Sunday, November 16, 2008

Michael Vick

Tim Dahlberg of AP wrote an article about Michael wanting to come back to the NFL after serving his time in a Kansas prison. His article was very negative and he deserves nothing but a pink slip and a place in the unemployment line.

In the article he writes that teams in the NFL are not going to give him a chance to come back because they are going to be scared off due to the criminal record and also the fact he would be away from football for a full 2 years. Yes, I agree that 2 years away from a professional snap and real practice/game experience is going to hurt but this isn't just another QB in the NFL. Vick didn't have the greatest numbers and had plenty of problems with the traditional QB thing, throw the ball, but he had the ability to change a game with one down.

NFL teams are going to line up for his services because he has the ability to play in the NFL and if reports are correct, his physique would be kept up due to daily encounters with the weight room. His mental side should be something teams might want to worry about but I don't think this would be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Teams are not going to be shy trying to sign him because they know it can be a low risk contract filled with incentives and clauses that will place control in the hands of the owners instead of Vick. The contract will be filled with items that include no criminal activity, low guaranteed money, and nothing more than 2-4 years. I would think the first contract would be around a year plus some options.

Come on, giving him a base contract with bonuses for reaching performance targets, a bonus at the end of the year for not ruining the team image, and basically giving hope for a struggling organization is something at least one NFL team is going to offer him.

After living the life Vick and most professional athletes live, then having to go to prison, of all places, I think he will focus in his career so he can rebuild his wealth and try to regain his old lifestyle, only legal parts of course. Vick is going to have a chip on his shoulder to prove to the world that he made a mistake and the criminal record is all but in the past.

When Vick is released from the prison in Kansas on July 20/2009 and walks out of the place a free man, a team in the NFL will sign him and offer him a contract that is filled with incentives and clauses.

Tim Dahlberg, Michael Vick will once again run out of the tunnel and play in the NFL.

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