and bitch about how they only win because of their massive yearly budget. Why even bother using this argument. The Yanks are buying and paying for T-A-L-E-N-T. Plain and simple, they are spending their money on talent. Premium talent will command premium dollars, simple as that! Is there something wrong with going out and paying big bucks for premium talent?

Others seem to hate on the Yanks because they are ruining baseball. How are they ruining baseball? Other teams have no shot? When was the last time the Yanks won the World Series? Exactly! Are they winning every year with the $200+million payroll? For fuck's sakes stop bitching about the Yanks destroying baseball. Did you know that with revenue sharing the Yanks are actually paying for some of the losing teams and their payroll? Did you know that if there was no revenue sharing many teams would just go bankrupt. The people you should be complaining about and to are the owners who are too cheap to spend some cash to bring a winning team and a chance at the World Series to your home town. Remember, all these owners are rich mother fuckers who only own a team because it's their "hobby" or childhood dream to own a professional baseball team. They have the money! Just, they decide to spend keep it locked up in stocks.

If you took the Yanks out of the picture you would see television contracts shrink and that would hurt the bottom line. Revenue would seriously be cut off and you know what, we'd be in a very different situation with teams falling apart.

The Evil Empire label is old and while you idiots complain about the Yanks, they will continue to bring home championships and keep your poor owners afloat.

Manning Who?

Who predicted the Giants would win? Not me! I had my man, Kurt Warner, leading the Cardinals to victory on Sunday.

Looking ahead, Warner has the chance to win 5 more before hitting a real opponent in week 13 when they face Farve and the Vikings. Not sure if Farve will be effective when week 13 rolls around but with him, I never count him out. Just hope the Cards don't take their opponents lightly and look to week 13.

Go Warner.

About Time

The Leafs are finally in the win column!!!

It took a few games, 9 games to be exact, to register a win and finally give us the fans something to cheer about. More importantly, it get's that ugly monkey off the backs and hopefully will give the Leaf dressing room some needed energy, enthusiasm, and of course the taste of victory.

I have been waiting for the Leafs to finally win a game before making a post and at one point I thought it wouldn't happen for another few weeks. It took a 5 point night from Kaberle to break the Leafs out of their disgusting start to the season in which many thought wouldn't look this ugly. Did anyone think the Leafs would be the last team in the NHL to have a win?

Just looking at the box scores and browsing the reports, it seems the Leafs shouldn't be in panic mode since the season is only 9 games old but I don't agree. I think the Leafs need more fire and play with some sort of urgency NOW. All the players are saying the right things about guys learning to play with each other, it is only a few games, bad luck with the puck, and all that other crap but I don't buy it. For the Leafs to win, everyone in that locker room needs to step up and take every shift they have like it's their last (very cheesy but true).

If the Leafs stepped on the ice and played their asses off, opponents might not have that relaxed feeling when they suit up against them. Have you ever played against a team you knew you were going to beat? It is a great feeling because you really have no feeling. Makes sense, read on. A good team will always show up relaxed and let their skill and muscle memory take over when push comes to shove. When ever I played a weaker team I would step into the batter's box relaxed and focused, never did I have a tense muscle muscle in my body.

The win is done and no one can take it away. Now, let's hope that the 2nd comes Wednesday night in Dallas.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Baby!


New Faces

Monday, October 19, 2009

Up and Down Week

Jaguars/Rams - Wow, the Rams scored some TD's (1 defensive but who's counting). Torry Holt didn't score but put up some big numbers (101yards with 5 catches). I am starting to really worry about the Rams because if they don't get it together they will blow a shot at a victory when they play the Lions in week 8.

Lions/Packers - Holy crap. Lions shut out by the Packers. How is it possible for a team to not even score a field goal?

Vikings/Ravens - What the hell is Farve drinking? Guy just led his team to a 6-0 start. Seriously, retirement?

Giants/Saints - Is there anyway for the Saints to donate some offense to my Rams for a week so we can grab a victory?

Titans/Brady - Tom Brady absolutely tore through the Titans defense. 59-0!!! Again, how is it possible for a team to not score a field goal?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phantom Touch

The above play occurred in the 10th inning of game 2. Erick Aybar's double play or according to 2nd base umpire, Jerry Layne, only a force out at 1st base due to Aybar missing 2nd base with his foot. If you want to check out the video evidence head over to right HERE.

Make note of what he says at 56secs, "Wow, that's fucking unbelievable!" Love live TV!

Playing as a SS/2B over the years, this call is never made unless it was blatantly obvious you missed the bag. The double play occurs so quickly that most umpires just give it you, as long as you straddle and "appear" to touch 2nd base.

When there is a double play ball hit and the runner is coming and the batter is trying to beat out the play, you are forced to catch and release quickly if you are to have a chance at the double play. This is where the phantom touch comes into play. Everyone who has grown up with baseball has kind of accepted this unwritten rule because no one really argues with the call. Over a span of a full season this call will go against you and for you to the point where it will just even out.

I have personally grown to take advantage of this and when I know there is someone who will spike me or if there is a speedy batter, I will purposely use the phantom touch to get the ball out quicker. I have watched video of myself where I clearly miss the bag but still make the double play. Just apart of baseball.

A little disappointed in the umps call, especially in extra innings during the ALCS.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Meet Again

One nasty looking finger

My Rams will be seeing a familiar face come Sunday when they take to the field. Mr. Torry Holt will be hosting the visiting Rams and is trying to prove why the Rams should have kept him on their roster. I still have a soft spot for Holt and if it wasn't for the ridiculous prices for jerseys I would have had a Rams Holt jersey on my back years ago. Still can't believe how much they charge for official gear. Guess that is why guys get paid $10 mil a year to play a sport.

I've been a little lazy with stats in the NFL this year and when I checked out the opponent, which I do every week, I realized Holt doesn't have a TD this year. A little shocked, I dove deeper into the numbers...I see a stud back named Maurice Jones-Drew, explains a lot. Still a little shocked that Holt hasn't been on the receiving end of a TD toss from Garrard.

Just hope the Rams put up a fight and find a way to grind out some yards, first downs, and maybe even a TD. Still toughing it out on the Rams sideline.

Friday, October 16, 2009


This is what I get after a few years away from fantasy hockey, an injured lineup and only 5 goals to show for (first place in goals as something like 23 goals). My team needs some healthy players to score some freakin' goals. Looking at my team after the draft I was pretty certain I had a pretty strong offensive squad but injuries seem to have derailed that idea.

First, Franzen went down. He'll be down for another 4-5 months (or was it 5-6). Fuck!

Second, Daniel Sedin goes down with a broken foot. Out 4-6 weeks. Damn!

Third, Pavel Datsyuk is ailing from an upper body injury. Day-to-day. Come on!

5 freakin' goals and I'm sitting in dead last in that category. Assists, well, I'm in second...second last place. Scoring is at a premium right now and I'm hoping for a turn around soon.

Luckily the dude in Phoenix between the pipes is holding it down for me at the moment. A shout out to Ilya Bryzgalov with his 2 shutouts.

Lidge is Back

Not sure if the playoffs and games that truly meant something is what Lidge needed but it seems the 2009 playoffs have given Phillies closer Brad Lidge a new life. After an amazing 2008 season where Lidge converted every save opportunity he was given he completely fell apart in 2009. Blown save after blown save, inflated ERA, and just simply an awful year.

So far, he has delivered in the 9th inning converting 3 saves. The one thing that peaks my interest is his walks. He is still walking batters at a rate that is not going to benefit him in the future or the Phillies if he continues to follow this path. In 2.1IP, he has 3 BBs. Free passes will eventually come back to haunt you.

Just weird seeing a pitcher fall from grace so quickly and then jump back up to the promised land in a blink of an eye. I still fear for Lidge because he just doesn't seem like he is all there. I do hope he falls just so I can see Joe Torre battle it out with the Yanks in the World Series. If the Yanks make it that far.

Trade Deadline

If my knowledge is correct the NFL trade deadline is approaching, I think Tuesday, and my Rams seem to have a huge question mark on what to do. We all know the Rams have no shot at the playoffs and the team needs some talent to come along, especially through the draft. What about trading stud all-purpose running back, Steven Jackson, for draft picks?

The 2010 draft is suppose to be relatively strong and if the Rams could find some strong protection on the front line and some guys for their defence that won't just roll over and let opposing teams score, they might have a shot at a .500 season. It sounds like a great move but giving up in the middle of the season, albeit a dead season, doesn't encourage Rams fans to continually support the team at the gates.

I know it would be a decent trade just because we would be getting some draft picks in return but I can't see Jackson wearing another uniform. It hurts just as much as Bruce wearing a 49'ers uni and also Holt wearing a Jaguars uni. Just isn't right!

Still dreaming of the day when Jackson has the support Marshall Faulk had back in the glory days of The Greatest Show on Turf. In the NFL nothing surprises me anymore especially with the business side seeming to jump in at every opportunity. If it does happen and Jackson is wearing another uni, I hope he has a great time.

On a side note, looking into buying an official Rams helmet. Around $350 or so. Sounds stupid, but I want one!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fantasy Goals

FUCK! Guy is out 4-6 weeks. Sitting in last place with 2 goals in my fantasy league and this happens. Great! Maybe the official scorer will make a mistake and start crediting Daniel Sedin with goals while he is out. Nice way to start the fantasy season.

New Shades

I am no fashion guru but what is Elin Nordegren wearing on her face? Those glasses are absolutely hideous. Is she making a fashion statement or was she just so busy with the kid she didn't realize she bought them. Maybe Tiger is feeling a little insecure and is forcing her to tone down the hotness that comes with being a sexy Swedish nanny. Some advice Tiger, you are the first athlete to make $1 BILLION, buy her some nice shades even if you do feel insecure.

Time to Sweep

It seems the broom is out in force after the Angels ousted the Red Sox, in Fenway, after the Yanks and the surprising guys out in La La land completed 3 game sweeps themselves.

The Yanks 3 game sweep wasn't all too surprising because of how the Twins finished the final 2-3 weeks of the season. The Twins were battling and fighting every night while the Yanks were resting and enjoying their cushion in the AL East grow. I knew the Yanks would take the series but I was a little shocked it was a sweep. Thought the momentum the Twins had would carry into at least a victory in the division series. A-Rod hits another HR and is batting .455 after three games. Pretty impressive considering his past post-season greatness. Let's see if he can carry that into the next round. Derek Jeter. You know the rest.

The Dodgers were a team I thought had nothing but a first round exit given to them but they proved me wrong. The Dodgers took it to Carpenter, Wainwright (more Franklin), and Pineiro. Andre Ethier seems legit. Fantasy note for 2010, check! Scary thought, what if Manny comes back and goes on one of his runs. Add in Ethier, Kemp, and Furcal and you have a pretty deadly lineup.

Now, to the most shocking series. What the hell happened in Boston? They let one slip through their fingers. With the experience in the Red Sox dugout, I thought they for sure would be sitting in the opposite dugout to the Yanks come the ALCS. The Angels just came out and took it to them from game 1 and didn't stop until they finished the sweep. Papelbon missing a save opportunity? Not being able to convert and allowing ER's? I wonder what the Red Sox Nation is going to do now that their beloved Red Sox are heading into hibernation. You think Epstein is going to go ape shit and buy up some free agents. In my opinion, not likely. They have some core guys that should compete for years to come. Too bad the Yanks do too.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I intentionally made the picture smaller than any other pictures because that is what I think of him right now. Always enjoyed watching him play basketball and hearing Bill Walton's "Throw it down big man" comment but his off-court crap is starting to actually bother me. Usually, I leave that crap on the internet and just scroll over it without opening his latest battle, TV show, or any of his boring "shower me with attention" shit.

Shaq's latest thing got me a little peeved. After starting the pre-season with his new teammates he comes out and says that this is the best team he has ever played for. Okay, he has to say that because if he said it was a good team people would think he's retarded. Well, I think you are retarded Shaq. I'll give him his "on paper" part after the best team comment but still, are you drunk? Check out his teammates in LA when Malone and Payton showed up for a year.

In my eyes, he's just another aging NBA player who is trying to stretch the great life and stay in the bright spotlight the NBA has to offer. Guy needs to just shut his mouth and play ball.

A-Rod is for Real

9th inning HR

For all of you Yankee haters out there I bet you guys are hating them just a little more after they pulled off an 11 inning win against the Twins, which included a bottom of the 9th HR from playoff choker Alex Rodriguez. Why the hatred towards them anyways? I can understand if you hate them because they are a rival but if you add in any other BS crap like their spending, don't even waste your time on me.

It might be a little too early to take away the playoff choker label but so far, A-Rod has shown his regular season heroics do exist come October. Through 2 games at the new Yankee Stadium, he has a 0.500AVG, which includes 1HR and 5RBIs. I haven't been a huge fan of A-Rod since his explosive stats started in Seattle but I haven't been a hater either. Is this finally the year A-Rod puts a team on his back and carries them to a World Series ring?

Two games in the books and the three big off-season acquisitions (CC, AJ, and Big Tex) have come through. Again, a little too early to tell but I smell some fire and passion coming out of the Yankees clubhouse. The drive to win seems real and since the Yanks couldn't bring a World Series to the old Yankee Stadium, bringing one to the new stadium in year one isn't such a terrible idea.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MLB Playoffs

Straight up the man

The 2009 baseball playoffs have started and it looks as if the Phillies are extremely happy to have traded for Cliff Lee instead of pursuing Roy Halladay. Halladay might have given the Phillies a complete game shutout instead of a complete game 1 earned run performance. Seriously though, I think the Phillies grabbing Lee instead of Halladay was a better deal. The asking price for Halladay was out of this world, which it should be considering Halladay’s stats, and grabbing Lee from the Indians was worth it. Being a die-hard fantasy player, I am happy to see Ibanez is out of his funk after landing on the DL a few months back. What a start to the season he had.

Derek Jeter is the man, PERIOD. After a great 2009 season he goes out and shows he is the true leader of the Yankees. Look at this line, 3Rs, 2RBIs, 2BBs, and 1HR. What else can you ask for in a lead-off hitter? The Yankees scored 7 runs and Jeter accounted for 3 of them. Man love baby! Man looooovvvveeee!!!

PS. Lee stole a base too. Not sure Halladay would have done that but you never know, he's not human.

First or Bust

Fantasy baseball is over for another year and I can finally say I am a champion. After playing years of fantasy baseball I have never touched the top. Years of 2nd/3rd place finishes left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Year after year, I build a strong team that always spends time in first place and competes against every team but year after year, there is an owner who has career years from all his players.

Some of the guys I participate with always say I should be happy that I am placing in the top 3 year in and year out but who gives a rats ass if you finish top 3 every year. It is first or bust man!

Fantasy baseball is all about drafting the right players and filling in the holes when DL stints occur and making sure to find rookies or guys having career years to add to your team before someone else picks them off the waiver wire. After a 162 game season, it was all worth it. The time spent sitting in front of the computer clicking and browsing through numbers trying to find some player who is breaking out was fun and now rewarding. Even with the injuries to Beltran, Ibanez, Torii Hunter, and the 50 game suspension of Manny I found a way to take the league. Yes, I had a pretty stacked team. Keepers/draft is where it happens. That is how great of a year I had. Finding McCutchen, Jeter being the old Jeter, Fielder coming into his own, Lincecum throwing smoke, finding Asdrubal Cabrera on the wire, Kurt Suzuki pitching (funny huh?) in from behind the plate, and one of my underrated but not under appreciated staple on my fantasy keeper list Carlos Lee.

At one point in the season, I was thinking I would never finish first especially with all the injuries and “other” things happening. But it all came together and I am glad it did. Now is the time to celebrate a little and rub it into some of my buddy’s faces but in a few weeks I will need to turn my attention to something important, scouting for next year. Yes, I am already preparing for a repeat in 2010. I don’t go hardcore into numbers and spend hours everyday in front of the computer for baseball stats but I do spend some time looking at winter baseball stats and making sure to take note of young guys who are producing. A great league to look at is the Arizona Fall League. Ever heard of a guy named Tommy Hanson? He was MVP of the league last year and we all know what he did this year in the bigs.

The season is over and everything worked out. If anyone is interested in fantasy baseball please leave a comment and if you have a competitive/serious league with owners who actual stay active through the long 162 game season, please leave me a comment and hopefully we can get a league together. March is not so far away, draft time is slowly coming.

Zero Hurts

When am I going to start a week and have a smile on my face because my Rams finished a Sunday with a win? Apparently, it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen anytime soon. My miserable Rams were shut out again, for the second time this season. This time by the 49ers.

This is starting to hurt. I knew the Rams were going to be bad but being shut out 2 times in 4 freakin games? Scoring 24 points in 4 games? Allowing, wait for it, wait for it, 108 points in 4 games? This just doesn’t seem right. Even the lowly Lions have a victory after playing 4 games.

Looking at the Rams upcoming schedule, I see nothing but trouble until week 8 where we face the Lions in Detroit. Are we going to be 0-7 when we get there? Most likely, since we’ll be facing the Vikings, Jaguars, and The Colts of Indianpolis (they deserve a full name mention). You never know, the Rams might come together and score a touchdown (oh, how I miss the touchdown) and hold up on defense to grind out a win in the next 3 weeks.

Come on Rams!!!

Note: Bye week anyone?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Down and Out

YEAH BABY!!! JP is done with the Jays!!!

Wait...let me finish! There are so many people out in Blue Jay land that are jumping with joy after hearing of the dismissal of JP Ricciardi as the Jays General Manager. The guy came in 8 years ago with and what did he bring to the club. Four winning seasons, AJ, BJ, bloated contracts in Wells and Rios, $18mil for Thomas, $17mil for Koskie, and (in my opinion) a disaster in trade talks about Halladay. There was a lot of bad that has come with JP.

But looking back over the past 8 full seasons can you really put all the blame on the GM? Yes, he has the GM title and that is what comes with the territory so therefore he should take blame for what has transpired over the past 8 seasons. Some argue that he is not responsible for most of the decisions and Jay's fans should point their finger and direct their anger at upper management who JP reported to. Why do people even bother saying this BS about JP being the lightning rod when upper management is to be blamed. Maybe JP was a puppet and did whatever his superiors asked of him, we will never know. Ultimately, it all came down on his shoulders because he had the title of GM after his name. If he was opposed to the decisions coming from the top then he should have voiced his concerns and if they fell on deaf ears then a resignation letter should have been drafted and dropped off onto the proper desks.

Don't give me all this crap about JP shouldn't be blamed for the problems that Jays endured over the past 8 seasons. He was the GM and it was his team that took the field for the 162 games a year. It was his team that produced no post-season appearances. It was his team that finished with four losing seasons.

In my eyes, it doesn't matter who takes the GM office for the Jays because of how baseball is currently structured. The Rays showed it is possible to overcome the powers of the AL East but without a play-off birth in 2009, it proved my point, it was just a year that things went their way.

Looking ahead and all I see is a nice 3rd or 4th place finish in the AL East behind the usual suspects. You never know, our young guys can all put up career years and push us into the post-season and maybe even make a run at the World Series. Unlikely, but that's why we play the games.
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