Thursday, November 6, 2008

2yrs $45-$50mill?

If the reports are true, Manny was offered a fairly big chunk of change by the Dodgers. Rumour has it the deal would make Manny the second highest paid MLB player just behind A-Rod ($27.5million per season) and this number sounds right to me.

Giving Manny a two year deal in the neighbourhood of $20-25 million per season is the right choice for a team that thinks it will make the playoffs and contend for the World Series. Even if you are a team that doesn't have a chance you can still rake in the big bucks with souvenirs and fans who come out just to watch Manny play.

I am happy to see this is not for 3 or 4 seasons because if a team were stupid enough to give him that many years for the amount he is seeking per season that team would be committing suicide. He is a great hitter but in my eyes only for 2-3 more seasons.

Obviously, Mr. Boras will wait until other teams propose some deals but for now, the Dodgers have exclusive negotiation rights with Manny.

Manny being Manny might land him a fat payday.

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