Monday, November 24, 2008

Favre Breaks Titans

Brett Favre and the Jets just broke the hearts of Titans fans who wanted a run at a perfect season.

The final score on Sunday was 34-13 and I am interested to see where the Jets go from here. Does this win make them post-season and even Super Bowl candidates, in their eyes. With an 8-3 record the Jets are slowly taking over the AFC East and wrestling it away from the Patriots who one year ago was walking towards legendary status by repeating what the '72 Dolphins did.

I was very iffy on Favre's return to the NFL and especially not returning to the Packers organization. So far, he's shut me up. Believing he would just come in and make a fool of himself by throwing INTs and maybe getting injured I didn't think he would put together a season like this. Yes, he had a great year with the Packers, last year, but this is a new year with another year of aging. Good luck to you Farve.

It is always nice to see an organization and team succeed after a few seasons of nothing but being basement dwellers.

Could we see a Manning vs. Farve match-up in the Conference Finals pitting the New Yorkers against each other?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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