Sunday, November 9, 2008

MLB ≠ Mark Cuban

If reports are true, MLB and Bud Selig are not going to allow Mark Cuban to buy into MLB as an owner of the Chicago Cubs.

This is absolutely retarded. Why the fuck would MLB and Selig not want an owner like Cuban in their league. He has a solid financial backing and will not allow his team to go bankrupt. He is passionate about his investments and is willing to do anything for them to succeed. He brings a true sense of being a fan by sitting with the crowd, cheering with the crowd, and even looking like them (stupid guys and their suits).

Mark Cuban has shown that owners don't have to be the type to only worry about money and profits. He wants championships and is willing to go out and make sure his management team and players work their asses off to get a championship.

If MLB and Selig vote against Cuban it just shows how ridiculous MLB has become under the leadership of Selig. This is just another one of those "exclusive gentlemen's clubs" that does not belong in this day and age. Does the newly elected president of the USA prove that change in this world is wanted. It is not only being taught but it is finally being shown through the actions of the majority.

MLB should open their doors to any owner who has the right credentials because if they don't they will just have the same old type of idiots who owns teams just for the financial write-offs.

If Cuban wants to buy the Cubs and the current Cubs owners want to sell, let it go through.

Mr. Bud Selig, if you reject Cuban just because you personally don't like him, it just shows how retarded you are and why you are the wrong person to lead MLB.

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