Sunday, February 21, 2010



Spring Training is here and the year begins with me seeing one of the greatest Jays pitcher of all time putting on a new uni. This is just weird, period. Too bad the Jays didn't make a legitimate run at the World Series because everyone in the realm of baseball knows Roy deserves it. Hopefully the Phillies will give him a chance at that illusive title.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

McGrady and Co.

T-Mac has a new home and it happens to be a place where the impending free agent class will, apparently, gravitate to come the summer.

This move is a pretty bold statement to the fans of New York and the NBA that the Knicks are going to be a big player in the 2010 free agent frenzy. Just think about the possibilities that McGrady will be shown in the off season. If the Knicks sign two players to max deals and T-Mac takes a massive pay cut, the Knicks will have a pretty formidable team come 2010-11 season.

Throw T-Mac in the SF position, use him more as a role player, while Wade slots in as the SG, and Bosh/Stoudamire fill in as the PF. That would be a trio that could contend for multiple rings. Sorry goes out to the Suns, Heat, and Raptors. Life is tough.

See how I didn't mention LeBron James, the big prize in the potential free agent class. I'm starting to think that James is going to stay in Cleveland because of the love he is receiving from the fans and management. The true X-factor is Wade/Bosh/Stoudamire. If one of these guys gives James a call during the off season and wants to team up, I would assume that James would willfully comply. But with the PR mess that would ensue, it would make sense for him to stay.

James is the type of man who wants everything. He wants to be the leader, the man, and most importantly, the king of basketball when the dust settles on his career. Teaming up with one of the big free agents and winning multiple NBA championships would only solidify his reputation and legacy.

On the other hand, if James left the Cavs and, after teaming up with one of the big free agents, won multiple rings would anyone stand out and criticize James for not being the true NBA god he wants to be. He would be winning rings because he has the true supporting cast that All-star teams or Dream teams are made of. If he does choose to stay in Cleveland, it would show the world how great of a basketball player he really is. Taking a low-tier team and taking them to the promised land.

Only time will tell what the Knicks, with all their salary space, will do in the off season.

Now, just have to find a way to grab myself a T-Mac Knicks jersey.


Thirty-six years old and still as naive as a toddler who can barely walk. I have always followed the expression, "You get wiser as you age" but I guess Damon doesn't adhere to or even know of the existence of this ageless expression.

Johnny Damon, like so many other pro athletes, thinks he is the greatest thing this world has ever seen and deserves anything/everything and more. After winning another World Series ring with the Yankees, Damon was finished, contractually, and wanted a new long-term contract that would pay him some big time bucks.

The stats from 2009 back his request of a 2-3 year $10mil+ per season but at the age of 36 and with the economy in the shape it currently is, no team is going to go out and meet him at that price. It would be foolish to sign him on his terms.

Damon needs to come to the conclusion that money is nothing. He has earned all the money he needs and more to support his family, kids, kid's kids, and kid's kid's kids. You get where I am going with the money issue.

Legacy is what Damon should be worried about right now. He won the World Series in Boston and New York, two monster organizations that have had intense battles over the years. Why not go out and play for another team that has a legitimate shot at winning the World Series. Take the pay cut and pack on the rings and championships to the record books. Am I the only one that cares about winning championships year in and year out? Money might be a huge factor in the early years but at the tail end of a career, money has already been earned and bank accounts stuffed to the point where interest is worth a single year's salary.

People should be paid for their ability and potential but in this case Damon needs to check his ego at the door and take the pay cut for his shot to boost his already big legacy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


How can someone with the skill set that Jason Spezza possesses wear such an ugly uniform?

Since I first heard of Jason Spezza as a 16 year old playing on Team Canada's Junior team, I have been fascinated and a little obsessed with him. Hearing from friends who attended McMaster University that his girlfriend was a student there only intensified the man-love. Note: I was never a Mustang. Enough of the man-love talk.

After losing Heatley to the Sharks, Spezza saw his production completely fall off the table with 5 stinking goals in the first 4 months of the season. After returning from injury on Jan. 23, he has lit the lamp 10 times! That's 10 goals in 11 games!

This is the kind of guy the Leafs need in the Blue and White. As I have mentioned before, the only reason I do not have Spezza's jersey is because he plays for the Senators. Look at the ugly ass logo on the jersey. What the hell is that all about. If I was a Senators fan, I would be ashamed to call that my jersey.

I know how difficult it would be, actually how impossible it would be to acquire this scoring machine. His big contract ($8mil this year). His position on the Sens (he's the leader). Sens position in the standings (1st in the NE and 3rd in the Conference). But, anything is possible.

Having Spezza on the team would be great. Can you imagine having this kind of guy playing in the ACC on a regular basis lighting up the lamp and carrying Toronto deep into the playoffs and hoisting the oh so great Lord Stanley.

Dreams can come true.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Quickly take a look at the NBA Eastern Conference standings. The Raptors are sitting in the 5th position right behind the Celtics...wait. Yup, the All-Star break has come and the Celtics have hit a slide that has seen their lead over the Raps fall from double digits to only 4 games!

I had a friend ask me a few days ago if the Raps could win the Atlantic division for the second time in franchise history and I replied with, "no!" Seriously, do you honestly think the Raps can take the Atlantic division from the Celtics? With the depth they have the Raps would have to go on a pretty big binge of wins to over take the Celtics.

Injuries will be the wild card. KG and Allen are both on the older side and with trade talks starting to swirl around the NBA, Allen might not even be wearing the green and white when the trade deadline comes and goes.

The Raps will bring Toronto the playoff atmosphere that is badly needed but a chance at the Atlantic conference, I don't think so.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time Goes By

Still remember watching Jordan and Bird go at it. Where does the time go?
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