Friday, November 13, 2009

Taste of Revenge

Isn't it great playing against your old team and leaving with a victory at the end of the night. I have never had to play against my old team but I have played against a team that cut me from their roster. Oh did it feel great when I left the field and shook the coaches hand at the end of the game after every win. Yes, there were multiple wins. If my memory serves me correctly, I don't think I have ever lost to that team. A few of those games were for championships too.

Ray Emery had a chance to play his former team, the Ottawa Senators, and he almost shut them out winning his 5th straight contest. The feeling Emery had when he skated off the ice after the final buzzer must have been amazing. Leaving the Senators after the 07-08 season in a less than an amicable split, which resulted in no contracts being offered to Emery except from a team in Russia added fuel to the fire.

Looking back, the Senators had to let Emery go because of his tendency to live his life on his own terms and basically not give a rats ass about everyone else around him. There are some players out their that are allowed to be assholes but Emery isn't one of them. He just isn't good enough to be one of those players. So far this season, Emery has actually proven to be a solid #1 goalie in the NHL after his return from the KHL over in Russia. The Flyers goalie has posted strong numbers (10-3-1 with a .924SV% and a 2.18GAA) this season in a strong Atlantic division.

Guys like Emery seem to be a virus that brings teams down to their knees just like Allen Iverson is on the court. The Senators were right to let him but it does hurt a little when Emery comes back into the picture and leaves with a W at the end of the night.

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