Monday, July 19, 2010

Only If...

I have accepted that Halladay is gone and the resurgent Wells with his team are not going to the playoffs but this picture is a definite tear jerker. The Doc is doing his normal non-human attack on batters every 5th day and Wells is doing his best to keep the Jays rolling while trying to live up to his massive salary but the picture brings plenty of what ifs.

Wouldn't it be nice to see these two guys in the playoffs together throwing darts, intimidating batters, running down balls, and racking up the RBIs? It is always sad to see the face of a franchise leave but it kind of hurts, in a different way, when he comes back wearing foreign colours with foreign letters running across his chest.

Having Halladay pitching game 7 of the World Series at the Dome while Wells patrols the outfield would have a been a dream come true. I would put my paycheck on The Doc delivering a CG 3 hitter to earn MVP honours.

Reminiscing is great, too bad it's about something that never happened.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Money or Rings

The Raptors are back at square one...again! This is pretty pathetic and should never have happened. Chris Bosh is almost officially gone and the Raptors are going to get basically nothing in return. What do we have on our team? Seriously, what the hell happened to this organization. I was very optimistic after the hiring of Colangelo but since then, I have seen nothing. Hindsight is 20/20 and everyone seems to be a thousand times smarter after the fact but couldn't anyone see that our team was doomed when we went out and signed Hedo? Come on, guy is not worth 5 years. Did Colangelo sign him to try and entice Bosh to sign because if he did, he better share whatever he was smoking with me.

Miami, enjoy Bosh. Enjoy Wade. Oh yeah, come Thursday, you may even enjoy LeBron too. If all this talk coming from all the free agents about winning first is legitimate, then we will see LeBron go to Miami. Salary cap issues and of course position flexibility put a downer on the chances of a Wade/Bosh/James combo but it would be pretty sick to see these guys play together.

How about Amare signing with the Knicks. Pretty sad. Should have tried to team up with one of the big free agents. Amare, enjoy losing. Without Nash you are basically another ballplayer who plays with goggles.

Boozer must be pretty lucky because he just signed a pretty big and fat contract with the Bulls. Did the Raptors even have a chance to sign this guy? Another few seasons of losing and just maybe a lottery pick will turn out to be a future LeBron.
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