Friday, November 7, 2008

Delgado's Return

The Mets have chose to exercise their option on Carlos Delgado which will pay the rejuvenated slugger $12million for the upcoming 2009 season.

I think the Mets made the wrong choice and should have bought him out for $4million. Yes, he had a great year last year but he is aging and this slugger, in my eyes, is going to flop next year. This is the National League we're talking about and Delgado has to go out into the field and play 1B. I can understand if an American League team wanted to pick-up his option since there is the option of a DH but I just don't see this paying off for the Mets.

Have a nice time with Delgado Omar Minaya.

Plus, all the money they spent on Delgado didn't solve their major flaw...their BULLPEN. With the likes of K-Rod out there (which I think is a waste of money) they should have dropped Delgado and his salary and use the extra $$$ for a top-notch bullpen.

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