Monday, February 15, 2010


Quickly take a look at the NBA Eastern Conference standings. The Raptors are sitting in the 5th position right behind the Celtics...wait. Yup, the All-Star break has come and the Celtics have hit a slide that has seen their lead over the Raps fall from double digits to only 4 games!

I had a friend ask me a few days ago if the Raps could win the Atlantic division for the second time in franchise history and I replied with, "no!" Seriously, do you honestly think the Raps can take the Atlantic division from the Celtics? With the depth they have the Raps would have to go on a pretty big binge of wins to over take the Celtics.

Injuries will be the wild card. KG and Allen are both on the older side and with trade talks starting to swirl around the NBA, Allen might not even be wearing the green and white when the trade deadline comes and goes.

The Raps will bring Toronto the playoff atmosphere that is badly needed but a chance at the Atlantic conference, I don't think so.

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