Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Time

"Time for Battle"

Australian Open Final. Nadal vs. Federer. Great way to start the 2009 tennis season.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Albert

News coming out of the Dominican Republic is positive for Manny fans who are a little disappointed that he is not signed and prepping for spring training. Albert Pujols of the Cardinals is laying down the law by asking the Cardinals to go out and try and sign free agent slugger Manny Ramirez. If you read the article on Yahoo! Sports baseball page, you will see Albert being quoted as saying, “I’m not an agent or general manager, but I can’t understand how Manny has not signed.”

Hmmmmm, I guess hitting home runs and being the NL MVP is screwing with his vision/mind. Manny is not signed because he, and Mr. Boras, are asking for too much money over too many years. Why would you sign a guy like Manny for 4-5 years worth 20-25 million a year. That is absolutely over the top since he is reaching the wonderful age of 40. Yes, he can produce but are you going to get the great Manny who took the Dodgers to the playoffs or the Manny who quit on his team in Red Sox nation?

Also, I love the comment, “I speak with Manny every three days and he tells me, `Man, no one wants to sign me," People do want to sign you Manny but you have to first, ditch your agent Boras and second, bring down your asking price. Teams around the MLB want to sign you but not at the price you are asking for.

Manny, you have the championships and you are closing in on some milestones. Wake up and realize that money and this long term contract is not worth it. Financial security is great but come on I think you made enough money over your career, especially since stories are floating out in the world about you not cashing your cheques because you had no need for that kind of money.

I love Manny and I hope he finds a place to play soon. If Pujols does get his wish, imagine that one two punch in the middle of the lineup.
"Cut your dam hair Sideshow Bob and
I might let you play with the ball"

Finish Your Vegetables!!

If this is what it takes for the world to consume a healthier diet why fight it.

Apparently, the maker of this commercial, PeTA, created an ad that was a little too racy for the precious Super Bowl ad space. Too racy for the Super Bowl? Don't come out and tell me that the people who watch the Super Bowl are going to be angry over this commercial. Last time I tuned into the Super Bowl it was a game called football and the majority of people who watch football is...well, people who love looking at half naked girls, GUYS!

The whole Super Bowl as family entertainment/programming is a flawed argument. I haven't met anyone who watches the Super Bowl with their families. Usually the wife/girlfriend would make a girls nights and both parties would be happy and better off. I know there are plenty of families who watch the Super Bowl together but seeing a few girls with vegetables while wearing skimpy clothing, in my mind, doesn't constitute racy. Think about it, cheerleaders are half naked on the sidelines dancing and prancing around in nothing but bra and panties their uniforms. At least the PeTA commercial is trying to promote something positive.

After looking at this video I decided to jump over to the PeTA website and check out what is going on with the organization. To think about it, I wonder if PeTA is making all these racy advertisements just for the attention. Also, it would be a bonus if the commercial was accepted. Back to the website. I found a few things that might interest some of my readers, enjoy!

Behind the Scenes from the banned ad.

More Amanda

More Niki

More Berenice

More Cassie

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Down Under

Up next is the semi-finals in the first Grand Slam of the 2009 season. Federer will face American Andy Roddick. I enjoy watching records being broken and Federer is one Grand Slam away in tying record holder Pete Sampras' record of 14 titles. It would be very nice to see Roger tie in the Australian and finally overcome his French Open problems and take the record at Roland Garros.

Oh BTW, Roger just finished his quarter-final opponent off with a 6-3, 6-0, 6-0 performance...ouch!


It is a shame that the young Blazers are stuck with the cap hit that Darius Miles is imposing on them. Just looking at the video you can see that the Blazers have a young guy, Brandon Roy, who can lead the team to victories and is slowly turning into a legitimate NBA superstar. Throw in Greg Oden and you can easily see that the Blazers could have built a strong team. I use the words "could have" because now that the salary of Darius Miles is back on the payroll the Blazers are limited on the spending front. Oh, how that sucks.

Monday, January 26, 2009

2 in a Row

"I am so important!"

The Raptors just won their second game in a row since starting point guard Calderon returned from a hamstring injury. Even though it was a against two terrible teams, the Bulls and the Kings, the Raptors have shown me what I feared since the starting training camp, they are super thin at the PG position. The injury to Calderon just proved it.

Colangelo, you better do something quick fast to secure another reliable back-up PG because at this rate your o-so-valuable Calderon is going to be run into the ground with all the minutes he's going to have to log to win.

Griffey in Toronto

Now that the free agent season is kind of over with the big dudes signing, well with the Yankees, I think the Jays and their "amazing" GM need to start shopping. As I mentioned earlier this month, they don't have to go out and sign players to $150million contracts, we all know they can not afford to do that. Just go out and throw some 1yr contracts around that are filled with incentives.

Dudes like Giambi, Smoltz, Baldelli, and Saito are out of the picture so looking at the guys who are left, what about Griffey? He's old and he's kind of washed up but if you give him a bat and a DH spot he can still provide some pop especially in a hitters park like SkyDome.

What do you think JP? How about signing Griffey to a 1yr contract with a club option for a 2nd and lace the shit out of the contract with incentives. Yes he's old and yes we have a turf field but all he has to do is walk to the batters box and swing a bat. He can provide a left handed bat to separate Wells and Rios, yes I would have preferred Giambi but that is over with, so come on JP go out and get it done.

If all fails, think of all the revenue the Jays will get from selling Griffey merchandise.

Crystal Ball

"You still have a spot for me in 2010, right?"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calderon On The Line

Jose Calderon is shooting for the most consecutive free throws made in NBA history.


Welcome Back!

Jose Calerdon - 29:26mins - 23pts(9/10FG, 4/4FT, 1/1 3Pt), 2Reb, 10Asts, and 1Stl.

Raptors - 114
Bulls - 94

Poor Performance

As I skimmed through the box scores of tonight's games I bumped into a stat I usually don't see sitting beside Steve Nash. In a game that brought together former teammate, Boris Diaw, Steve Nash found a way to finish with 4pts, 6to's, and only 5asts. Right after seeing his stats I started to wonder where Nash will sign when his contract is finished with the Suns. He still has a team option for the 09/10 season.

Going into free agency, Nash has the right to choose any team he wants to sign with. As a veteran who is in search of a NBA championship and having the one true equalizer, age, creeping up on him, I do wonder where he will land.

Of course, the only team in Canada, the Toronto Raptors, would be a plausible choice. This season isn't going well for the Raptors but if GM Colangelo can turn things around with a few trades and FA acquisitions you never know. Nash is there last priority right now since Bosh's free agency is looming and Colangelo needs to make him happy before doing anything else.

How about the Big Apple. Listen to this scenario. Former coach D'Antoni is there. They are clearing cap space for the huge free agent period of 2010. Imgaine the Knicks pulling off a Celtics kind of big three. Bring in Bosh/LeBron/Nash. You could also think about Nash bringing his current teammate, Stoudamire, along as well.

What about New Jersey. Jay-Z and his friendship could bring in LeBron and his favourite players of choice. They have to either find a bidder for VC try and build with VC there. You know how I feel about VC, former post.

Or even the Cavs. LeBron could sign with his current team and have management bring in players like Bosh and Nash.

So many scenarios that could play out. With a free agent class that boasts Bosh, LeBron, and Wade most forget about the "smaller" players out there.

Friday, January 23, 2009


After a knee injury derailed his 07-08 season with the Lakers, Andrew Bynum is finally starting to show his true abilities on the court. Bynum is in his 4th season with the Lakers but his career started with Kobe saying why the hell do we need him and we should trade his ass right now. But, fortunately the Lakers didn't listen to Kobe and kept him on their roster. This was a wise decision. Andrew finished off the Clippers with a career high 43pts while bringing in 15 boards. This is not what you should obviously expect from him on a daily basis. But a double-double ever game is what I am starting to expect from him.

This post is more for the recognition of Bynum but also for the underlying fact that having a big man who is productive makes the whole NBA game that much easier for the rest of his team. Think about it. Throw the ball into the big man. He scores or kicks it back out for perimeter shooters if the defence collapses. Seems so easy instead of having to always run around screens and shoot from the perimeter.

The Lake Show seems to have a solid cast of players that can conceivably win championship after championship for the foreseeable future. It seems unfair that one team can hold such promising players while other teams around the league can barely bring together one or two guys. Of course this is coming from a guy who is watching his Raptors completely implode after such a promising start to the season.


Nike and the partnerships they have with mainstream players around the world seems to grow by the second. The more people who they recruit the more it makes the company visible to their customers. Kobe Bryant seems to be throwing out commercial after commercial for Nike and this time, some haters of the Ankle Insurance commercials, might be satisfied with this new Nike ad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


LeBron is just dirty.

Jan. 20/2009

Go out and buy a newspaper. Today is a very important day in history and you are alive to witness and read all about it. The new Obama Administration is about to move into the White House and change is about to begin. The boys over at UNDRCRWN have released a shirt, that I would love to own, on their website and if you have a chance go over and check it out the details. Below is the shirt.

I am Sick

I am currently fighting off a cold and this is usually the time when I just sit in front of my computer and do nothing but watch old episodes of Entourage, Seinfeld, and random sports related videos.

LeBron is now a NFL player

Kobe and his Ankle Insurance

Monday, January 19, 2009

How Sweet It Is

My main man has officially found a way back
to the Super sweet it is!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enjoying Vinsanity

For the record...I am usually the one, well let's just say, I don't really care if players leave a team during free agency or after asking for a trade. The loyalty crap I here from my friends about players and teams and why they should stick around even though their current position doesn't provide anything except a paycheque and a last place finish gets on my nerves.

But when a player quits on a team and leaves that is when I am a little ticked off.

Vince Carter, former player for the Raptors, did exactly that...QUIT! Not only did he just quit and stop playing, which I don't give a rats ass. The important thing to make note of is he quit on his team! I just don't stand for that. In sports like tennis or golf where you are the only one out there, okay go ahead and quit. It only affects you and only you. In a team sport, quitting is the equivalent of stealing all military plans from all nations and handing it over to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Just plain dumb!

When I hear about poor performances and playing on a losing team with no hope of an NBA Championship I get a sense of happiness because this is what he deserves. Vince Carter deserves this type of humiliation and deserves this type of treatment. This guy has a true gift and with most people who possess something special they just don't take advantage of it.

The above picture is of Vince Carter who played a total of 14mins in a game where his Nets lost 105-85 to the Celtics at home. Carter scored 5 pts and found himself on the bench for the entire second half.

To put an end to this post. Everyone in the world deserves a second chance and I guess the only way for Carter to prove to me that he deserves a second chance is the following. He signs a contract for the league minimum. He takes any role that is given to him and just shuts up and plays basketball. Until something like this happens I have nothing to say except, "Vince, you truly are a tiny little man."

LPGA & PGA Collide

"Woods' starts the season with a victory at
the Masters and Kraft Nabisco Championship!"

This could be a headline on all media outlets around the world if Cheyenne continues on her path to golf stardom. For those of you who don't know who Cheyenne is, she is the niece of famous golfer Tiger Woods. Cheyenne is a 5"6 collegiate golfer currently swinging away at Wake Forest. Just imagine both tours, the PGA & LPGA, being dominated by two people from the same family.

I find it shocking whenever I come across people from the same family that can play a certain sport at such a high level. Just check out the Staal brothers in the NHL. Playing the same sport is understandable but both having the ability to play at the professional level just boggles my mind.

After you check out the video don't you think they look like father and daughter, the resemblance is uncanny.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Humans R Kind

As the world continues to wage war on each other, a simple and passion of mine is taken for granted by billions in this world. This item is the shoes you wear every single day. Some of us, which includes me, are guilty of owning more shoes than we can store in our own homes while some in this world can't even afford to buy a single pair. This is where a coach, Ron Hunter, in the NCAA coached a game without wearing a pair of shoes.

The organization behind all of this is Samaritan's Feet and if you have a few minutes please head over and see what this organization is all about and how you or someone you know could help this cause.

I can't believe that people in this world are battling each other and killing each other for oil and land while someone is walking barefoot because they can not afford a pair of shoes.

Where are our priorities?

Kobe Infomercial

I have no idea why I find this entertaining but I some how do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

54 Pts for Meeks

Putting up 54 points in any league is an accomplishment. Jodie Meeks of Kentucky dropped 54 pts in a victory over Tennessee and is now the all time leader in points scored in a single game at Kentucky.

EDIT - does not allow for outdated videos to be used like YouTube. Sorry!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1 More Win!!!

After taking his team to the playoffs and then winning the wild card game, Kurt Warner has taken the Cardinals to a place they have only dreamed of, one win away from playing in the Super Bowl. For all the skeptics out there that were proved wrong I laugh in your face. Yes, the game wasn't truly won by the Cardinals but more so lost by the Panthers with their stupid turnovers. The fact is Warner and the Cardinals still converted their opportunities into points which in the end is that matters.

At the end of the day, my man Kurt Warner, will find himself playing for a chance to appear in the Super Bowl after 9 years since the last time he hoisted the championship trophy.

Photo: Kurt Warner (13), Larry Fitzgerald (11), and Tim Hightower (34).

Another Reason to be 150kgs

With the addictive additions to our TV set with hundreds of channels, a new breed of entertainment is forming on the internet, streaming. This is great news for people who are in love with sports and can't seem to find a way to watch it all at once.

I love how professional sports is adding value to their product by giving us fans what we want.

One Punch

I always like watching a good hockey fight. Matt Hunwick drops Justin Williams with one punch.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jays Miss Another FA

It seems the Jays are content with just fielding a mediocre team and hiding behind the excuse of how much money they don't have to spend on landing free agents. The economic situation the Jays face, as do many MLB teams face, is in my eyes a huge excuse to fielding a winning team. I understand this isn't just about sports and more about business than anything else but it just starts to piss me off when I see other teams doing the little things to make a winning team.

As with most teams in the majors the Jays were not involved in talks with the big prize free agents like CC Sabathia and Mark Teieira, we just couldn't afford them and I totally understand. But why are they not trying to land some small fish that would cost little but could provide a huge upside. It seems like JP Ricciardi and the Blue Jays management are all about minimizing their losses in 2009. After the death of owner Ted Rogers, the Jays management were instructed to reduce/stick with status quo with respect to salaries, especially after the Jays lost AJ and his $14 million dollar per year contract.

Looking at what other teams are doing with their money and that $14 million could buy plenty of players that could potentially give the Jays a huge boost that might put them into the playoffs.

Below are the players that could have been added and their price tags.

Rocco Baldelli is an injury away from spending the lazy days of summer on the DL but with the doctors finally diagnosing his health problems and being placed on a proper path to staying healthy his deal with the Red Sox seems like a steal. His price tag, $500,000 guranteed and if he stays healthy the contract could jump to $2.25 million for a 1-year contract.
John Smoltz was signed for $5.5 million that could nearly double to $10 million if he reaches specific milestones/goals. Again, a 1-year contract.

Takashi Saito is another player that signed with the Red Sox. The deal is reportedly to be worth between $1.5-2.5 million in guranteed money with incentives that could reach $7 million plus. This seems to be a theme, Saito signed a 1-year contract.

Brad Penny signed for, you guessed it, 1-year worth $5 million.

Jason Giambi signed a 1-year contract with a club option for the 2nd year and a buyout of $1.25 million. The deal is worth $4 million plus the buyout, $1.25 million, as guarenteed money.

As you can clearly see, the market for potential baseball studs was filled with plenty of players that could be wearing a Blue Jays uniform in 2009. It disappoints me to see all these guys landing on teams where their GM's are doing yeomans work.

Just add up the salaries on all these guys and it comes to a grand total of $18.75 million. Of course, the Jays didn't have to spend all that money to grab all those players but it would have been worth it. The risk the Jays would be taking is minimal since they are all 1-year contracts and if they did perform extremely well they would pay for themselves in wins for the team. Plus, if the Jays were going nowhere in 2009 and these players were performing well they could easily make a trade with a team in contention.

Mr. Theo Epstein of the Red Sox seems to be doing the dirty work that makes a great and potentially a World Series team. Adding little pieces to fill the small cracks will most likely land his team in the playoffs and a chance at a World Series ring. I just wish JP would stop smiling and take off those stupid sunglasses and make an appearance at the free agent table. We all know job security is nice, especially in a recession, and listening to your boss will keep you employed but just stand up and explain the entire situation to them. The Jays need some extra cash to succeed but it doesn't have to be $500 million. Winning can easily come at a price tag of $18.75 million.

At the end of the day, it seems the smart GM's are out playing the complacent GM's. If the Jays plan on spending the next 10 years rebuilding and following the Rays' set path then please go a head. Just know that all the Jays fans in Toronto and around the world are suffering.

AF1 Supreme

For those of you shoe nuts out there, which includes me, Nike is about to release a pair of AF1's (Air Force Ones) in about a week in HK and Shanghai. Man, there are times when I wish I had the money to spend on more shoes but it seems the more shoes I buy the more shoes I want.

The colours go with the time of year, Chinese New Year, which is on Jan. 26 of 2009.

It seems the cycle will never end especially when I constantly browse the web for the latest releases.

Thanks to

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finishing a Hat-Trick

Not a bad way to score your 3rd goal of the night.

Battle of The East

If you have the time, make sure to tune into the Celtics vs. Cavs game tonight.

Jordan 2009 Creator

An Interview with the Jordan 2009 designer.

Thanks goes out to

Toronto Transactions

I begin with the trade of Hassan Adams of the Raptors to the Clippers. Breakdown. Raptors send Adams and some cash to the Clippers for a future second round draft pick. The Clippers then, a few hours later, decide to waive Adams. Let me get this straight. The Clippers gave a way a second round draft for the right to waive Adams? How the hell does this make sense. Please, someone come out and explain this to me because I have looked at this from many angles and it all comes down to, WTF?!?!

Yes, there could be some other little part of the agreement that isn't being reported for example, the Raptors doing the Clippers a favour later down the road. Anyways, just one of the weirdest things I've seen in a while.

Moving onto the Maple Leafs trade for Brad May. Breakdown. Leafs give up a conditional 6th round draft pick in 2010 and, as mentioned, receive Brad May. Tell me why we made this trade? Are we trying to unload contracts for expiring ones? No. Are we acquiring someone with upside that some other team just lost faith in? No. Are we trading for a future draft pick? No.

Why the hell are we doing this trade? Didn't the Leafs lure Burke into the GM office for a reason, as in building a winning hockey team. Burke better have something up his sleeve because this, yet another trade, makes no sense to me. According to Mr. Burke, May should bring some veteran presence to the locker room. Why the hell do we need to give up a draft pick for this? Yes, it's a 6th round pick but still, it could be one of those needle in a haystack guys. A draft pick is a draft pick. We should be accumulating and piling up the draft picks so we can rebuild.

The Leafs are not going anywhere this year and bringing in a guy for veteran leadership doesn't do anything for the team except bring some attention to the team and show us Mr. Burke is doing something with his time.

Oh why do the Leafs do this to me.

China and their Laws

Dwayne Wade just made another cover.


How is this funny? Idiots like you ruin everything in the world. Absolutely retarded!

To make up for this here is a funny "block".

Ricciardi, do something!!

As you can clearly see in the above picture Jason Giambi is now a part of the Oakland A's. You have absolutely no idea how pissed I am right now. Not because he signed with the A's but the fact that the Jays need help in the lineup and this is the type of guy that they could afford and someone who fits their needs but they didn't sign him.

1 - Just look a the Jays lineup and you can easily see that we need a bat from the left side that can rake balls out of the Skydome.
2 - We don't have the resources like the boys from NY to throw at free agents. Giambi is cheap!

Why the fuck did JP not do anything to sign Giambi and bring him into a friendly hitters park like the Skydome. Of course, the media can't report and doesn't report everything because they don't have information on everything. So the Jays could have been in negotiations with Giambi and things just didn't work out. Also, Giambi could have just straight up said, "Hell's no, I'm not going to stinkin Canada."

All I see is the Jays being complete idiots who seem to know nothing about running a successful baseball team to compete in the AL East. We don't have the money to spend but when someone like Giambi is available on the market we need to grab him!!!

Just think about what Giambi could bring at such a low price. Splitting Rios and Wells with a left handed bat that can easily hit 30HRs and drive in another that something you'd be interested in? What about Giambi taking the pressure off Wells and Rios to produce. Allow them to relax and do their own thing without having the media always critizing them if the team isn't producing runs.

Just another reason the Jays are going to sink to the the bottom of the AL East.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You know that guy named Roy Halladay, well say good bye to him. Take a step in his shoes and think about this, why the hell should he stay put in Toronto and waste his time pitching for a loser. Please, don't give me the loyalty crap, we all know you would drop your team if you had a legitimate chance at a World Series ring.

Can we just fire this so called GM, JP Ricciardi, already!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wasting Resources

The Yankees have officially unveiled their third free agent signing in Mark Teixeira today and I am a little tired of seeing these press conferences. What a waste of money, espeically in our so called recession, the Yankees and all these teams are throwing down the drain by bringing in the press and unveiling ther new high priced free agent signings. Just think about the money that is spent on this type of event. Since this is the big leagues you don't have water and cookies you have the 5-star amenities that these professional athletes are use to.

Members of the press have to travel to Yankee stadium and sit there and listen to this guy speak about how he loves New York and all that PR junk that makes me sick. Save all the money and just release a statement or have a video conference or even just the old fashion telephone conference. Do we really need to waste money on catering, utilities, and having the free agent fly into New York? In my eyes it is foolish.

But I guess after spending around $423million, throwing a small press conference is just like me dropping a penny into the "Take a Penny Leave a Penny" tray at the local 7-eleven.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bitch Slap

What the Fuck is this?!?! Watch Alexander Semin bitch slap Marc Staal.


Time to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my family and maybe these new kicks?

Come on, who doesn't enjoy going back in the day to The Pump?!?!

Thanks goes out to the guys at Branded.


Team Canada just won their 5th straight IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship by beating Team Sweden 5-1.

If you didn't have a chance to watch the game or if you want to watch it again, head over to and watch it over and over again.

Congratulations boys!

Kobe or No Kobe


Rod Benson

Boom Tho!!!!

For all those of you who follow Rod Benson over at Ball Don't Lie, he is back in North America after a stint over in Europe and is suiting up for the D-League. I am no pro scout but I wonder why this guy hasn't been offered a spot on an NBA roster after putting up 12.1 rebounds and 13.6 points a game during the 07/08 D-League season.

Most teams in the NBA need a guy that just picks up the garbage and does the dirty work down low. A guy who can come off the bench and bring some energy while pulling down some boards and blocking or altering shots. What team doesn't need that.

I wouldn't mind seeing Brian Colangelo of the Raptors take Benson on for a 10-day contract and see what he can do. With O'Neal out with an injury to his knee, Benson could come in and give the Raptors some cheap insurance. That is what the Raptors need, a dude that can grab boards.

The Raptors are ranked ahead of only three teams in team rebounds per game. What can they lose except more games?!


If you take a quick look through the sports headlines it seems like professional athletes are always finding a way to break the law, especially being caught for DUI.

How is this possible. These are the guys that can afford a driver/chauffeur to drop them off and pick them up after their late night parties. Just take a look around the headlines right now and you will see Jason Richardson of the Suns facing charges that stem back from last year, Antoine Walker, former NBA player, was caught early Monday morning, and then we have Charles Barkley.

All these idiots driving after drinking. I just don't get it. Why would you risk everything you have and also risk and put others at risk just because you were out partying.

Something has to change and it has to start now!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Go Canada Go!

January 5...7:30pm...SBP Arena...Team Canada...Team Sweden...Gold Medal Game!

The 2009 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship is about to end and Team Canada is in search of their 5h straight Gold Medal. After two tough games, USA and Russia, Team Canada will take on Team Sweden in the Final.

Make sure to watch this game.

I'm pumped! Go Canada!

Playoffs is the Norm

As I finished celebrating Kurt Warner leading his Cardinals past the Falcons in their Wild Card game I was shocked to see the score of 23-17 with the 23 sitting beside the words San Diego. For the past few years I have always thought of Manning as a guy that would just, at least, cruise into the Conference Finals and maybe land himself in the Super Bowl but this year Manning and the Colts didn't have it to fend off the Chargers.

Reading more information about the Colts and their head coach I found out that Mr. Tony Dungy is a playoff god. In an age where the NFL is the epitome of parity, reaching the playoffs in 10 straight years while sitting in the head coaching chair seems like me winning Super 7 or Lotto 649 (just imagine). Apparently, Mr. Dungy is pondering his place in the NFL and if he is ready to hang up the clipboard and enjoy life as a retired NFL Head Coach.

Even with the likes of Peyton Manning as his QB there was plenty of turnover in other positions that could have ended or disrupted his 10 year playoff streak. But no, he managed to get his team to act as one and follow a game plan that seem to have worked. The NFL is not a league where you have a team made of all-stars. It is impossible to do with the restrictions on salaries and of course big ego's but Dungy made things happen. Just look at the Dallas Cowboys. They were suppose to be Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of the season and they didn't even make the playoffs! It takes more than a few superstars to find your team in the playoffs and it seems Dungy knows that secret sauce.

If Dungy does retire it ends a streak that seems most will not come close to achieving. Come on, 10 straight years and 10 playoff appearances, absolutely nuts!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Warner Goes Deep

Kurt Warner and the Cardinals were victorious in their Wild Card game and all I have to say is, "BOOOOO YAH!!!"

The Cardinals defeated the Falcons 30-24 with Warner throwing for 271yrds with 2TDs. As Warner is proving, age has nothing to do with great performances. I have always stood by Warner because I always knew that if the right team was put together where the front line would block and give him time he could easily find an open receiver. Kurt is a pocket QB and I hope he takes the next week to rest because he is now in a Divisional game.

There is news that Warner and the Cardinals are far a part with respect to a contract for next year but at this moment all I care about is next weekend.

Go Warner!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Back to Work

The X-Mas vacation is over and the New Years celebration is behind us all and I guess it is time to start blogging again. Before I officially start again, Happy New Years! I hope everyone in the world has a great year that brings them happiness and most importantly peace. Why can't we all just get a long?!

While I was on vacation I was unable/didn't feel the need to find a computer and search out what was happening in the world of professional sports. Yes, I had some updates via the hotel TV but I was more focused on my time to relax without modern technology such as cell phones, TV's, computers, etc. Over a span of two weeks things changed dramatically in the world of sports.

First, NFL Playoffs. As for the followers of this blog, I love watching the NFL during the cold days of winter. Sitting down on Sunday with my buddies, big chunk of meat in the oven, and nothing to do for the entire day is what I call happiness and peace. It is Wild Card weekend and as I write this my man Kurt Warner is trying to lead his Cardinals past the Falcons in their first playoff appearance in, let's say a long time. I was hoping that Warner would attract enough attention and win the NFL MVP award but Mr. Manning of the Colts found a way to take the award. I just thought that bringing the Cardinals into the playoff picture after such a long absence and throwing for 4583yrds, 30TDs, and holding a QB Rating of 96.9 would bring home the trophy.

Make sure to watch the Colts vs. the Chargers for the second game of the day.

Second, Baseball. Everyone is talking about how the Yankees are spending too much money and it isn't fair to the entire league and blah blah blah blah blah. They now have CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Mark Teixeira on their payroll, holy shit. That is a lot of money to spend on. We all know baseball is a business and a game second. This is a sad truth. I am all for people making money and spending money the way they see fit but deep down inside of me there is a place where playing sports and watching sports should be completely seperate from business.

I think the internet, newspapers, TV shows, and anything where people can spread their opinions has touched on this topic so I will stop here.

Third, NBA. Well, the new year is here and the NBA seems to be moving along smoothly with the Lakers, Celtics, and Cavs taking on the rest of the NBA. But wait! If you look closely in the Eastern Conference their is a big 3 and I am not talking about Pierce, Allen, and Garnett. The East will come down to the Magic, Cavs, and Celtics. Sorry Pistons fans, I don't think you have a chance to be the one left standing. Oh how I miss my NBA on TV.

Fourth, Hockey. The NHL is on but in my mind it isn't as important as the World Junior Championships being held in Ottawa. Russia vs. Canada. What else can we ask for, well too bad this isn't for the Gold Medal. If you don't have a TV, make sure to head over to and watch it live on the computer. Go NOW!!!! If you happen to be an internet user outside of Canada you are out of luck, you will have to wait until it is over and watch it on-demand.
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