Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easy Choice

The issue with Odom not signing with the Lakers is starting to get me a little disappointed with the management at the Staples Center. Rumours are swirling that Odom will sign on the dotted line with the Heat and return to the organization that traded him 5 years ago.

Dynasty seems to be a word that is thrown around and the Lakers could be in contention to be a dynasty but they need to resign Odom. His versatility on both ends of the court will add to the naturally gifted players (Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, & Artest) they already possess. Why would the Lakers care about having to pay the luxury tax next year. This is a team that produces revenue like no other. Jerseys and memorabilia jump off store shelves.

I completely understand if the Lakers were in a rebuilding phase but they aren't. It is all about winning now and with the group of core players they have, they have an amazing shot at taking the next 2-4 titles. Rebuilding and waiting for the hyped up 2010 bonanza is something most teams seem to be doing but for the Lakers it is a waste of time to be cheap on Odom.

Just for a moment, let's think about 2010. What if the Lakers are trying to keep some cash in their pockets so they could sign a guy like Amare, Wade, or even Bosh. That would be pretty sick to see. Just imagining a team with one of those guys added into the mix. Okay Okay, back to reality. With the way contracts and the economy are in, long term contracts that eat up big portions of the salary cap just aren't going to work with the Lakers.

With the additions that the Cavs, Celtics, and Magic have made in the offseason. The Lakers need to make sure they have Odom dressed in Lakers' colours because if they don't, a repeat doesn't seem like an easy slam dunk as previously thought.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama and Baseball

A simple one on one interview with Obama, Bob Costas brings out the average Joe.

This is the kind of stuff I enjoy watching. Big time celebrities and Presidents answering simple random questions about life. Seeing someone who is always in the spotlight having to be politically correct 24/7 is stupidly boring. I know all the questions are pre-screened and the answers are therefore debated and constructed well beforehand. Why bother watching the damn interview, just give me the scripted version. Putting someone in an interview where they can just sit and relax, be themselves, and more importantly show they are exactly like us in almost every way makes the interview interesting...I can relate to him.

Simple interview and worth the 14 minutes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Than an Injury

Will it be cuff-links for Yao?

Yao is having surgery to repair his injured foot and will most likely miss the entire upcoming season with a small chance his career might be finished as well. I can't believe how fast things can turn for the worse in life. The Rockets seemed to have it all a few years back. Drafting Yao out of China with the 1st pick in the 2002 draft and pairing him with T-Mac for the 04-05 season. It seemed like the Rockets had the big inside presence and the outside scoring that would lead them to the NBA Finals.

After years of first round exits and disappointing results, people kept saying, "Next year, next year." Well, that never materialized and now, for the 09-10 season, the Rockets will have both big studs, that were suppose to take them to the promise land, sitting on the bench with no contribution except for some charity events.

I have always been a fan of Yao and even bigger supporter of T-Mac but I am finally going to give up on both of them. I will still proudly wear my T-Mac jersey and will most likely find myself buying a Yao jersey the next time I'm in New York visiting the NBA Store but honestly, I'm sad.

Watching your favourite athlete fall apart isn't something I wish upon any sports fan. I understand that all athletes, as age takes it's cruel toll, will slowly fade from superstar form but with T-Mac and Yao it was different. Both players seemed to have such potential, which they never found. I was itching for an NBA Championship for the two and the Rockets but it never happened. Watching T-Mac and Yao fall short every year took a toll on me.

All those years I watched and cheered on the two from start to finish I never thought about the possibility that they would never set foot on the court together ever again.

Prestige Edition

I would pay the $150 price tag

There is no denying that gaming and sports are two of the biggest things found on the minds of men. I would usually bring to you something that would be a part of the sports world, a sports related video game, but today I came across a video that I had to make an exception to.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition looks like no other "Premium Package" ever assembled and offered before. A must own!

Nov. 10, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome Back

Welcome back to Fenway Nomar

Who is the better shortstop Nomar, A-Rod, Jeter, or Tejada?

Remember when this was the topic of discussion on every sports page and fantasy column. Every day those 4 shortstops battled it out by filling out the stats sheet while reinventing the shortstop position. Looking back I always had Jeter, still do, on all my fantasy teams. I never had a chance at the other 3 and I was always in search of finding ways to trade for them but it never happened.

Who was the better shortstop, it was a debate that seemed to burn on and on.

Now that the great equalizer (time) has played it's hand I think the winner has finally emerged. Out of the 4 players, we have two steroid users, a DL magnet, and one of the most popular players of all time. Derek Jeter in my opinion is the best shortstop out of the 4. He played in the biggest market with the New York media all over him, he won titles, he stayed clean, and most importantly he acted like a true professional through thick and thin.

I would consider Nomar in this conversation but injuries have hobbled him since he left Boston. Since the trade in 2004, he's been a shell of what he was in Boston. He showed a promising return in 2006 but that was only him teasing us with a reminder of how great he once was. I usually don't bother with the speculation that a player is on steroids unless a test proves otherwise but did steroids play a role in him going from a hall of famer to a "only if he stayed healthy" guy? If it is true, which I hope it isn't, Nomar was just another baseball player who fell into the steroid trap. Nothing has come out with a positive test so I will assume he is clean.

I really have been spoiled in sports to see such great athletes play and I hope it continues into the future. Without these great battles between who is the greatest, sports would just be another filler in our lives.

Closing this post, I just have to say, time seems to stand for no one.

Monday, July 6, 2009


What can I say, Roger Federer is the man. A total of 15 Grand Slams and counting.

I just can't get over the fact people were writing him off after losing a few Grand Slam final matches and not winning every other normal tournament. He was still reaching the final's and putting himself in position to win at Grand Slams.

Everyone seems to enjoy someone falling from grace. I find it kind of sad how people enjoy reading about people who have set the bar so high that when they eventually fall, they get joy from watching and reading it. I always had hope in Federer because his numbers proved otherwise. He wasn't the same old Roger we were once used to but he was still better than the majority of players out their on the court.

Nike Celebrates #15

Too bad Nadal wasn't there standing in his way. Think about this, Nadal might not be the "next one" due to health issues. Knee problems at such a young age can derail this young career before it truly blossoms. Just look at Nadal's game, it is based on running around trying to hit back everything that is thrown at him.

I predict Roger will reach that elusive 20 Grand Slam titles.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Week in Basketball

Things are moving pretty quickly now that the Laker's have been crowned the 2009 champs.

Hedo to the Raptors

If the Raptors sign Hedo to the reported 5yr $53million deal, I will be forced to find a new team to cheer for. This deal makes no sense! Dude is 30 years old. If he was named Kobe Bryant than being 30 at this point would be fine but he's not, he's Hedo Turkoglu. As expected his stats peaked when he was 28 years old. This season, his stats dropped just a little. He is not worth $53million over 5yrs. I know this move is all about making Bosh happy so he will stay in Toronto (in my mind he's already gone but I'll leave that for another day) but this move doesn't help Toronto keep Bosh. The only way this move helps Bosh is if the Raptors take the championship away from the Laker's next season which is not going to happen. Hedo is not the solution for the Raptors. If this rumour does come true, the Raptors will be screwing themselves for years to come.

Artest to the Laker's

I love this move! Having a guy like Artest on the team adds that physical, gives no mercy, I'll kill you, get the hell out of my way, mentality that the Laker's will need when they defend their championship next season. Artest can play lockdown defence which allows Bryant, and his 30 year old body, some down time on the court instead of him shutting down the opposing superstar on defence. Just looking at the Laker's team it seems more and more like the Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and Jackson combo. Absolutely dirty!

The Rockets are Cursed

This is an off-season that the Rockets wish never happened. McGrady is most likely out for next season and if he does return he's a shell of what he used to be. Artest is off to the Laker's and rumoured in return is Trevor Ariza. Ariza is a role player and nothing more. His great play in the playoffs will bring some cash but the GM who signs him (thinking he'll be a true leader instead of being a role player) for big bucks is going to look stupid when the season unfolds. Now to the big news. Yao Ming, their superstar centre, seems to on the side of not returning next season due to injury. I feel for the Rockets. Losing their "big 3" is something no GM could anticipate. I always thought that the combo of Ming and McGrady would do damage in the NBA and bring them to the Finals but it never happened.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still 2nd Something


Do I have anything else to say? For all of those Jays fans out there who were completely in love with the '09 Jays and their chances at the playoffs, I'm sorry to say that it just doesn't seem like it is going to happen. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of time left in the regular season for a run at the division or wildcard but realistically speaking, it just ain't happening.

There is a reason why averages are used for almost everything in the world. Anyone know where Snider is? How about Hill? Wells and Rios anyone? As I was stating at the start of the year, for the Jays to succeed and make a run at the division and the playoffs, they would need career years from most of their players. At the start of the season they were getting it. Think back to Hill, Snider, Lind, and Scutaro playing over their heads. Again, the law of averages. They were playing over their heads and now they are just playing at a level that brings them back to their career averages.

There is a playoff itch that I can't seem to get rid of. Toronto needs the playoffs. The Jays need the playoffs. I need the playoffs. Looking at the Jays through an unbiased view, I don't see a playoff team. They are at best a plus-500 team. Their pitching is sketch (what else can you say with so many injuries), the hitting is hit or miss (mostly miss), and the bullpen...let's say we went a little overboard with the signing of AJ and BJ during that one off-season. I can only say that because I'm looking into the past. For the record, I was happy watching the Jays spend some money and sign some high profile free agents.

For teams like the Jays, they need career years from a majority of their players for them to contend and win a World Series ring. For teams like the Yanks/Red Sox their players have so called off years see lines of .286avg, 36hrs, 106rbis, and 28 sb's. Just guess who I am talking about.

That is just the life I live as a Jays fan.

Look on the bright spot, we're still second...second last.
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