Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AI Now...LBJ Later?

The Detroit Pistons have just put themselves into a rare position that might allow them to sign a coveted 2010 free agent, Mr. LeBron James.

Today, Joe Dumars, Pistons GM, made a trade for Allen Iverson. In return the Nuggets will receive Billups and McDyess.

The bigger news is Dumars is making a competitive team for years to come. This is absolutely crazy how many people are trying to clear cap room and, also in the case of Dumars, build a strong supporting cast for LeBron. If LeBron decides to sign a contract and play for the windy city he would have the likes of Rip, Prince, Stuckey, Maxiell, and Amir Johnson. Basically, Dumars is hoping the young guys grow and mature into guys who can support James and maybe build a dynasty in Detroit, again.

Everytime I hear news about teams trying to secure cap room and try to be free for LeBron I always think how shitty the Cleveland fans must feel. The Cavs were nothing before LeBron and now it doesn't seem like they even have a chance to sign him in 2010.

Think about the GM of the Cavs, this guy must feel the pressure everyday of the year because if he doesn't find a way to bring in players to help James out on the court he will definitely leave for greener pastures, which includes both money and players who can bring him the elusive NBA championship.

I would sign some big time talent and make James feel like I was here to do whatever he wants. In the end, if James leaves, you won't be looked as the guy who didn't do anything to keep him. You can only do so much with the salary cap in place plus the fact James will get the maximum contract no matter where he goes.

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