Monday, November 30, 2009

Do Dreams Come True?

Steve Nash
Guy comes into the ACC and brings the roof down.

Holy crap, what a performance Nash continues to put up night after night, day after day. When Nash signed an extension, keeping himself planted as the PG of the Suns, I felt a little sadness come over me. Dreaming of having Nash suit up in Canada as a Raptor was something I was itching for, even though it was something only left for the world of dreams. Oh...dreamssssss.

Another 20pts and 16assists and a few wipes to dry some of the tears from my eyes and he's gone. Only if Nash was a Raptor. I enjoy having Calderon around but he's no Steve Nash.

How come it isn't working?
Looking at the Raptors lineup, I am a little surprised at where we are in the standings. Having Bosh, Bargnani, Hedo, and Calderon in the starting lineup, IMO, is not a 7-11 team.

We all know what Bosh can do on the court and how much energy he can bring so let's move on. How many centres out there can handle Andrea? Guy can hit the 3, put it on the floor and stop for a mid-range shot, and go straight to the hole. He's averaging 17pts a game but he should be in the low 20's. How about Hedo. I was not a fan of the signing but he is a decent player. Hits a few 3's and can play on the perimeter. Looking at Calderon, he's the PG most coaches want. Handles the ball and keeps the TO's to a minimum, under 2 a game, while contributing some at the offensive end.

I know we don't have the interior guy to clean up the garbage and the big stopper on the defensive end but it just doesn't seem right at the moment, sitting at 7-11 with this lineup? Defense wins championships and at this point the Raptors don't have that and maybe this is the main reason we have a 7-11 record going into December.

At the moment, all I want is a guy to come in and grab 10-12 boards a night. A guy who can dish out the hard foul when needed (how are you balls feeling Bosh?). A guy who can make the picks, grab the loose balls, and do all the little things that earn him a reputation in the locker room.

Is there someone out there that wants this role? If so, give Colangelo a ring.

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