Saturday, November 1, 2008

Slowing Steve Nash and The Suns

Last year the Phoenix Suns made a trade for the Big Diesel after watching the Lakers grab Gasol for basically nothing and I still stand on the fact that it was a good deal. It wasn't a great deal but the Suns had to do something to respond plus the Suns needed an inside presence to compete against Duncan and of course the newly acquired Gasol.

The problem that is at hand now is the Suns have a new coach, Terry Porter who replaced Mike D'Antoni, who doesn't preach the "Shoot in 7 seconds" philosophy that D'Antoni imposed. (**Side note: I love the run and gun offense.**) Terry Porter is forcing the Suns to slow down and this makes no sense to me because this is ripping the skill right out of 2-time League MVP Steve Nash. Nash won those two MVP awards because he was running and dishing off to his teammates. Without the running and assists Nash is just another mediocre PG that is sort of replaceable.

Porter is trying to get the Suns to "get the best shot available" through moving the ball and not shooting recklessly. The more I hear and watch the Suns the more I see a group of guys who are just lost on the court. Let the Suns run!

Terry should bring down the tempo just a little but should not let the Steve Nash and his court vision go to waste. I propose the following.

1 - Let 2-time MVP run and use his vision
2 - Allow Shaq to throw his weight down low in the post on a few "off plays".
3 - Make sure Shaq realizes that he needs to be a defensive force and to take plays off when the Suns are running. Just chill big man!
4 - With Amare there in the mix the Suns should run and use his athletic ability.

Terry Porter, don't let Steve Nash and his vision go to waste. We all know that the Suns aren't true contenders for the Larry O'Brien Trophy but don't waste the talent that you have.

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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