Monday, November 17, 2008

Suspending Manny

Did anyone have a chance to read the post on about the Red Sox planning on suspending Manny just before he was traded?

Wow, when I read the post I was absolutely shocked. Not shocked about the article content but for the fact that even took time to report it and waste space on their website.

Come on guys, Manny is out of Red Sox Nation and he might not even be in Dodger blue next season. You need to move on with all this BS about him not playing because he was pissed at the team and all of his stupid crap he pulled when he was patrolling left field in front of the Green Monster.

The time has come to just forget about his time with the Red Sox's. Seriously, guys, there is more important news to report about Manny. Think about it, this guy is about to sign another massive contract. Talk about that. Give me the rumours about that. Don't give me more BS about his past at Fenway.

That time is over.

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