Saturday, November 1, 2008

No More Canada Logo

According to reports from, the 2010 Winter Olympics might appear a little off for Canadian Hockey fans. What is being reported is the IOC (International Olympic Committee) might not allow Canada to use their traditional logo during competitions. "The IOC regulation forbids sport federations from displaying their logos on uniforms at the Olympics."

In the past, Canada got away with displaying their logo on uniforms because they were exempted from the rule because they asked and received special permission. Now, after the Beijing Olympics, where the rule was strictly enforced (look at the uniforms of Brazil and Argentina) Canada might be on the way to wearing a new uniform.

This is absolute bullshit! The IOC was allowing the Canadian Team to wear the logo and all of a sudden not allow it?!?! I understand a rule is a rule but don't let "special cases" go through when there is a rule. If you want to really enforce this rule, just use the grandfather rule. Allow Canada to use the same logo and if they change it then don't allow the new logo to be used.

Stupid Rule!!!!

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