Sunday, December 21, 2008

Outta Here

For everyone who celebrates X-Mas, Merry Christmas! For those who do not, I hope you have a great time during the holidays.

And...Happy New Year!

As you might have clued in, I will be gone and away from this blog for some time. Posts will be up and going again in the new year.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Free Throw≠Free

How is it possible that a professional basketball player can't make 60-70% of their shots from the charity stripe. You stand on a line that is only 4.5metres away from the backboard. If you feel too close you can take a step back. You stand alone with no defender in front of you. You can take your time. Position yourself as you feel fit. Plus you can shoot when you want to.

In the gym, I have nailed around 80-90% of my free throws. I tested my free throws out by going to the court for 7 straight days and took 100 shots everyday. I ended up with an 87 FT%.

Shaq deals with the crowd, exhaustion, and other factors I will never encounter like having a hand the size of a tennis racquet. But still, all he has to do everyday is practice basketball but he still finds it impossible to make more than 55% of his free throws (his career FT% is 52.5). I even went as far as testing my big hand small ball theory. I used a smaller basketball that I could easily palm and used a smaller rim size to compensate for the smaller ball and I still made 85% of my free throws. The inability to make free throws boggles my mind.

In my eyes, there is no excuse for shooting lower than 65% at the line.

Just imagine if Shaq had the ability to make FT's. In his prime, he would be unstoppable. Even going from his career avg of 52.5% to 65% would be a huge increase in wins for his team and points for his career. Factoring the changing defences and how they try to defend Shaq and his teammates, we might have seen Shaq produce championship rings year in and year out.

Shaq, only if you just figured a way to hit free throws.

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True Hollywood Story Style

Coming across this on the internet made me laugh. People are still talking about how Manny and the Red Sox broke off relations with each other and how terrible it was in the Red Sox clubhouse with Manny. Yes, this was made for entertainment and to grab ratings but what are they going to say that hasn't already been covered by the media. You won't see players speaking on camera about Manny and you obviously won't see any personel from the Red Sox making a camera appearance. So, lesson here. Entertainment/ratings is king.

If I wasted your time by you watching this clip, sorry, but it's Manny being Manny.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Man Love - Jerome Iginla

Just a shout out to Jerome Iginla.

You are the type of NHL player that all young kids should look up to. You hit, score, and most importantly stand up for your teammates when things are looking down.

I have nothing but Man Love for you!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Sundin a Canuck

It is finally official, the former Maple Leafs captain is now a proud member of the Vancouver Canucks. I am a little sad and weirded out with the fact Sundin will be wearing another jersey with something different than the white and blue of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Can you see Jordan in a uniform other than the Bulls? Yes, there was the Wizards but come on. What about Jeter with something other than pinstripes?

In professional sports, players want nothing more than the chance to compete for the championship and for Sundin, the lure of competing for the Stanley Cup was enough for him to sign with another team instead of staying put in Toronto. I am happy to see him back on the ice and I hope he succeeds but there is a still a side of me that wished he signed with the Leafs.

As the season progresses I hope Sundin doesn't find himself on the sidelines because of injuries since he did skip training camp and the exhibition schedule. He's been working out but nothing can keep you prepared for the rigirous play found in the NHL.

Good luck Sundin. Too bad the Leafs couldn't provide you with the home and Stanley Cup chance you deserve.

Mark your calendars, Sundin will be back at the ACC on February 21, 2009!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Caddie Mouth

I was a little shocked to hear Tiger having to speak in front of the media concerning his caddie's comments about fellow PGA Tour player Phil Mickelson. Come on, this is a caddie, a dude who is hired to carry his clubs while he navigates 18-holes. Why the hell did this caddie, Steve Williams, even say something in the first place. His job is to carry the clubs, give an opinion on shots, shelter him from the rain with an umbrella, and do whatever Tiger wants him to do. But of course, this idiot had to go out and make a rant about Phil.

Absolutely stupid!

The comment was something that came out of a high school, where one guy, who is associated with the cool kid, tells off another kid. Just a lame and pathetic attention grabbing tactic. It seems people feel the need to go out and say whatever is on their minds, I do enjoy this and that is why I have a blog, but Steve is in a different position. He carries the bag of the most famous golfer in the world and maybe ever so he has the responsibility to carry himself in a professional manner.

According to Tiger the whole situation is over and is behind him but for some reason I think his caddie is on a shorter leash. Tiger better punish Steve for putting something extra on his plate. Guy has surgery and is trying to recover and his caddie pulls this out of the bag.

Have you ever heard about a caddie mouthing off about another golfer before?

Know your role man!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NHL Highlights

Just watching this highlight package and found some hits, passes, and dekes.

0:32 - Hit
1:09 - Hit
2:00 - Dirty pass!
2:28 - Hit
3:27 - I guess Carlo doesn't understand the concept of taking the body.
4:23 - Wow, how does he make this pass
5:03 - Hit
5:10 - Sweet goal
5:38 - I think Osgood lost his pants
6:07 - Hit

Joey Joey Joey

I wish this happened more often with the Raptors. Not just dunking but going strong to the hoop.

Shoe and Bush!

Not sports related but still funny as hell. Bush has some cat like reflex dodging the first shoe.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Throw It Down!

First, just listen to the sound that LeBron makes when he throws it down.

Second, Kobe does his usual thang.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

World Juniors!

Christmas is coming and that means Boxing Day is right around the corner which means WORLD JUNIORS BABY! I always look forward to this time of year, hockey and more hockey.

Photo Courtesy of Hockey Canada.

NFL in Toronto

It was a week ago that the Bills played a regular season game against the Dolphins at the Rogers Centre (it will always be the Skydome to me) in Toronto. The Bills ended up on the losing end of the game but what I want to talk about is the future of the NFL in Toronto.

The debate of having a NFL team north of the border, especially Toronto, is one that will continue forever until one, there is a team, and two, the NFL comes out and bluntly states, "We will not be expanding into Canada." With the second comment, people will still talk about Toronto and the NFL even if there is, according to the NFL, no chance of a team.

Going back to the game, the attendance was far from full capacity. The Dome has a capacity of around 55,000 people. If you look at the above picture you can see the empty seats throughout the Level 500. I didn't bother looking for a ticket or even seeing how much they were going for but according to newspapers and media outlets (The Star, Globe and Mail, and even they were going for a hefty premium. Comparing the prices to the CFL is comparing apple and oranges but it still shows there is a ceiling to prices for Torontonians.

I believe the NFL should be in Toronto in the near future.

1 - People in Canada watch NFL almost just as religiously as they do down south. When I was in university I would take Sunday to watch games all day and make some crazy dinner with my buddies. Have I ever done this with a CFL game? Hell no. The CFL does not interest me what so ever. It is a league that stands, in my eyes, as the minor leagues. By the way, I do watch minor league hockey, the OHL, but only live and never on TV.

2 - Is Toronto not a world class city? It is the biggest city in Canada and it can certainly support a NFL team. Think about the spin-off business a NFL team would generate in the city. People traveling from all parts of Ontario, Quebec, and western New York state coming to stay in hotels and eat at the local restaurants and bars. Plus, think about the revenue that could be generated from NFL merchandise. Okay, that was going a little too far since most of the merchandise revenue goes straight to the owners. Anyways, you get my point. Businesses would be jumping for joy with fans streaming out after a home game in search of food/drinks.

3 - This won't hurt the CFL. Fans of the CFL are fans of the CFL and that won't change because a new team is in town. The NFL is a different game which appeals to a different audience. I don't really know anyone who enjoys the CFL more than the NFL but that is a whole other story. People who come up with the complaint that the CFL would die because of the NFL are just scared of change.

The time has come for an owner to go to the NFL and make them a proposal because Toronto needs an NFL team. The city needs another professional sports franchise and would benefit greatly with a NFL team.

Bring the NFL to Toronto!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Carmelo dropping 33!

Some guys can't even score 33 points in a game let alone in a single quarter. Carmelo Anthony was able to score 33 points in a single quarter against the Timberwolves.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Competition Mr. James

Okay, Russell Westbrook has nothing on LBK but this was a pretty sweet dunk. It reminds me of the dunk Wade made a few nights back. These are the types of guys I love watching and would love having on my team. Guys who attack the basket and aren't afraid of getting fouled and physical contact.

Throw it down two hands!

LeBron the Dunker

Guy just loves throwing it down. Poor Raptors.

Ford vs. Calderon

The return of TJ Ford to the Air Canada Centre was not a successful one. Ford was traded from the Raptors to the Pacers in the off-season for Jermaine O'Neal and was basically told he wasn't up to Colangelo's standards as a PG. In Toronto, TJ basically watched his "younger brother" take his spot from him and was sent packing. So, how did Calderon and Ford fair in the game.

Calderon - 38:08mins, 14Asts, 2TO's, and 11Pts.
Ford - 27:21mins, 4Asts, 2TO's, and 4Pts.

I guess Calderon took this and the victory, 101-88.

The day I heard about this trade I was happy Colangelo decided to stick it out with Calderon instead of Ford. So far the Raptors aren't impressing anyone in the NBA with their lack luster approach to games but that deserves a separate post.

Which PG do you prefer having?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sticking with Hockey

I'm in the mood for hockey right now and I've spent some wasted some time watching NHL highlights. Take a look at the following points during the highlight package.

0:52 - #4 from the Leafs, Jeff Finger, absolutely destroys Oscar Moller of the Kings.
2:30 - Wow, what a saucer pass.
3:47 - My man Spezza is thrown into the padding.
4:07 - Toews is absolutely ridiculous.


Leafs Win?

Well, the Leafs are finally victorious after beating the AHL-quality guys from Long Island. People can argue the Leafs belong in the AHL right now and honestly, I wouldn't argue with you. They are just going through the motions when it comes to defence. Someone on this team needs to step up and block some shots, Toskala I'm looking straight at you!

Since I rarely see a highlight reel end with a victory, when it comes to the Leafs, I felt compelled to show this one to the world. Yeah, Leafs win!

Volleyball Anyone?!

Take a look at highlight #4. Hakim Warrick of the Grizzlies seems to be practicing his spiking technique. He keeps it in bounds too! That was for those haters (the people who can't block) who seem to always ruin a huge block just because the player doesn't keep the ball in play.

Hello Okafor

Dwayne Wade keeps on driving to the hoop and this is why his 2010 value is squarely based on his health. As long as Wade can keep healthy and continue to serve up facials, ask Okafor how it felt, Wade is going to fill, not only the stat sheet, but the bank as well.

Just think of the possibilities when 2010 rolls around. Wade/Bosh, LeBron/Bosh, Lebron/Wade. Some dirty combos.

PS. Love the way he enters the lane!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cry Me a River

Glen "Big Baby" Davis of the Celtics was seen crying on the bench after KG ripped him a new A-hole during a huddle. Guys like KG need to slow their minds down a little to clearly think about their actions. Yes, the Celtics were destroying the Blazers and slowly lost their lead when the subs came in but KG had no right to drag Davis into the huddle and say the things he said. I am not 100% sure on what he said but for some reason I think it went like this, "What the FUCK are you doing? I worked my fucking ass off and built this lead so you idiots could have a few minutes on the court and this is how you repay me?!?! Screw you guys!" I think I went a little overboard but you get the point.

KG, relax, there is a reason why they are subs and not NBA superstars. The first video is of Glen "Big Baby" Davis crying. The second video of KG explaining himself after the game.

Big Baby himself.

Here is video #2, KG's explanation.

I like the fire in KG's belly but as a teammate I would eventually get a little tired of it. There are times when it is needed but then there are times when he should just shut his mouth.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wieeeeeee...You Earned it

Michelle Wie finally earned a spot on the LPGA Tour, without help from sponsors or special invitations, by finishing Q-School tied for 7th with a 12-under score.

I am so happy to see her succeed and earn a spot onto the LPGA Tour. Now lets hope she continues to develop and compete on the LPGA Tour.

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Maddux Retires

Greg Maddux, the dude who throws his fastball the same speed I threw when I was pitching in midget baseball, is finally retiring after calling the Cubs (2 times), Braves, Dodgers (2 times), and Padres his employers for 23 seasons. I want to say thank you for giving every pitcher who didn't have a 95-plus mph fastball and/or a knee buckling curve hope that he could one day be pitching in the bigs. Does Greg not deserve the Hall of Fame? He is just the epitome of excellence and deception while standing on the mound.

Maddux has 355 wins (1 more than Clemens), 3.16ERA, 4 Cy-Youngs, 18 Gold Gloves, and 5,000 innings pitched over a stellar 23 year MLB career. Just looking at his stats, he's pitched around 190-230 innings in every year he has been a full time starter. Nothing is better than having a pitcher in your starting rotation who you know will take the mound every 5th day.

Not only does Greg know how to pitch but it seems he and Tom Glavine know what chicks dig. Check it out.

I haven't seen this commercial in a while. Still makes me laugh.

Congratulations Greg. Enjoy your retirement and we all know you could pitch another 2-5 years with your control and finesse style of pitching.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Jason Richardson

Take a look at highlight #10, Jason Richardson. This dunk should have been top 3!

Michelle Wie

Why does everyone in the world seem to hype up young players and make them out to be the next Jordan, Gretzky, or Tiger. Is it because of our culture of finding something bigger and better. Well, it seems that the pressure from all sources crippled the development of young Michelle Wie.

Don't you remember hearing about Ms. Wie when she stormed onto the golf scene with her huge drives, a mens size 11.5 shoe, and that young smile that comes with every innocent child who possesses pure love for the sport. Those days are so over and I wish, for her sake, it never happened. Yes, it gave the LPGA some news coverage and attention to a sport that needed a complete make over. But with the likes of Gulbis, Creamer, Butler, and Christie Kerr, to mention a few names, the LPGA Tour seems to be moving in the right direction.

Currently, Wie is trying to obtain her Tour Card at the annual Q-school. She is tied for 3rd place with a -10 score. I love how she is doing it the right way. She isn't getting into tournaments with sponsorships and exemptions and all that crap that doesn't deserve a spot in sports. You should be allowed to play only if you are capable of competing with the entire field.

To make a long rant short. Michelle Wie was pushed too far too quickly by her parents and the big companies that wanted to make money off of her. Let her just play golf and have her focus on the course instead of trying to live up to her endorsements and hype.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Off A Block

Tyrus Thomas got a little lucky with this one. Ball is blocked and comes hard off the backboard right into the hands of Thomas who throws it down with authority. Pretty sweet dunk.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nice Cross

Always nice to see a crossover especially when the defender ends up on the floor.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Laker Territory

The Staples Center is home to Kobe and the Lakers but it seems Chris Bosh of the Raptors wanted to show Kobe, the reigning MVP, who might be the new MVP.

Check out highlight number 8. Bosh just schools Gasol. The Raptors and Colangelo better find a way to bring in a supporting cast for Bosh because if they don't 2010 is going to be a franchise breaking year.

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