Tuesday, February 16, 2010


How can someone with the skill set that Jason Spezza possesses wear such an ugly uniform?

Since I first heard of Jason Spezza as a 16 year old playing on Team Canada's Junior team, I have been fascinated and a little obsessed with him. Hearing from friends who attended McMaster University that his girlfriend was a student there only intensified the man-love. Note: I was never a Mustang. Enough of the man-love talk.

After losing Heatley to the Sharks, Spezza saw his production completely fall off the table with 5 stinking goals in the first 4 months of the season. After returning from injury on Jan. 23, he has lit the lamp 10 times! That's 10 goals in 11 games!

This is the kind of guy the Leafs need in the Blue and White. As I have mentioned before, the only reason I do not have Spezza's jersey is because he plays for the Senators. Look at the ugly ass logo on the jersey. What the hell is that all about. If I was a Senators fan, I would be ashamed to call that my jersey.

I know how difficult it would be, actually how impossible it would be to acquire this scoring machine. His big contract ($8mil this year). His position on the Sens (he's the leader). Sens position in the standings (1st in the NE and 3rd in the Conference). But, anything is possible.

Having Spezza on the team would be great. Can you imagine having this kind of guy playing in the ACC on a regular basis lighting up the lamp and carrying Toronto deep into the playoffs and hoisting the oh so great Lord Stanley.

Dreams can come true.

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