Sunday, November 30, 2008

Battle of Ontario

How I miss the battle of Ontario. Only if Spezza played for another team other than the Senators. I would buy his jersey in a heart beat.

Anyone notice how many times Heatley was robbed?

BTW, what is up with the commentators from SportsNet, they are absolutely awful.

Dunk over Assist

Take a look at number 00 Darrell Arthur. Guess Mayo didn't feel an assist would be worth it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Looking at the calendar and the last thing on any sports fan's mind is tennis but the 2009 season is almost here. It seems like yesterday that the tennis season ended but for me I tend to turn away from tennis right after the conclusion of the US Open in Flushing Meadows New York. This year, after Federer won, I completely drifted away from tennis and the "minor" tournaments that occurred after Labour Day weekend.

But this year it seems that there will be plenty of action and questions to be answered. At this point last year we all thought it was Federer who was going to come and take over the career Grand Slam title away from Pete Sampras but it turned out that Roger was human after all. Losing in his first three Grand Slams Federer was thought to be in his twilight of his career until his run at the US Open.

This time around there are more story lines than just Roger and his pursuit Grand Slam immortality. We have a new #1 in Nadal, we have young guns Djokovic, Murray, and of course the unpredictable American Andy Roddick. All these guys bring a true sense of competition to the table and I am glad they are here. It is nice to see Roger win, I have enjoyed his success, but at times it just seems too easy and this bores me. Watching guys slug it out for 3-4hours through 5 set matches filled with tie-breakers is what entertains me and what all fans should be rooting for. This is excitement, this is where tennis players show us who they really are, and most importantly this is where the fans sit on the edge of their seats or stay glued to their screens. This is how the game will grow it's audience and bring new faces to the game of tennis.

I think tennis needs a season filled with multiple winners and fierce battles that last longer than straight set championship wins. With Nadal and the young guns trying to take the spotlight from Federer. I want to see Federer come back and prove his age isn't catching up on him and show the world he is ready to take what was once his, the thrown of tennis.

Not only will this competition bring me back to tennis it will bring new fans and reinvigorate fans, like myself, who have drifted away from the game because of the lack of surprise and lack of excitement.

January 5th, Qatar Open, the season begins.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

J.R. Smith

Watch this guy!

LeBron James and More LeBron James

Look at his drive at 15seconds. Nothing but pure strength.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Iverson Apologizes

Allen Iverson was back with the Pistons after skipping a team practice on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, Iverson is very sorry for his actions and said it would not happen again.

Things always sound rosy and swell when it happens the first time or when it happens to someone who doesn't have the background and history of an AI. But this is AI we're talking about, the word baggage always comes along as his entourage. He is facing a big fine but who cares, a guy who gets paid millions of dollars a year doesn't care about fines especially since they never reach a point that actually affects the player's wallet. Ten thousand or one hundred thousand is big for me but for them, it's like me ordering a beer at dinner, nothing to think twice about.

On a side note, the practice on Thanksgiving Day was only for an hour but come on, a practice on Thanksgiving Day?!

Practice? Practice?

Allen Iverson skipped practice on American Thanksgiving. Not so long ago, when the Pistons traded for AI, did he proclaim he would do anything, including practicing, that was asked of him. I guess that was a lie.

If I was one of his teammates I would be pretty pissed off right now because not only was AI absent he was the only one that didn't make it to practice during the holiday. His teammates made it to the practice court and were forced to leave their Thanksgiving plans and family, why didn't AI have the decency to do the same. Kind of sad how quickly things can sour and turn when it comes to personnel.

I don't know the exact details of when the practice was but what were the Pistons thinking. Unless the practice was fairly early in the morning and was short in length, why would you schedule a practice on a holiday. Just because they are professionals doesn't mean they don't have a family to sit down with and eat turkey. Yes, they have a game tomorrow and they aren't smoking hot since the trade but it was one of the bigger holidays in the year.

I'm not defending AI and it doesn't give AI an excuse to skip practice but come on guys, it's Thanksgiving.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Here Comes Paul

In the past few years I have been treated to some great basketball from the point guard position. Over this time, I have watched Kidd and Nash dominate defences with their precision passing and ability to control and dictate the pace of a game that suits their needs. Just as Nash took the thunder from Kidd there is a new kid on the block stealing Nash's thunder, enter Chris Paul.

Paul is in his 4th year as a pro and is showing why he was drafted in the first round of the 2005 NBA draft. Just take a look at his numbers...future NBA MVP winner?? This year, he's dishing out 12assists and dropping 20.6points a game while grabbing 5.7boards. If he crashed the boards he could be a triple-double threat on a nightly basis. I'm getting a little greedy.

Guys like Andrew Bogut, Marvin Williams, and Deron Williams went in front of him in the draft and the Hornets should feel pretty fortunate that Paul was available in the 4th spot.

Did I mention, Paul just dropped 22pts and dished out 10assists in a victory over the Nuggets on American Thanksgiving? Well he did.

The Hornets have a bright future and should thank the one and only Chris Paul.

PS. What is Nene doing with his left hand on Paul's shoulder? Guess defences are trying something new since Paul is cutting through them with ease.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Throw It Down

First, Rudy Fernandez of the Blazers.

Second, Kobe of the Lakers.

Premium Brands

The name Tiger Woods is situated alongside premium brands such as Titleist, Nike, Tag Heuer, American Express, and Buick...wait, did I just say Buick. Well, Tiger is now disconnecting his premium name with that of the old retired Florida image that comes with the Buick name. Come on, did anyone ever at any moment believe Tiger would willingly choose to drive around in a Buick. For those of you who know me, it's like me wanting to drive an American made car.

GM and Tiger have parted ways and I think this is a great move for both parties, especially Woods. After taking Nike Golf from a "tiny little" golf company to a $600million yearly business that leads the world in golf apparel sales and is a big player in the golf equipment and golf ball world. Woods deserves more than a pathetic little American car company that has fallen into the trap that any undergraduate business major learns in Business 101, complacency will destroy any company.

It is time for Woods to find a car endorsement that portrays his premium image. Even in a world where the economics are holding companies by the throat, there will be plenty of car companies that have the money to throw at Woods. I guarantee that this time around, Tiger will be extremely selective on where he will sign his name because we all know, especially Tiger, how much he is worth in the world of endorsements.

You will always pay a premium price for premium brands. Tiger Woods is no exception.

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More LBK

It seems like the media can't stop talking about 2010 and LeBron. This only adds fuel to the fire.

Of all places to do it huh...

X-Files in La La Land

Vladimir Radmanovic of the Lakers seems to have taken to the X-Files Black Oil alien virus, only this time it's the Red Oil.

If you have no idea what the Black Oil thing is, take a quick summary from the X-Files.

Photo Courtesy of Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo! Sports.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Annika's Final Test

The LPGA has just completed their final test for retiring Annika Sorenstam and it wasn't a test where Annika needed to maneuver through 18 holes to win a Major. No, this time it was the ugly drug test.

The LPGA really goofed on this drug test especially since Annika was retiring after the event, where she didn't even make the cut! I understand the test needed to be done because no one individual is bigger than a clean LPGA. But out of pure respect and admiration for making the LPGA the way it is, they could have just delayed her test a few hours so she could finish her interviews and photos before being subjected to the cup.

I know rules are rules but come on, this was her last event and why would she take performance enhancing drugs knowing she was going to retire. It doesn't make any sense to me.

The LPGA needs to find a PR person who can stand in the way of who ever is making the calls at the present moment.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LeBron...Throw it Down!

This guy can just fly...2010 is quickly approaching. Where is he going to land.

Manu is Back

Manu Ginobili suited up for the Spurs in their victory, 94-81, over the Grizzlies last night. Manu played 11:16mins and put up 12pts(3/4FGs, 1/2 3-pt, and 5/6FT), 4 boards, and 1 assist.

After having off-season ankle surgery Manu was scheduled to come back mid-December and since Parker is out it seems that the Spurs are welcoming Manu back with open arms. I am a little surprised they didn't give Manu a week or two just to be 1000% sure his ankle is completely healed. Rushing Manu back and re-injuring his ankle would be a back breaker for the Spurs and their season.

With Parker out and Duncan, the only healthy body of the trio, the Spurs were looking like they were going to be in some deep trouble playing against the tough Western Conference. I am happy to see Manu back in the lineup but at what cost. With this only being November the Spurs and their medical staff better be doing the right thing if they are going to contend for their odd-season (look at their NBA championships and what years they occur in) championship run.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hit From Behind..

It is hard to say if this was a complete hit from behind because Foote was 100% aware of John Zeiler of the Kings chasing him and following him into the boards.

But...after watching this video a few times I can see Zeiler kind of extending his right arm into the back of Foote and this is inexcusable. Hts like this should warrant a heavy suspension plus sit out for the same amount of time as the injured player does. It doesn't seem right that a hit like this could knock a player out for months while the careless and reckless player only serves a few games and pitches in a fine.

The NHL needs to start cracking down on this immediately. The more players who are injured, especially super star players who are the ones who draw the crowds ($$$), the more problems the NHL will face.

Take a look for yourself and you be the judge.

UPDATE: Zieler was suspended for 3 games.

Favre Breaks Titans

Brett Favre and the Jets just broke the hearts of Titans fans who wanted a run at a perfect season.

The final score on Sunday was 34-13 and I am interested to see where the Jets go from here. Does this win make them post-season and even Super Bowl candidates, in their eyes. With an 8-3 record the Jets are slowly taking over the AFC East and wrestling it away from the Patriots who one year ago was walking towards legendary status by repeating what the '72 Dolphins did.

I was very iffy on Favre's return to the NFL and especially not returning to the Packers organization. So far, he's shut me up. Believing he would just come in and make a fool of himself by throwing INTs and maybe getting injured I didn't think he would put together a season like this. Yes, he had a great year with the Packers, last year, but this is a new year with another year of aging. Good luck to you Farve.

It is always nice to see an organization and team succeed after a few seasons of nothing but being basement dwellers.

Could we see a Manning vs. Farve match-up in the Conference Finals pitting the New Yorkers against each other?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grey Cup

The CFL in Canada does not get any sort of attention outside of Canada and even within the friendly border, people seem to prefer the NFL. Now, the CFL seems to have made a move to disconnect some of their fans from watching the Grey Cup for free.

The CFL is being broadcasted on TSN which is a cable/satellite only channel compared to previous years of having it on CBC.

Terrible idea CBC. This is an only Canada based league which deserves the CBC logo on their games. Forcing some fans to buy a package that includes TSN shows how smart these CFL big shots understand the game and their fans.

The CFL will continue to be a small league with petty profits at best.

Oh and the game will see the Calgary Stampeders face the Montreal Aloutettes. A prediction from me, well, I don't give a rats ass about the CFL.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vinsanity Strikes Again

Vince Carter comes into the Air Canada Centre and well you check it out.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The Lakers walked into the US Airways Center and beat the Suns by 13 points, 105-92. It seemed like another game and just another win for the potential NBA Champions but on this night they were playing against their old teammate and at times friend, Mr. Shaquille O'Neal.

After Shaq threw Kobe under the bus with his apparently funny free-style at a New York club during the summer, this was a contest that most highlighted on their calendars. Note, I found the rap to be a sad reminder of how far Shaq has fallen into his post dominating years in the NBA while seeing how far Kobe has come after losing a big man, overcoming the Colorado rape thing, and of course a Gold Medal draped around his neck.

As the Lakers just walked into the home of the Suns and walked out with yet another victory the story of former teammates, friends, and the face of a dynasty just seemed to bore me. Shaq is maturing, a little, by accepting his new role as a second scoring option behind Amare and realizing that his skills are not what they use to be. While Kobe seems to finally realize that his teammates are the ones that he needs to rely on to bring him a championship post Shaq. Kobe seems content with just leaving his selfish ways by taking fewer shots, passing out of double teams, and even taking the 30-35 minutes of court time with a smile.

The times have changed. Kobe, Shaq, and if you really want to add in the Zen Master himself, Phil Jackson, are finally on diverging paths with what I am completely happy with. The stories about the feuding trio was interesting but with all story lines they get old and worn out.

Looking back on the departure of Shaq to the Heat and how Shaq brought the Heat a championship, a partner in crime for Dywane Wade, and don't forget a last place finish I have always wondered what if. What if Shaq stayed in LA and found a way to mend the fences between the trio. What if Shaq stayed and dominated the paint in the Staples Center. Would the Lakers have one, two, or maybe even three more banners in the rafters. Well, we will never know but there is one thing I am 100% sure about now. There is only one person who has the chance to bring in one, two, three, four, and maybe even five banners.

Look no further than the cornerstone of the Lakers, Mr. Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers have the core of players that can potentially bring another dynasty to LA. Bryant has the opportunity to be apart of two different dynasty's in his NBA career. Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Ariza, Fisher, and of course Kobe (as a team) are the future of the NBA. With their tools and skills to absolutely dominate the West and the entire NBA for years to come other teams should be rightfully scared.

Kobe is only 30 and we all know that with health and medical advances Kobe could easily be raising the Larry O'Brien Trophy five times before he walks away from the NBA.

I am looking forward to watching the Lake Show in the near future.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Salty Discharge

Why did you have to part ways?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yankees Problem

There is a big problem with a Major League Baseball team. The team is the New York Yankees. The Yankees have sent out offers to free agents and if all reports are correct they would make CC Sabathia, the coveted free agent of the 2008 class, the richest pitcher in baseball history. Also, the Yanks are in the market for another pitcher, AJ Burnett, and they have apparently offered $80million over 5 years.

Is it me or are the Yanks going overboard with their spending?

It was not so long ago that people signed with the Yanks because they wanted to be apart of the tradition and wear those pinstripes. Playing on the field where the baseball legends played, where they roamed the field, where they won pennants and championships, and where they enjoyed playing the game that most of us have come to It all seemed so pure.

Over the past decade or so players who were close to free agency and put up big numbers always knew that there was a huge payday on the horizon. The big numbers didn't even have to be over a 3-5 year span, as long as you had a big year in your walk year the Yanks would offer you some big time money.

A guy like AJ Burnett does not deserve an $80million contract because he just doesn't deserve that much money for what he does. He has put together big time numbers in years that are important, the walk years. All the other years, he is just mediocre at best. If the Yanks decide to drop the ball and pay AJ, they are just shooting themselves in the foot and are setting themselves up for another Pavano, well not quite, but they aren't spending that $80mil wisely.

Playing for the Yanks was once a proud thing but now the only thing I see is the Yanks having to over pay for players because all big time free agents know that they will. So, in the end, player/agent holds out and basically takes the Yanks for all they can afford, which is plenty, and go to bed with a giant dollar sign plastered to their mouth.

Free agents go to the Yanks for the money and nothing more. No idiot would come out and say this but we all know it. The Yanks use to be the place for World Series rings but now it just seems like a place where people collect pay cheques.

With all that money the Yanks have at their disposal, they better realize that to win championships it isn't about throwing cash at random free agents who happen to have just completed a career year, it's about finding players who are going to have a career year.

Cheque please.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Golf at Bethpage Black

Take a look at this article. A few lucky people are going to have a chance to play Bethpage Black, former home of the US Open where Tiger Woods won in 2002 with a 3-under score.

Wouldn't it be great to have a chance to play a course that was used for a Major? I would die to be able to take part in this and you would see me on the range everyday so I wouldn't make a complete fool out of myself.

The US Open will return to Bethpage Black in 2009.

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NHL Hits

Hitting in the NHL, specifically hitting to the head, is in the headlines...yes again. This time people are saying the same things they have always been saying. I do agree with the part of trying to take away hits to head because of the risks of injury and of course taking away players from playing in games. I'll leave the rest of the hitting rant for another time.

Here is a hit that has garnered some attention.

In my opinion this was not a dirty hit to the head. It was a hit to the head but in hockey sometimes a hit to the head is going to happen. People skate with their heads down and bend/lean over.

As you can see, Gagne was admiring his pass and not paying attention to his surroundings. As he turned he was hit. Kovalev was not going hard at him (no charging or lowering of the shoulder to the head) and as far as I can see he just gave him a body check to close out the play. Come on, he was gliding into the check.

What do you want players to do, just do what we do when playing Shinny, hold on when we get close due to incidental contact?

This is a game with contact and there are risks that come along with playing in the NHL.

Keep your head up and make sure to use your eyes.

Shaq Daddy

Here is another video from the NBA.

Come on, after watching this do you think Shaq deserved a flagrant foul? I sure don't think he deserved one. Rodney Stuckey is a small dude. Shaq is a big dude.

In the video it clearly shows Shaq jumping and trying to block the shot. He went for the ball and he ended up getting some arm which then resulted in Stuckey landing on the floor pretty heavily. From my perspective, Shaq even moved his body so he would avoid body contact and the only reason for the big collision or should I say pain to Stuckey is the fact that Shaq is a big dude.

Yes this is a foul but not a flagrant foul.

KG is Finally Suspended

The NBA is basically a joke when it comes to their superstars and the way they can act on the court. Prime example is KG. After going over the top with taunting Jose Calderon, KG was once again up to his old tricks but this time with Andrew Bogut of the Bucks.

As you can see the "slap" is kind of weak but of course the refs saw this and gave both Bogut and KG T's in the game. The league also handed down a 1 game suspension to KG for this incident.

Come on guys, you give him a 1 game suspension for this but not for the Calderon incident? That is absolutely ridiculous.

Wake up and start punish your NBA stars when they do something against the rules.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Romo is Back!

Tony Romo came back and gave the Cowboys one important thing, a W!

Romo's Cowboys beat the Redskins 14-10 in OT.

Romo threw for 198yrds (19-27), 1TD, and 2INTs.

Anyone think the Boys are going to still make the playoffs?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Soloman to the Rescue

The Raptors went into the game against the Heat on Sunday extremely short handed with Jose Calderon nursing an injury to his hamstring.

Luckily, the Raps were helped out by guard Will Solomon and even pulled out a win against Dwayne Wade and the Heat, 107-96.

Solomon ended the game with 33:49mins, 15pts, and most importantly found a way to dish out 11 assists while only turning the ball over 4 times. For his first game as a starting point guard for the Raps, I was very pleased with his performance, even with the 4 turnovers.

This is of course not a long term solution for the Raps and if Calderon does not come back soon I don't think the Raps can continue adding to the W column. The Raps are fairly thin throughout the point position with Solomon and rookie Ukic, so if Calderon is out for an extended period of time, the Raps might be in trouble.

Photos Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Real Life Tom Selleck

If have watched the movie Mr. Baseball you will kind of get a laugh out of this, well maybe you won't laugh but I did.

Darrell Rasner of the Yankess was sold to a Japanese Baseball team, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

It was just something funny I read on Yahoo! Sports.

Suspending Manny

Did anyone have a chance to read the post on about the Red Sox planning on suspending Manny just before he was traded?

Wow, when I read the post I was absolutely shocked. Not shocked about the article content but for the fact that even took time to report it and waste space on their website.

Come on guys, Manny is out of Red Sox Nation and he might not even be in Dodger blue next season. You need to move on with all this BS about him not playing because he was pissed at the team and all of his stupid crap he pulled when he was patrolling left field in front of the Green Monster.

The time has come to just forget about his time with the Red Sox's. Seriously, guys, there is more important news to report about Manny. Think about it, this guy is about to sign another massive contract. Talk about that. Give me the rumours about that. Don't give me more BS about his past at Fenway.

That time is over.

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Another 395yrds

Kurt Warner just threw for another 395 yards in a victory over their division rivals the Seahawks. This performance gives Warner his 4th straight 300+ yard passing game and his 6th this season.

MVP talk is in the air and with the Cardinals holding the top spot in the NFC West, with a 7-3 record, Warner should garner plenty of MVP talk if he continues his assault through the air.

I just hope the offensive line doesn't tire as the season goes on because without protection Warner is one of the most useless QBs out there. Have you ever watched this guy try to run?

Next up is one of his old teams, the G-Men. Another 300+ yard game?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Michael Vick

Tim Dahlberg of AP wrote an article about Michael wanting to come back to the NFL after serving his time in a Kansas prison. His article was very negative and he deserves nothing but a pink slip and a place in the unemployment line.

In the article he writes that teams in the NFL are not going to give him a chance to come back because they are going to be scared off due to the criminal record and also the fact he would be away from football for a full 2 years. Yes, I agree that 2 years away from a professional snap and real practice/game experience is going to hurt but this isn't just another QB in the NFL. Vick didn't have the greatest numbers and had plenty of problems with the traditional QB thing, throw the ball, but he had the ability to change a game with one down.

NFL teams are going to line up for his services because he has the ability to play in the NFL and if reports are correct, his physique would be kept up due to daily encounters with the weight room. His mental side should be something teams might want to worry about but I don't think this would be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Teams are not going to be shy trying to sign him because they know it can be a low risk contract filled with incentives and clauses that will place control in the hands of the owners instead of Vick. The contract will be filled with items that include no criminal activity, low guaranteed money, and nothing more than 2-4 years. I would think the first contract would be around a year plus some options.

Come on, giving him a base contract with bonuses for reaching performance targets, a bonus at the end of the year for not ruining the team image, and basically giving hope for a struggling organization is something at least one NFL team is going to offer him.

After living the life Vick and most professional athletes live, then having to go to prison, of all places, I think he will focus in his career so he can rebuild his wealth and try to regain his old lifestyle, only legal parts of course. Vick is going to have a chip on his shoulder to prove to the world that he made a mistake and the criminal record is all but in the past.

When Vick is released from the prison in Kansas on July 20/2009 and walks out of the place a free man, a team in the NFL will sign him and offer him a contract that is filled with incentives and clauses.

Tim Dahlberg, Michael Vick will once again run out of the tunnel and play in the NFL.

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Romo is Back!

Tony Romo of the Cowboys is reported to be starting on Sunday against the Redskins.

After being injured in a game against Kurt Warner's Cardinals, the Cowboys have gone 1-2 while being outscored 78-41 in the process. The Cowboys are in dire need of some offensive spark before they find themselves out of playoff contention.

These same Cowboys who are 5-4 were once considered Super Bowl bound but are now finding out that predictions and reality are two different things.

We will see if Romo can come back and make a difference to this stagnant offense. I am hoping to watch some highlight reel plays from Romo and TO.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Lynch Retires

After a 15 year career as a safety in the NFL, playing for the Broncos and the Buccaneers, John Lynch has finally called it quits.

This news is kind of sad because I miss his bone crunching hits on the field. He is known for putting players who come across the field on stretchers and sending them to the sidelines to take a breather and maybe even an ice pack.

This is the type of guy I enjoy watching in the NFL on Sundays.

9 time Pro-Bowl selection.
2 time 1st team All-Pro selection
2 time 2nd team All-Pro selection
Super Bowl XXXVII Champion

Enjoy your retirement!

PS. Take a look at this video. Make a note when 1:50 rolls around...Dam!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Rockets/Suns

Watch the video then take a look at the picture.

Brooks is just chillin on the outside. Smart move.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Time to Rest

Roger Federer was eliminated from the ATP Masters Cup which closes out the 2008 tennis season. What was a poor season for Federer it did not end the way he wanted it to.

I thought he would overcome the sore back and find a way to win the Masters Cup and finish the year with an exclamation mark, "Wait for 2009 boys!"

When the 2009 season begins I have a feeling Federer is going to try and make a point to reclaim his #1 position from Nadal. Just wait for the 2009 Australian Open in January.

Until then, make sure to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids, no need to have another case of mononucleosis to start the season.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.


Ever look at a player and think he was born in that colour, that logo, and it would never ever change? This is how I felt about one of the deadliest WRs in NFL history, Isaac Bruce.

When the Greatest Show on Turf was tearing up yards and racking up points, Bruce and Holt were the two WRs that made everything happen. They were one of the greatest tandems in NFL history. With the likes of Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator and then head coach and QB Kurt Warner, the Rams put fear in defenses around the NFL.

Things have changed and I can't seem to wonder if it was for the better. Okay, Bruce was getting old and the Rams needed to get under the strict and sometimes restricting NFL salary cap. So, the Rams released Bruce and he eventually found a new home with the 49ers and old offensive coordinator/coach Mike Martz. I know it was a money move but it just seemed like Holt and Bruce still had the one two punch that Bulger could use to ignite the Rams offense.

Now, mid-way through the season the Rams and Bruce will finally meet again when the Rams visit the 49ers this Sunday. Just having Bruce and Holt on seperate sidelines just weirds me out.

Would it be the same if Derek Jeter was in anything other than pinstripes. What about Roy Halladay in anything but a Blue Jays uniform. What about Steve Yzerman in something other than a Red Wings jersey. And what about Brett Favre in a uniform...ok, I'll stop there.

Seeing some of these guys in a new colour and new logo just seems a little off.

I am a Rams fan first but Bruce, in my eyes, you will always be apart of the Greatest Show on Turf.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Nash Say Hello to The Floor

I guess screens aren't too welcome in the NBA anymore. That was a pretty cheap shot Barnes took on Alston though. A forearm to the chest or an elbow but a body-check? That was a little overboard.

But the funniest thing about this video was the fact little Canadian Steve Nash wandered into the shoving match and was introduced to the floor. Had a short laugh when I saw that.

Nash you know I have man love for you but it was pretty funny when you hit the deck.

Just another night in the NBA.

UPDATE: Suspensions to Barnes and Alston for 2 games while Nash received 1 game. Shaq and T-Mac both received fines.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

KG & Calderon sitting in a tree...

More to come...

UPDATE: Well, what do you think about what KG did to Calderon?

There is no doubt that KG deserved a Technical and also maybe a fine from the league because this isn't the first time KG does his "let's try and show up the opponent" thing. Seriously, where the hell were the refs when this was happening? There is absolutely no excuse for the refs missing this. The play had Calderon bringing up the ball with KG defending him. It wasn't behind a screen or off the ball, it was one on one with everyone in the entire arena watching.

So...where the hell were you refs?

Seriously, just because KG is a "The Big Ticket" and an NBA superstar it doesn't mean he is allowed to taunt and do whatever he wants to on the court. The NBA has to draw a line when it comes to "protecting" it's superstars.

But, I see something else from this stupid stunt by KG as well. Just look at the intensity between KG and Calderon. The level of competitiveness, the level of pure emotions, and all in the NBA Finals! Oh wait, this wasn't the NBA Finals, it was just another regular season game. Oh wait, it wasn't even in the stretch run, it's only the 5th or so game of the REGULAR season.

This is what I like to see. Sports is filled with trash talk and for all of us who play sports we know that trash talk with never ever be eliminated.

It is apart of sports. It will never go away. Live with it!

In the end, KG should have been given a Tech and big props go out to Calderon for letting KG know he wasn't backing down after dishing it off for some points.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chris Bosh

For those of you who don't know who Chris Bosh is well that time is over.

As for players who play for "smaller" market cities, like Toronto in the NBA, Chris Bosh is putting together an all-star calibre season which might even turn into MVP consideration by seasons end. After playing in the Olympics and earning a gold medal, Bosh has settled into the regular season by throwing up some outstanding numbers.

Bosh is averaging 26.6pts, 11boards, while shooting 54.7% from the field, and 81.5% from the line all in 41:47mins.

Don't let the Kobe, LeBron, Wades, and Amare's take the spotlight because Bosh deserves some of it too.

Oh by the way, as I mentioned before, when 2010 comes along make sure to take note of Bosh's name. Teams aren't just looking at James.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

JJ Redick

Can someone explain to me what happened to Redick?

After being apart of one of the best basketball programs in the NCAA, Duke University, he has been a no show on the NBA scene. Yes, not all players can jump from successful NCAA careers and make an immediate impact in the NBA but what happened with JJ?

He is averaging 11:48mins per game through his very brief 3 seasons in the NBA. I know he had some injuries to deal with but other than that why is he being benched? Yes, Jameer Nelson is standing in his way right now and with the likes of Mickael Pietrus starting instead of JJ, to me it just doesn't seem to make sense.

Anyone have the time to enlighten me?

At least give him a chance to play instead of throwing him garbage time.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad note

Again, the topic of hitting in the NHL is up front and centre due to the violent and illegal hits that seem to happen way too often.

In the Leafs game, Kostopoulos absolutely crushes Van Ryn into the boards. I know that the game of hockey is fast and players are in constant movement but there are points when you see a guys back you just shouldn't throw him into the boards so heavily. Giving him a push/contact is ok in my eyes as long as you are not crunching his face into the boards.

Another thing that pisses me off is when players purposely turn their backs when they get near the boards knowing someone is coming for them. Some players are taught this because it will draw a penalty but at the same time you might be asking for time on the injured list.

The one factor that needs to be addressed is not the helmets or penalties but something even easier to learn and remember...RESPECT! Players need to have more respect for their fellow NHL'ers because if you respect someone will you go out and hit them from behind and force them onto the injured list?

You be the judge about the hit.

Leafs vs. Canadiens

Nice to see an Original 6 match-up.

Another plus is seeing the Leafs on the winning side!

Leafs win 6-3.

Rams Take a Spankin'

As some of you already know I am a Rams fan. Well I can't believe what that Jets just did to my Rams.

By the time half-time rolled around it was already 40 nothing! Holy shit! In the last two quarters the Rams were able to put some points on the board, a lonely FG, and of course the Jets still added another touchdown.

My lord, this was disgusting. Can someone please step up in the Rams locker room and say something to inspire the guys to come out and play. Losing is one thing but losing 47-3?!?!?!

Highlights below, well, only if you are a Jets fan.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

MLB ≠ Mark Cuban

If reports are true, MLB and Bud Selig are not going to allow Mark Cuban to buy into MLB as an owner of the Chicago Cubs.

This is absolutely retarded. Why the fuck would MLB and Selig not want an owner like Cuban in their league. He has a solid financial backing and will not allow his team to go bankrupt. He is passionate about his investments and is willing to do anything for them to succeed. He brings a true sense of being a fan by sitting with the crowd, cheering with the crowd, and even looking like them (stupid guys and their suits).

Mark Cuban has shown that owners don't have to be the type to only worry about money and profits. He wants championships and is willing to go out and make sure his management team and players work their asses off to get a championship.

If MLB and Selig vote against Cuban it just shows how ridiculous MLB has become under the leadership of Selig. This is just another one of those "exclusive gentlemen's clubs" that does not belong in this day and age. Does the newly elected president of the USA prove that change in this world is wanted. It is not only being taught but it is finally being shown through the actions of the majority.

MLB should open their doors to any owner who has the right credentials because if they don't they will just have the same old type of idiots who owns teams just for the financial write-offs.

If Cuban wants to buy the Cubs and the current Cubs owners want to sell, let it go through.

Mr. Bud Selig, if you reject Cuban just because you personally don't like him, it just shows how retarded you are and why you are the wrong person to lead MLB.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yankee Stadium

The new Yankee Stadium where local Bronx kids had the opportunity of a life time to bring some old dirt and mixing it with some new dirt across the street at the new Yankee Stadium.

Now this would be an event I would pay to be apart of.

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Roger Federer

Time seems to go by so quickly and it seems like yesterday that everyone was doubting Federer and his ability to stay at the top of the Tennis world but of course things change.

After battling Mononucleosis, some poor or should I say human results, 2 Grand Slam Finals losses to Nadal, and a US Open Championship Roger is now embarking on the final stage of the 2009 season, the Masters Cup in Shanghai.

This tournament is for the elite 8 of the year, minus Nadal due to injury, and I hope Federer's back doesn't keep him from winning. There are so many things I like about Federer. But to keep this short the thing that impresses me the most is the fact that he wins and stays quiet about it. He doesn't go out and make headlines for stupid accidents in cars or DUIs or personal feuding with other players and celebrities.

He just goes out and does his thing...bring home championships.

To finish, go Federer and I hope the back holds up for this last tournament of 2009.


Well it seems the talk of LeBron James leaving the Cavs when he becomes a Free Agent comes up everyday or at the very least every other day.

ESPN's Daily Dime kind of puts a little finishing touch on the topic until the actual time comes around when teams will be legally able to open negotiations with LeBron without having any tampering charges laid.

What the Daily Dime is saying is there are way too many variables that are in play and with, not only the fast pace of NBA play, the fast pace of transactions, events, unhappy then turning happy superstars, and the ultimate factor an NBA ring. Just think about last year before the Gasol deal was made and the Lakers were not only riding the typical temper tantrum being thrown by Kobe. The Lakers were in a midst of a falling out with the superstar until winning cured everything, which it usually does. Now, the Lakers are winners and contenders for the NBA title for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Kobe is happy.

So, if LeBron wins a championship with the Cavs and ownership is reasonable and responsible and maintains a core group of guys that will surround and be a supporting cast for LBJ, you might see the exact same thing happen with the Lakers and Kobe...absolutely nothing. LBJ will be happy and content with his situation in Cleveland.

My point is, lets try and stay away from the talk about James moving towns because so many things can change from now until the Free Agency period begins for 2010. Even though it is, as a fan, very fun to talk about where King James might land.

Oh by the way, did anyone think about the other 2010 free agents? Think Bosh, Dirk, Amare, and Joe Johnson.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Blalock Extended

The Texas Rangers have picked up the $6.2million option on Hank Blalock. After having a terrible past two years that were filled with injuries the Rangers hope he can relive his 2003-2005 seasons.

I think this is a decent contract and the Rangers made the right choice. With Blalock or Davis at 1B/3B and Young and Kinsler patrolling the middle, the Rangers have a very solid infield. The only problem is if all 4 can stay healthy. Kinsler has never finished a complete season and as we all know Blalock is always a day away from some sort of DL stint.

Hopefully the Rangers can do some damage in the AL West in 2009.

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AI, the newest member of the Pistons joking about practice.

Remember this little interview he had about "practice".

Crazy Finish

You have to watch this finish from the Rockets/Blazers game last night

Giambi in Toronto

The rumours are flying at the GM Meetings in Dana California and one rumour that sounds fairly interesting in my eyes is the newly free agent Jason Giambi signing with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Even with the news breaking in New York and Oakland about his return to the A's lineup, I could easily see JP Ricciardi, GM of the Jays, try and sign Giambi to a 1 or 2 year deal. If you look at the numbers and the surrounding situation it could be a nice fit.

The numbers speak for themselves. Giving Giambi, who will be 38 for the 2009 season, a 1 year deal with an option for the second gives the Jays the DH they badly need. Coming off a poor 2007 season, Giambi bounced back with 32HRs and 96RBIs in 458ABs. That is exactly what the Jays need, a HR/RBI guy.

As most baseball fans know, the Skydome (stupid new name sucks ass) is a great place for a slugger to hit HR's but does take a toll on some guys due to the artificial turf. But, since this is the AL Giambi can be the DH and not have to deal with running on the turf for defence.

Having Giambi sandwiched between Rios and Wells could break the right handed bats up plus bring in some protection for Rios who had a disappointing 2008 season.

I would love to see Giambi and his stash in the the Jays lineup plus, the Jays could obviously spend their money on worse free agents.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Delgado's Return

The Mets have chose to exercise their option on Carlos Delgado which will pay the rejuvenated slugger $12million for the upcoming 2009 season.

I think the Mets made the wrong choice and should have bought him out for $4million. Yes, he had a great year last year but he is aging and this slugger, in my eyes, is going to flop next year. This is the National League we're talking about and Delgado has to go out into the field and play 1B. I can understand if an American League team wanted to pick-up his option since there is the option of a DH but I just don't see this paying off for the Mets.

Have a nice time with Delgado Omar Minaya.

Plus, all the money they spent on Delgado didn't solve their major flaw...their BULLPEN. With the likes of K-Rod out there (which I think is a waste of money) they should have dropped Delgado and his salary and use the extra $$$ for a top-notch bullpen.

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Flop or No Flop?

Check it out for yourself.

Funny to see this guy throw it down on someone and then just drop to the ground like that.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eldrick Woods

Most people know Eldrick by Tiger but for the rest of the PGA Tour and golfing world, watch out. Tiger is putting and chipping but promises not to make a full swing until early next year. After having to end the 2008 season prematurely with an injury to his leg, Tiger vowed to take everything slowly and come back at 100%.

For some reason I will always read news about Tiger and his achievements, awards, off tour activities, and even boring news (to some) about his recovery.

I love golf and enjoying watching golf so having Tiger away from the golfing scene this past year didn't affect me too much but I know for a fact it afftected TV ratings.

Anyways, that was a little update on Tiger, I hope he fully recovers so I can watch him catch the 18 elusive majors set by Jack Nicklaus.

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Big Time Scoring

There were some big time scorers in the NBA last night. I was a little shocked to see who ended up scoring the highest total especially when Melo (Carmelo Anthony) said he would score 44 because Obama is the 44th president of the USA.

Last nights high scorers.

T. Parker - 55
A. Stoudemire - 49
L. James - 41
K. Martin - 33
R. Jefferson - 32

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

2yrs $45-$50mill?

If the reports are true, Manny was offered a fairly big chunk of change by the Dodgers. Rumour has it the deal would make Manny the second highest paid MLB player just behind A-Rod ($27.5million per season) and this number sounds right to me.

Giving Manny a two year deal in the neighbourhood of $20-25 million per season is the right choice for a team that thinks it will make the playoffs and contend for the World Series. Even if you are a team that doesn't have a chance you can still rake in the big bucks with souvenirs and fans who come out just to watch Manny play.

I am happy to see this is not for 3 or 4 seasons because if a team were stupid enough to give him that many years for the amount he is seeking per season that team would be committing suicide. He is a great hitter but in my eyes only for 2-3 more seasons.

Obviously, Mr. Boras will wait until other teams propose some deals but for now, the Dodgers have exclusive negotiation rights with Manny.

Manny being Manny might land him a fat payday.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AI Now...LBJ Later?

The Detroit Pistons have just put themselves into a rare position that might allow them to sign a coveted 2010 free agent, Mr. LeBron James.

Today, Joe Dumars, Pistons GM, made a trade for Allen Iverson. In return the Nuggets will receive Billups and McDyess.

The bigger news is Dumars is making a competitive team for years to come. This is absolutely crazy how many people are trying to clear cap room and, also in the case of Dumars, build a strong supporting cast for LeBron. If LeBron decides to sign a contract and play for the windy city he would have the likes of Rip, Prince, Stuckey, Maxiell, and Amir Johnson. Basically, Dumars is hoping the young guys grow and mature into guys who can support James and maybe build a dynasty in Detroit, again.

Everytime I hear news about teams trying to secure cap room and try to be free for LeBron I always think how shitty the Cleveland fans must feel. The Cavs were nothing before LeBron and now it doesn't seem like they even have a chance to sign him in 2010.

Think about the GM of the Cavs, this guy must feel the pressure everyday of the year because if he doesn't find a way to bring in players to help James out on the court he will definitely leave for greener pastures, which includes both money and players who can bring him the elusive NBA championship.

I would sign some big time talent and make James feel like I was here to do whatever he wants. In the end, if James leaves, you won't be looked as the guy who didn't do anything to keep him. You can only do so much with the salary cap in place plus the fact James will get the maximum contract no matter where he goes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kurt Warner

Ever since the year that Kurt Warner took over for the St. Louis Rams and started the "Greatest Show on Turf" back in 1999 I have always been watching and following Warner. When he was ousted from the Rams by Bulger and moved to the Giants and then to his current team the Cardinals, there was always something that drew me to him. I love the passing game, I love the movement of the ball, and mostly I love the way this QB works.

He's had his problems with sacks, INTs, fumbles, and just carelessness with the ball but when he is protected and given time, Warner can throw a football through a tire 30-40 yards down field, while the tire is moving.

After winning the NFL MVP in 1999 and 2001, while adding a Super Bowl MVP and championship ring in 1999, it seems he is on pace for another MVP quality year. So far, he has 2431yrds passing, 16TDs, 6INTs, and a QB rating of 104.2 after 8 games.

With 8 more starts to go he is on pace for 4862yrds, 32TDs, 12INTs, and a 104.2QB rating. This looks pretty eerie when you compare these numbers with his MVP seasons of 99 and 2001.

1999 - 4353yrds, 41TDs, 13INTs, and a 109.2QB rating
2001 - 4830yrds, 36TDs, 22INTs, and a 101.4QB rating
2008 - 4862yrds, 32TDs, 12INTs, and a 104.2QB rating

The Cards are 5-3 and stranger things do happen. Can the Cardinals make it to the Super Bowl and maybe bring home another ring for Warner. I sure hope so!

For all of you who thought or currently think this guy sucks, well you are retarded. Go out and see a player that has been able to hold this kind of success and quality of play over a span of 10 years. He's had some rough patches with injury and being sidelined to help rookie QB's (Manning and Leinart) but it seems he always finds his way back to the starting gig because he is a proven winner. Pretty hard to find in this day and age.

Maybe it is finally the time for me to grab a Warner jersey.

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Manny in Pinstripes?

I would love to see Manny play for the Bronx Bombers. Having a game at Fenway between the two rivals with Manny hitting a moon shot over the Green that's a sight.

Well, this might come true. According to reports, the Yankees are going to look at ALL options, which includes Manny, to improve their ball club. After not making the playoffs the Yanks really need to make a splash in the Free Agent market especially this year. With the likes of Sabathia, Burnett, and Manny being available, the Yanks could potentially add some deadly weapons for a 2009 World Series run.

No More Canada Logo

According to reports from, the 2010 Winter Olympics might appear a little off for Canadian Hockey fans. What is being reported is the IOC (International Olympic Committee) might not allow Canada to use their traditional logo during competitions. "The IOC regulation forbids sport federations from displaying their logos on uniforms at the Olympics."

In the past, Canada got away with displaying their logo on uniforms because they were exempted from the rule because they asked and received special permission. Now, after the Beijing Olympics, where the rule was strictly enforced (look at the uniforms of Brazil and Argentina) Canada might be on the way to wearing a new uniform.

This is absolute bullshit! The IOC was allowing the Canadian Team to wear the logo and all of a sudden not allow it?!?! I understand a rule is a rule but don't let "special cases" go through when there is a rule. If you want to really enforce this rule, just use the grandfather rule. Allow Canada to use the same logo and if they change it then don't allow the new logo to be used.

Stupid Rule!!!!

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Slowing Steve Nash and The Suns

Last year the Phoenix Suns made a trade for the Big Diesel after watching the Lakers grab Gasol for basically nothing and I still stand on the fact that it was a good deal. It wasn't a great deal but the Suns had to do something to respond plus the Suns needed an inside presence to compete against Duncan and of course the newly acquired Gasol.

The problem that is at hand now is the Suns have a new coach, Terry Porter who replaced Mike D'Antoni, who doesn't preach the "Shoot in 7 seconds" philosophy that D'Antoni imposed. (**Side note: I love the run and gun offense.**) Terry Porter is forcing the Suns to slow down and this makes no sense to me because this is ripping the skill right out of 2-time League MVP Steve Nash. Nash won those two MVP awards because he was running and dishing off to his teammates. Without the running and assists Nash is just another mediocre PG that is sort of replaceable.

Porter is trying to get the Suns to "get the best shot available" through moving the ball and not shooting recklessly. The more I hear and watch the Suns the more I see a group of guys who are just lost on the court. Let the Suns run!

Terry should bring down the tempo just a little but should not let the Steve Nash and his court vision go to waste. I propose the following.

1 - Let 2-time MVP run and use his vision
2 - Allow Shaq to throw his weight down low in the post on a few "off plays".
3 - Make sure Shaq realizes that he needs to be a defensive force and to take plays off when the Suns are running. Just chill big man!
4 - With Amare there in the mix the Suns should run and use his athletic ability.

Terry Porter, don't let Steve Nash and his vision go to waste. We all know that the Suns aren't true contenders for the Larry O'Brien Trophy but don't waste the talent that you have.

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Yao Ming

Funny but at the same time sad. There is absolutely no reason why a professional basketball player in the NBA should miss from that close with no one around him. Just use the dam window Yao!!

Inaugural Post

Instead of just voicing my opinions to my computer or bore my buddies with talk of stupid calls, moves, trades, actions, and basically anything related to sports, I have come to the point where I wanted to voice everything that comes to my mind and what better place than a blog.

The opinions from this blog are solely mine and if you have a problem with it, please post a comment. I would love and also welcome feedback and thoughts on the stories I find and decide to talk about. Generating a conversation about sports is not what I enjoy but what I love to do.

This blog does not have a definite timetable with regards to posts but I will try and make it fairly frequent. Since sports stories are being generated 24 hours a day 7 days a week, there are plenty of things to talk about but not every story is worth a short rant.

If you have a topic that you want me to talk about please make sure to post a comment.

Have a good one!
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