Saturday, November 28, 2009

Few Thoughts

I can't believe how fast time flies when work comes a callin'. It has been a full 7 days since my last post and crap has piled up in my brain that needs to be written.

Timmy - Lincecum has earned another Cy Young, 2nd straight, and for all of you who have him on your keeper list in fantasy baseball think Johan time. I love this guy! Tiny little man who throws like the big power pitchers before him, think Big-Unit, Schilling, and Clemens (does he count?). The one thing I am questioning is his choice for a 1-year deal in arbitration. This maximizes earning potential, which is great, but seems a little risky for a pitcher. I'm not 100% sure on the salary structure under the agreement between MLB and the MLBPA but heading into an off-season with two consecutive Cy Young's should break the bank either way.

Jays Fill SS - The Jays have signed two free agents and both are SS's, Alex Gonzalez and John McDonald. Nothing that can compare with the big free agents like Bay and Holliday but roster filling moves that should keep the Jays moving forward...slowly. Went digging to see who we have in the minors to fill the SS position in the coming years and I found nothing worth truly smiling about. Remember Russ Adams, how about Angel Sanchez? I have accepted a losing season from the SkyDome for the next, ummm, 5 years.

The Answer - Holy crap, this guy just doesn't get it. From my last post about Iverson, he has found a way to piss me off even more. Come on man, retiring in the middle of the season because no team wants to give you a starting gig and infect their organization with a brutal disease called your ego, arrogance, the list could go on forever. Buddy, you are good but not good enough to suck up all the shots on the court. You are good but not good enough for a team to put up with your shit. Wake up and read the papers, read the blogs, and the read the sports pages because you need to come to the realization that you are not going to be the focal point on any team that is going to be successful in the NBA. Why is it, people who have all the skill the in world have nothing else but that skill?

Federer - He finished the year at number 1 but couldn'd find a way to win the final tournament. He is not the old unbeatable Federer and everyone in the world knows it. Once the veil is lifted and we find out what things look like people usually say, "He's human just like me." It is always nice to see Federer win but with young guns coming from behind everyone will be hearing about early exits from tournaments in 2010 and beyond.

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