Monday, November 30, 2009

Do Dreams Come True?

Steve Nash
Guy comes into the ACC and brings the roof down.

Holy crap, what a performance Nash continues to put up night after night, day after day. When Nash signed an extension, keeping himself planted as the PG of the Suns, I felt a little sadness come over me. Dreaming of having Nash suit up in Canada as a Raptor was something I was itching for, even though it was something only left for the world of dreams. Oh...dreamssssss.

Another 20pts and 16assists and a few wipes to dry some of the tears from my eyes and he's gone. Only if Nash was a Raptor. I enjoy having Calderon around but he's no Steve Nash.

How come it isn't working?
Looking at the Raptors lineup, I am a little surprised at where we are in the standings. Having Bosh, Bargnani, Hedo, and Calderon in the starting lineup, IMO, is not a 7-11 team.

We all know what Bosh can do on the court and how much energy he can bring so let's move on. How many centres out there can handle Andrea? Guy can hit the 3, put it on the floor and stop for a mid-range shot, and go straight to the hole. He's averaging 17pts a game but he should be in the low 20's. How about Hedo. I was not a fan of the signing but he is a decent player. Hits a few 3's and can play on the perimeter. Looking at Calderon, he's the PG most coaches want. Handles the ball and keeps the TO's to a minimum, under 2 a game, while contributing some at the offensive end.

I know we don't have the interior guy to clean up the garbage and the big stopper on the defensive end but it just doesn't seem right at the moment, sitting at 7-11 with this lineup? Defense wins championships and at this point the Raptors don't have that and maybe this is the main reason we have a 7-11 record going into December.

At the moment, all I want is a guy to come in and grab 10-12 boards a night. A guy who can dish out the hard foul when needed (how are you balls feeling Bosh?). A guy who can make the picks, grab the loose balls, and do all the little things that earn him a reputation in the locker room.

Is there someone out there that wants this role? If so, give Colangelo a ring.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Underbelly

"Slow down Vince, we haven't seen the underbelly yet."
Words from the great Johnny Drama.

After a quick read through the sports pages, I landed on the Sports and The City blog (head on over, I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy it). His latest post got my attention and made me head over to see the game highlights.

EVERYONE...go to the 4:50 mark in the above video and watch.
Seriously, go and watch it!!!

Okay, now that you are finished, what the fuck was that?!?!

Chris Bosh, the guy who is going to be a free agent and will most likely leave Toronto unless something serious appears, was absolutely embarrassed by Paul Pierce and what made things worse was what his teammates did...N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily for Bosh, head coach Triano, stepped in and stood up for him when he was holding his balls after being kneed. I am disgusted by this lack of respect Bosh's "teammates" (I use that word loosely) showed for the guy we are trying to keep in town. Ummm, if Bosh goes, so does hope. Ever think about that boys?!

When your main man is down and you have a player jumping and prancing around like Pierce, you go and get a technical. No, you go and get the double tech and you show that no one in the league can do that to your main man because if they do, they'll feel it.

The Raptors underbelly has finally been exposed.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Just watch Shannon Brown elevate. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Few Thoughts

I can't believe how fast time flies when work comes a callin'. It has been a full 7 days since my last post and crap has piled up in my brain that needs to be written.

Timmy - Lincecum has earned another Cy Young, 2nd straight, and for all of you who have him on your keeper list in fantasy baseball think Johan time. I love this guy! Tiny little man who throws like the big power pitchers before him, think Big-Unit, Schilling, and Clemens (does he count?). The one thing I am questioning is his choice for a 1-year deal in arbitration. This maximizes earning potential, which is great, but seems a little risky for a pitcher. I'm not 100% sure on the salary structure under the agreement between MLB and the MLBPA but heading into an off-season with two consecutive Cy Young's should break the bank either way.

Jays Fill SS - The Jays have signed two free agents and both are SS's, Alex Gonzalez and John McDonald. Nothing that can compare with the big free agents like Bay and Holliday but roster filling moves that should keep the Jays moving forward...slowly. Went digging to see who we have in the minors to fill the SS position in the coming years and I found nothing worth truly smiling about. Remember Russ Adams, how about Angel Sanchez? I have accepted a losing season from the SkyDome for the next, ummm, 5 years.

The Answer - Holy crap, this guy just doesn't get it. From my last post about Iverson, he has found a way to piss me off even more. Come on man, retiring in the middle of the season because no team wants to give you a starting gig and infect their organization with a brutal disease called your ego, arrogance, the list could go on forever. Buddy, you are good but not good enough to suck up all the shots on the court. You are good but not good enough for a team to put up with your shit. Wake up and read the papers, read the blogs, and the read the sports pages because you need to come to the realization that you are not going to be the focal point on any team that is going to be successful in the NBA. Why is it, people who have all the skill the in world have nothing else but that skill?

Federer - He finished the year at number 1 but couldn'd find a way to win the final tournament. He is not the old unbeatable Federer and everyone in the world knows it. Once the veil is lifted and we find out what things look like people usually say, "He's human just like me." It is always nice to see Federer win but with young guns coming from behind everyone will be hearing about early exits from tournaments in 2010 and beyond.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Debt

Let's face it boys, Mr. Roy Halladay is not going to be a Blue Jay after the 2010 MLB season. He might not even put on a Jays jersey come Feb/Mar when spring training starts.

Before going on off on a few things that are on my mind, I would like to say something from the heart to Halladay.
I am sorry Mr. Halladay. I am sorry that the city of Toronto didn't give you what you deserve, a legitimate chance at the World Series. You signed on the dotted line and committed to the city of Toronto and in the end you gave us what mere mortals could only dream of doing. It is time for you to move on to another team in search of what you deserve, a beautiful world series ring. I just wish we had the resources, the luck, and/or anything that would keep you in town but in baseball and life, we all have to face a limited amount of anything and everything. I hope you have a great career and find what you desperately seek, a world series ring.
Reports are saying that Halladay will not sign with the Jays after his contract comes to a close after the 2010 season. Duuhhhhhhh! A man with talent like this who has reached a certain age is not going to sign with a team like the Jays. The Jays are headed for another losing season. Wow, that was kind of depressing to type out.

So, Mr. New GM, please trade Halladay before spring training and give him a chance to win a world series now. We owe it to Halladay. Look at what he has given us over the years. If the Jays decide to keep Halladay for another year, I am going to abandon the SkyDome in protest because I know there is a package out there that someone can offer that will allow The Doc to find a ring.

Please please please please, trade Halladay! We owe it to him!

Everyone in Toronto is going to miss you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

20th Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary of one of the biggest shoes that has ever touched the shelves is detailed in the above video. Having 20 different types in cities around the world...a collector's dream and nightmare all wrapped into a beautiful pump.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quit It

Note: I love Forsberg. If it wasn't for his busted up foot he'd be a record breaker.

News is coming out of Sweden that Peter Forsberg will finish this season in the Swedish Elite League. Honestly, who gives a rats ass. It is time for everyone to get over this story about Forsberg making a comeback to play in the NHL. It is so overplayed because it happens every single year. With all the problems Forsberg faces with injuries, every time he laces up his skates to play a game people start to speculate when or if he will try to make another appearance on an NHL roster.

Is there nothing else to report on except this every single year? Can't we focus on some young guns that are taking the NHL into the next decade. How about talking about how some nobody is now tearing up the NHL after spending his entire career riding Greyhound buses in the minors. Tons of untapped stories that would add interest for the average fan.

Forsberg is great and it would great to see him back in the NHL but come on guys, take it easy with all the stories about him. The only story with Forsberg is if you have a picture of him signing a NHL contract to come back and play in North America. Until then, please write about something else.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fight to the End

This is what I want to see every time the Raptors take to the court, a full 48minute game from start to finish. Falling behind to the Clippers by 22 points at one point, the Raptors found a way to scrap some points together and ended up on the winning end of a 104-89 game.

It is always encouraging to see a game like this but it doesn't mean anything to me unless they can do this consistently. After a pretty brutal couple of years watching the Leafs, Raptors, and Jays, this group of ball players are keeping me tuned in and entertained. Hopefully it continues and leads to a playoff team come April.

Just looking at the road ahead for the Raptors, I have a little feeling in my gut we're going to hit a rough patch. I know the Raps can handle themselves and scrap for points but with the likes of the Suns (twice), Celtics, and Magic in the weeks to come.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Taste of Revenge

Isn't it great playing against your old team and leaving with a victory at the end of the night. I have never had to play against my old team but I have played against a team that cut me from their roster. Oh did it feel great when I left the field and shook the coaches hand at the end of the game after every win. Yes, there were multiple wins. If my memory serves me correctly, I don't think I have ever lost to that team. A few of those games were for championships too.

Ray Emery had a chance to play his former team, the Ottawa Senators, and he almost shut them out winning his 5th straight contest. The feeling Emery had when he skated off the ice after the final buzzer must have been amazing. Leaving the Senators after the 07-08 season in a less than an amicable split, which resulted in no contracts being offered to Emery except from a team in Russia added fuel to the fire.

Looking back, the Senators had to let Emery go because of his tendency to live his life on his own terms and basically not give a rats ass about everyone else around him. There are some players out their that are allowed to be assholes but Emery isn't one of them. He just isn't good enough to be one of those players. So far this season, Emery has actually proven to be a solid #1 goalie in the NHL after his return from the KHL over in Russia. The Flyers goalie has posted strong numbers (10-3-1 with a .924SV% and a 2.18GAA) this season in a strong Atlantic division.

Guys like Emery seem to be a virus that brings teams down to their knees just like Allen Iverson is on the court. The Senators were right to let him but it does hurt a little when Emery comes back into the picture and leaves with a W at the end of the night.


Oh my...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sad Day

I am sad to say that Ken Griffey Jr. will be returning in 2010 as a professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners as a full-time DH. Griffey Jr. signed a 1yr deal that will bring his .214 batting average back to Safeco Field.

The move by Griffey Jr. is a move most pro athletes do when their careers are drawing to an end. Letting go is one of the toughest and almost impossible decisions athletes have to make in their lives. After an entire life of batting practice, shagging fly balls, and joking around with teammates, it seems The Kid can't let go. Even after his sad and over the hill 2009 numbers, he knew that the Mariners would bring him back if he requested. So he did.

On the business side, this is a decent decision. Bring back a legend, a future hall of famer, and a winning smile and you have a recipe for financial success. People will flock to see him, buy up every jersey and promotional item, people will buy up outfield seats hoping they will catch his final HR ball, but most importantly, people will spend money, big money, which will help the Mariners.

As a long time fan of The Kid, who the hell isn't, I just can't take another season of Mendoza line averages, sluggish swings, and the 0-4 with 3K nights. It hurts. It really hurts. In 2009 it was okay for him to have a terrible year because I thought he was going to retire so I accepted his 2009 year. For all the bad at-bats he had, I didn't give a rats ass about them because when he connected and hit one of his 19 home runs, it was all worth it.

Time stops for no one and it seems like someone is trying to at least slow it down for just one more year. I wish he just retired so we can move on and place him with the other greats of the game. In Cooperstown.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

C is for Cut

When the Red Sox found a way to get Victor Martinez into their lineup I felt a little something for the guy who wears the C in the locker room. Now that the Red Sox have officially exercised the option on Martinez, Jason Varitek (guy who wears the C) is now left out in the dark to fend for himself.

Let me say a few things about this C on his jersey. It is one of the stupidest and ugliest things I have ever seen in sports. Baseball does not and should not have this C sewed to jersey of any baseball player because it is not a part of the sport. Leave the C for hockey. Every time I see the C on his jersey I'm disgusted and kind of happy he hits like a little leaguer.

Anyways, back to the original topic. Now that Martinez is here Varitek is the guy who is left looking in from the outside. We all know that this decision was one of the easiest decisions Theo Epstein has ever had to make as the GM of the Red Sox. One hand we have a guy who actually hits the ball and on the other we have a guy who swings and finds a way to make the all-star team with a .200avg. Hmmmm...tough decision.

Guess if he didn't have the C on his chest this wouldn't even be worth mentioning but that C on his chest just irks me. This post has nothing valuable to add to anything except for the fact it gave me a chance to vent a little.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Has It

20 Assists in a 119-115 victory over the Sixers

Killer Instinct

This is why the Raptors are going to be fighting for their lives when it comes to making the playoffs. Losing to the Spurs is nothing to be ashamed of but when their two leading stars, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, are out of the lineup the Raptors had no excuse for not leaving San Antonio with a victory.

In a close 131-124 game, the Raptors didn't come out with the killer instinct and bury the Spurs from the get go. Instead, they allowed Manu and, former Raptor, Matt Bonner to go 10 for 16 from beyond the arc. This was absolutely disgusting and the entire Raptors organization should be ashamed of how they played.

Going over the points per quarter, the Raps traded bucket for bucket until falling apart in the 4th. Wouldn't the Raptors have a deeper bench since they weren't missing their top 2 stars? Guess my logic/reasoning doesn't always hold up.

If the Raptors want to be a playoff team, they need to find that killer instinct to dismantle and dominate teams that are weaker or short-handed and play a full 48min game. Until they find a way to put teams away they will be nothing more than a team fighting for the 8th and final playoff spot.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Simple shoe with a simple colour scheme. Nike Air Max 90's is a pair I would love to add to my closet. Would be nice to see a littler more yellow on the shoe. Maybe the swoosh?

Chocolate Lacoste shoes. Not a huge fan of high-tops or mids but this shoe seems to grab my attention.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stat of The Day

5 for 5 from beyond the arc!

Chris Bosh is known for his inside presence but it seems he has found a new weapon. He has drained all five of his 3-point attempts this year.

On The Rise

Wings visiting the Leafs

After a terrible start to the season in October, the Leafs have made a 180. After walking in and taking a win from Paul Maurice and the Hurricanes, the Leafs came back home to a tough Red Wing team. Who cares, we have Kessel and Gustavsson. The Leafs were in control for the entire night leaving the ACC with a 5-1 victory. What impressed me the most was the balance in scoring with 12 guys registering a point in the game, that to me is a sign of good things to come.

November brings 13 games and if the Leafs can leave the ACC on Nov. 30 with 7 to 9 wins, you'll see me with a pretty big smile. You won't see me planning a parade down Yonge or Bay (not too sure where they would hold it) but with the Leafs winning and rising up through the standings, it gives me hope that the Leafs have started their path to the ultimate goal, raising the Stanley Cup.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nippon Series & World Series

The Yankees of Japan, the Yomiuri Giants, have reached the top of Japanese Baseball. The Giants beat the Nippon Ham Fighters in game 6 of the Japan Series.

I watched a few games of this series and didn't think much of it until the Yankees won the World Series. The world seems to always surprise me with weird coincidences. Both the Yankees and the Giants are big time spenders in their respective leagues and countries and both teams were in a little drought. The Yankees haven't won since 2000 and the Giants haven't won since 2002.

Just a little information for my readers.

For more info, head over to the Japan Series Wiki or the official Yomiuri Giants webpage (warning, it is all in Japanese).

Worth Every Penny

Browsing through the sports pages and I come across the above headline. No shit he's going to stay with the Dodgers after having a season like he just had in 2009. He would never come close to that on the open market especially when Jason Bay and Matt Holliday are available, plus add in the current economic situation.

What a difference a year makes. At this time last year, super agent Boras was trying to land a 3-5 year guaranteed deal worth $25mil or so a year for his precious client Manny Ramirez. We all know the Dodgers took a hard stance and didn't cave into the aging slugger's outrageous demands...kind of. Instead, the Dodgers and Manny agreed to their current deal, 2-years worth $40mil.

After suffering through a female fertility drug suspension and a 104AB, .290avg, 19HRs, and 63RBIs, the Dodgers are now kind of stuck.

Looking back the Dodgers didn't have a choice last year. They were stuck with Manny because they had no one else to throw their money at. In my eyes, this aging slugger still has some power left in him. If Manny came out and batted .310 with 30+HRs and batted in 100+, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. He is that great of a pure hitter that producing at the age of 37-38 wouldn't shock/surprise any true baseball fan. On the other hand, he could produce numbers comparable to Vernon Wells in 2009 (minus the 17SBs) and that wouldn't surprise me either. What ever happens, the Dodgers are stuck with their dreadlocks slugger.

This is what $20mil buys you these days in the big leagues. A 37 going on 38 year old slugger who is might be clean now, jogging and shagging balls in left field (during games). Where did the days go when giving a player $20mil gave guaranteed you .320avg, 40HRs, and 130RBIs?

Guess money doesn't buy happiness. It's LA, the land of outrageous everything. Maybe 2010 will bring some happiness to Manny Land.


Win number two! Clawing our way back into the playoffs. One win at a time.

I never would have thought that the Leafs would get their second win of the season in November. I hope the return of Kessel to the ice will add some needed offence.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Out of Luck

Coming off a 17 win season, the Kings hoped for an improvement but I guess they are out of luck. Kevin Martin, their leading scorer and in many respects their only scorer, is out for the next 6-8 weeks with a fracture to his left wrist. This isn't what I have a little beef with.

The Kings are a terrible organization. Take a look at their depth chart and you'll see a team that has absolutely nothing more than a D-League lineup. I'm not knocking the D-League but when an NBA team has a roster that can be easily beaten by a D-League team, there is something wrong. How did the Kings get to this point? I still remember the day when the Kings were a team that was mentioned in the same breath as the Lakers and the Mavs.

How quickly teams can fall.

It is always sad to see teams completely fall apart over a short period of 2-3 years. Seeing teams finish dead last and 20 odd games out of a playoff spot is pathetic and a black eye on the league. Letting a team fall that far out of contention should only happen if all the stars are aligned against you with key injuries and bad bounces.

Hopefully the Kings, and every dead last team in sports, find a way to compete and finish the season with a respectable record even if they are dead last in the league.

Worth $1,751,732?

2009 opening day payrolls according to USA Today.
Yankees - $201,449,189
Blue Jays - $80,538,300

Number of regular season victories.
Yankees - 103
Blue Jays - 75

Money spent per victory.
Yankees - $1,955,817
Yankees - $1,751,732 (World Series)
Blue Jays - $1,073,710

Difference per victory.

A difference of $678,022 per win. Oh yeah, that includes a World Series championship. The old business mentality, "To make money, you need to spend money" holds true yet again. The Yankees go out and spend like crazy on talent and guess what happens, they bring home a championship. Not only are they bringing home a championship but they are giving themselves different revenue streams. Adding playoff games increases ticket revenue, all the merchandise from AL East champs, ALDS/ALDS champs, and of course the big one World Series champions gives the Yankees an opportunity to spend big time money on free agents and on their high salaries.

That is life and for all those fans who cheer for a losing team that spend almost nothing on salaries, you should be complaining to the owners instead of bitching about all the money the Yanks are spending.

If I was a rich S.O.B, I'd spend the extra $678,022 per game to win a championship, I'd do it in a heart beat. With the extra $678,022 spent on salaries, I'd recoup that in a second with TV rights, merchandise, and tickets sold. Actually, I would be making it all back and more.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back on Top

The 2009 Yankees are officially the World Series champions.

For fans in New York this is a day that they have been waiting for since 2000, nine long years of not bringing home the championship. I'm still not 100% if I enjoy watching the Yanks taking home another title.

On one hand, I think it shows that with the proper owner with the proper attitude, any team can win the World Series. George Steinbrenner has deep pockets and is not afraid to show it by signing the best talent available on the open market. We all know owners from around the league have the money and resources available to them to sign the big time free agents but have chosen to penny pinch and make a respectable profit, not caring if the product on the field adds to the win column. Steinbrenner is great for baseball because he proves that the passion for winning will find it's path to the World Series trophy.

On the other side, how can baseball survive if only a few teams get all the big time free agents. The casual fan from the smaller markets, these are the ones that matter most, will stop attending games and basically take away the revenue source that is so badly needed by the owners. These teams will continually make a loss which may lead to a bankrupt team or one less baseball team for the Yanks to compete against.

I've thrown some thoughts out there but I still have plenty to say on this topic because it seems this topic goes on forever. It could go into salary caps, revenue sharing, aren't all teams "buying" championships, and the real reason for all this hatred towards the Yanks.

This team from day one was built to bring home a championship and they did. Now, the offseason will bring some changes to the pinstripes. Will they bring Matsui and his bad knees back? I doubt it. What about Damon? Maybe. They went with 3 starters for the playoffs. Can they do that again and succeed? I personally think they won't. Who are they going to sign to help AJ and Sabathia. Tons of questions to answer but we all know the Yanks won't have any problems finding money to sign them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny and Dumb

I have never ever seen anything like this before in my life. Tackling your own player in the open field?!?! What the hell was the guy thinking.

Time to Grow Up

The Answer (a.k.a Allen Iverson) made his Memphis debut in a loss to the bottom feeders commonly referred to as the Kings. AI came off the bench to play around 17 minutes and scored 11pts. This wasn't the big news of the day that caught my attention.

When AI signed with the Grizzlies in the off-season, I was a little surprised a team like Memphis would offer him a contract. A team going nowhere soon signing a troublesome guard, who has proven to sink teams faster than Isiah sinking entire organizations, completely boggled my mind. NBA teams are businesses and for a business to succeed they need revenue and with AI dressing, jerseys and tickets would be sold. We all know AI can still draw a crowd.

When Iverson met with reporters after the loss, he voiced his displeasure with what was happening, AFTER HIS FIRST GAME!!! He came off the bench and was pulled when it was crunch time. AI needs to wake up and learn that he is not going to win a championship ring if he continues playing like he's been playing over his entire career. Just listen to what he said.
"In all the other years of my career, it’s never come up. I’ve been a starter on All-Star teams, Olympic teams and NBA Finals teams. It’s just a big deal now. I think it is something people should let go. To answer your question, no, I’m not a bench player or the sixth man. Go look at my resume, it will show you that I’m not a sixth man."
AI, listen to me...seriously, listen to what I have to say. What you just said summed up everything everyone wants to say to your face but doesn't have the balls to say. Yes, you were all those things on all those teams but they all have ONE thing in common, no one hoisted a big time trophy at the end of any of those teams. You are an individual playing in a team sport. You are a great individual player. You are a scoring champion. But you are NOT a champion. You drag your teams down and with your attitude, no team you play on will EVER win a championship.

You have made the money most people would die for. You have the life people can only dream of. If you want to continue to be that selfish AI we all know and don't love, go ahead. But don't complain about winning games and championships because you are the only one that can control where your team goes.

AI, sit your ass down and shut your damn mouth. Play the system your coach implements and be a team player. I know this is completely foreign to you and you might need to practice this but look at some great individual players who finally grew up and became a man and what they achieved. Look at Randy Moss and Dennis Rodman.

The season is still young and you only have a 1-year contract. If you want to continue to play in the NBA you need to grow up because no team will ever consider signing you for the 2010-2011 season.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Who the hell wants to go 0-16 in a season. I would be absolutely disgusted if my Rams went winless in a NFL season. Well, I don't have to think about that until next season. I have nothing to say except that I am very happy to see the Rams win, even if it was against the Lions.

Props goes out to Steven Jackson for being the only bright spot during this dark season. Rushing for 149 yards and running in a TD, first of the season, in a sloppy and messy game.

Bye Week is next!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Go Rams!

This is probably the only game where my beloved Rams have a legitimate chance at a win. The Lions and the Rams will battle it out in Detroit. Come on Rams. I need a victory!!!

Free Swinger

We all know that Ryan Howard is going to strikeout a lot over the course of any season. With 186Ks in the regular season the Phillies accepted the fact he was going to strikeout but only if he continued to produce long shots like he did 45 times in the regular season and 2 more in the post season.

The World Series has not treated him well. With all the talk about A-Rod striking out some have left Howard out of the discussion. Howard's 14 plate appearances have produced 2 hits (both doubles) and a whopping 9Ks. Since he played and won the World Series last season, pressure isn't the problem. I think it all has to do with the good scouting report and execution by the Yanks. Knowing Howard is a free swinger and having him chase is what the Yanks are continually doing for each at bat.

Howard needs to turn it around because it is boring watching people strikeout. I want to see some hits and plenty of runs put on the board.
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