Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let Me Know

Let me know why a charging penalty was called.

Head was down. Player was gliding towards him. No extra strides.


Friday, February 27, 2009

I Have a Dream

I have a dream, a dream where my starting goalie will hold the fort.

I have a dream, a dream where, if something goes wrong, my goalie will stand tall and make sure to back me up.

Martin Brodeur of the Devils shows the entire league how lucky the Devils are to have him as a goaltender. After coming back from an injury that has kept him out since Nov. 1 of 2008, he routinely throws up a big fat zero for the visiting Avalanche. Come on, first game back and putting up a goose egg, that is just insane.

This story pains me in so many different ways but there is only one that matters. The Toronto Maple Leafs who seem to have a problem keeping pucks out of their own net when it is needed the most just can't find someone who can mimic Brodeur. It just pains me to see how lucky some teams are when it comes to goaltending and how other teams just fall through the cracks, or in my case, pucks going through the hole between Vesa's legs.

I remember the days when Cujo and Potvin stood tall and never allowed mistakes made by their defencemen to bother them. It was a good time and a time I hope returns sooner than later. In my previous post I ripped the Leafs for their poor record of bringing in players and making a team that could actually contend for the Stanley Cup. Yes, I am angry at them for not putting in a real effort, I still stand behind my opinions about management seeking profits over Lord Stanley, but I hope to see a competitive team on the ice in the next 2-3 seasons.

Mr. Burke, go out and find someone to pick up the slack when our defencemen seem to be "Out For Lunch". Leaf fans who have stayed and cheered the Leafs through these tough times deserve it. These are the real fans even if they can not afford those tickets because management seeks to price them out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Expensive Night Out

"The Passion That Unites Us All"
More like
"Thanks for your money, suckers!"

We all know that going to a game at the ACC when the Leafs are playing is not one of the cheapest and most friendly things you can do to your wallet. So, as I read the daily news, I bump into a little piece about how the Leafs are going to hike their tickets prices 3.5% for next season. The first thing that comes to my mind is, man, Torontonians are a bunch of F*CKING idiots!!!

Why are we so stupid and continually give MLSE our hard earned dollars when all we get back in return is a product that is defective. Would you ever continually purchase something even though it hasn't satisfied you in years? Would you keep going to the same grocery store knowing that there were rats roaming freely? Even though the food hasn't killed you just yet. That is going a little overboard but it does relate with the Leafs situation. Leafs have a terrible product but the fans of Toronto keep paying and going to this "grocery store" and contually buy and buy.

As I have expressed to my friends on numerous occasions, the only way the Leafs are going to put a winning team on the ice is when they are forced to, not by management, not by MLSE, and not by their true owners, the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan. The only way the Leafs are going to field a winning team is when their profits are hit! What motivation do the Leafs have to put a winning team on the ice. They charge the highest average ticket price in the NHL, $95.33, but they continually sell out the ACC on a nightly basis. I would love to own a business like that. Produce a sh*t product and still have tremendous demand for it year in and year out.

I don't go to Leafs games because it is too expensive.

I don't go to Leafs games because I don't believe in their product.

I don't go to Leafs games because I would rather spend time sitting at home watching other NHL calibre hockey teams.

Yes, I do have to admit I do watch them on TV, once in a while. I don't watch from start to finish because they just don't do it for me anymore.

People of Toronto should start to realize that the Leafs are running a business and have a goal and sadly to say, it isn't winning a Stanley Cup and bring a parade to Yonge Street. It is to rake in the profits and give the owners, Teacher's Pension Plan, a nice gain in their investment. Come on, think logically here and check your loyalty for the Leafs at the door, why are the Leafs going to change their business plan when it continually succeeds? At this point in time, making profits and not the winning the Stanley Cup is their top priority.

B U T...

If the profits start to dry up management will be forced to put a contender on the ice. For all of you people who keep complaining about the price increases, STOP GOING TO THE GAMES!!! Talking all the smack about how expensive the prices of the tickets are is going to do nothing but fall on deaf ears.

The simple solution is to stop giving your hard earned dollars to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

PGA Tiger Update

The truth is the PGA Tour is a mere skeleton without Tiger Woods. He is the meat which satisfies the most important people in the golfing world, the fans, and without him TV ratings are simply crap.

It is the exact situation all leagues around the world go through. A star who carries the league to another level and captures the imagination of young and old while growing it's fan base. I am very happy to finally read news about Woods that isn't related to his rehab and when he was planning on getting back to competing on the PGA Tour.

Woods returned to the Tour by winning his first round match at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Tournament. (Side Note: He beat Brendan Jones, 64th in the world).

I didn't have a chance to watch any of it but after reading a few articles around the internet, I saw a theme, he was walking and swinging like he was a brand new man. His body seemed to have healed and is now stronger than ever. Just think about the fear that other golfers must think when they see, hear, and read about how strong Woods is and what he was able to do with a serious injury (US Open, leg injury, surgery, you've heard it before).

Just think about the statement it would be if Woods found a way to win this tournament. His first tournament back and he takes the title. This guy is unstoppable and it seems all the players know it. Please tell me, where is the next guy who is actually going to compete against Tiger and make him sweat when it comes to Sunday's back-9? Seriously, who the hell is going to make Woods sweat.

Tiger Woods is back and for all those golfers out there who won tournaments and had that sense of being able to win every time they teed up on Thursday, think again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is up with the strap going across the laces? I bet it gives more support but it just looks out of place. I like the white mesh, plain and simple but something I would definitely not purchase.


This is only funny because it's the truth.

I can't wait to see Tiger teeing it up, roaming the freeways, and fist pumping with his red shirt on Sunday. I have enjoyed watching some golf in his absense but it does seem a little more interesting when Tiger is in the hunt and playing for a championship on Sunday.

Unfair Indeed

LBK leaves me speechless. I second the announcer, "It truly is unfair!"


My love of the passing game, as evident with my love with Warner/Bruce/Holt, is something always keep an eye on during any NFL season.

The Colts are apparently going to release WR Marvin Harrison and break up the Manning/Harrison duo that put fear in the eyes of defensive coordinators around the league. In the past two seasons, Harrison has been suffering injuries and this was inevitable. With the economics of the NFL and the need for salary cap space it was a no doubter. Hopefully Harrison can find a team that can rejuvenate his career.

Throw him with Bruce and Warner. Wow, that would be amazing to watch. Well, not anymore but it would look great on paper. I am such a sucker when it comes to the passing game.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The way he spins and uses the boards is absolutely amazing. This kid just keeps doing what he loves to do, score. To be honest, I had a little hatred towards him because of where he comes from. No, I am not racist and I am not saying I hate him because he is Russian. I hate him as a hockey player because he does not come from the great land of Canada. Go Canada Go!!!

Remember in the World Junior's a few years back when Ovechkin and Crosby went at it? Where Crosby hit Ovechkin and he had to sit off because of a shoulder injury. I am starting to warm to Ovechkin. He just keeps on amazing me with his ability to score. Now to think of it, I'm starting to lose interest in Crosby. He needs to just play hockey and stop being a little baby. I'll keep that for another post in the future when Crosby exhibits some of this baby crap.

Hey Leafs, start putting some money into the scouting department and try and build a team through the draft! Please!!

Moneyball...The Movie!

For all of you who are serious fantasy baseball players this is for you.

Moneyball, a book written by Michael Lewis, is about how Billy Beane (A's GM) manages/builds his team on a shoe-string budget through statistical methods. If you have not read this book, I would strongly recommend it. Even if you are not a huge stats nut it is a very intesreting and easy read. This book is now going to be a movie and according to IMDB, Brad Pitt will play Billy Beane. Just some info for ya.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Only if Happiness Prevailed

As the 2009 NBA All-star came and went, we had a chance to see how two great players could co-exist and bring each other to a level that could never have been reached individually.

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal brought the house down and garnered a co-MVP award. As they hoisted the trophy I had a glimpse of what could have been. Having the two share multiple NBA Championships and most likely Finals MVP awards, only if things didn't turn out the way it did.

This shows you how greed for money, power, and, for the ultimate prize of all, NBA Superstardom that only a few have ever achieved. Both egos were two big and it seemed that one could only prevail. It turned out that Kobe was the one that was left standing in LA and the Big Diesel was the odd man out. The move to Miami allowed Shaq to grab another ring for his finger and pad his bank account with even more zeros. Bryant was left in Laker land to bask in the sun and of course the great spotlight that only comes with big market NBA cities. Bryant has not tasted a victory in the NBA Finals but has come close.

Just imagine if Bryant and Shaq stayed together. I know, this is a topic that is over blown, over written, and basically over everything. But please, just take a second to reflect on what could have been. Shaq and Kobe, still Lakers, grabbing boards, throwin down dunks, and making fadeaways only Jordan could have made. As a Lake Show fan and supporter, I wonder what could have been.

Only if both Kobe and Shaq thought about the light at the end of the tunnel instead of their own personal endeavors maybe, just maybe, that All-Star MVP award could have been the Larry O'Brien Trohpy.

Is that something that would make you happy?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Angry Weir

Maybe Weir took offence about my previous post about him and the Canadian Hall of Fame comment I made a week or so ago.

He is in second place at Pebble Beach and is only 4 shots behind. Click for Leaderboard.

Even if you come back and take this golf tournament I still stand pat with my comments about you entering the hall of fame before you are retired. It just shouldn't happen!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pure Class

"Things just aren't the same anymore. Young people don't respect their elders and all they do is roam free with no thoughts about anyone else but themselves."

Everyone can relate to this because everyone has at least once in their lives heard this from someone older than them. Well, as a fairly young guy, in my mid-20's, I kind of see where older people come from. I walk around and see teenagers roaming the streets tossing garbage everywhere and anywhere, writing all over walls, but I guess that is the process of growing up.

Anyways, back to the main topic. As many sports fans know there is a problem in MLB and steroids. Hank Aaron, the former HR king was quoted as saying, "Barry has the record, and I don't think anybody can change that." To kind of summarize the article I read. Mr. Aaron, everyone should call him that, came out and said that the record and title of the HR King belongs to Barry Bonds. No matter what happened with him and the steroids fiasco, the title belongs to Bonds, a man who has hit 762 career home runs.

Just by coming out and saying this makes me feel that it should be time that MLB, the players, the fans, and everyone should take a step forward and away from the steroid issue. We should focus on the game and make sure that our mistakes in the past are not repeated again in the future. It feels Mr. Aaron is trying to start the movement towards a new era of baseball, a time where baseball is the focalpoint where everything is decided on the field where dreams come true.

Mr. Hank Aaron, is what baseball players and for a matter of fact, what everyone should follow with respect to how to speak and be as a human being. He is what some might say made of pure class. He is the man who hit 755 home runs and held the title of HR King for what seemed to be a lifetime.

I hope more people will follow in the footsteps of Mr. Aaron and try to be made of pure class.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Jordan Commercial

Pretty sick!

Too Much Federer

Roger Federer seems to be a quiet leave it all out on the court kind of athlete who only speaks to the press because he is forced to by the tour kind of guy. He would rather spend his time winning championships than doing commercials or press conferences. This is why I enjoy watching him play and cheer for him during his pursuit of immortality, Pete Sampras's grand slam record.

After scanning through my daily news reports and also sporting news I bumped into an article that absolutely shocked me. Note: Shocking me is pretty difficult since it seems there is only bad in this world. When I read an article about Jelena Jankovic being critisized by Federer about her not deserving the #1 spot in the world because she hasn't won a Grand Slam event just made me think how stupid Federer made himself look.

If this report is true I wonder where Federer came up with this. Is he just starting to feel some real pressure because Nadal is seemingly taking over his thunder and grabbing all the positive spotlight.

All I have to say is Federer should keep his mouth shut and leave everything on the court because as we all know, tennis is a young man's game and he isn't that young anymore.

This news truly disappoints me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Knicks vs. World

The Knicks can feel some sort of accomplishment after completing a 3 game stretch that featured the Lakers, Cavs, and the Celtics. The NBA found a way to fill the sports world after the Super Bowl craze died down. Smart move for the NBA and the fans at MSG but a terrible move for the hometown Knicks. Throwing the top 3 teams at them during a 3 game stretch has to be demoralizing.

But it gave NBA fans some great basketball games. Too bad I wasn't able to watch all three games.

For your wandering eyes only. for more.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pay Raise

With job losses seeming to grow by the second many people are fearing for their jobs and where the next pay cheque will come from.

Matt Cassell was just given a hefty pay raise. After receiving the Franchise Tag by the Patriots, he will get paid a nice $14.65 million for the next NFL season. Not too shabby since he was getting paid $540,222 for leading the Patriots to a 11-5 season.

He is still open for other teams to sign him and at the age of 26 (turning 27 before the season), he could easily be signed by another team, especially after a year he had with the Patriots.

Jumping from $540,222 to $14.65million, sweet.

Weir, Hall of Famer?

Why are people placed into a Hall of Fame before they finish/retire from their respective sport? I don't understand why players are inducted before they are formally away from the day to day grind of competing. Isn't a Hall of Fame a place for people who represent the greatness that occurred in the past by an individual? Doesn't it show how much one contributed to the sport through years of hard work and dedication?

Mike Weir is going to be inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. This shocks me and also reduces the quality of the Hall of Fame. Yes, he might deserve the spot after his performances at Augusta and throughout his PGA Tour career but why not just wait until he retires. For Weir, wouldn't it feel even better if you stepped away from the game and received an invitation to the Hall of Fame to cap off your career.

It kind of goes back to the retirement and gold watch thing. You work for a company for your entire life and when you retire they give you a nice watch so you can manage your free time (half joke). If you worked your ass off and produced amazing results for the first 5-10 years of your 30 year work career, you won't see them giving you a watch after the 5-10 years. They do give bonuses but that's not the point.

The Hall of Fame to me is a place where people go after they finish their careers. The induction ceremony is a time to reflect and honour their past accomplishments not to reflect and talk about the future, in the case of Mike Weir future golf tournaments.

A message to all Hall of Fame's around the world. Please induct the players after they finish their careers. I guarantee you the players and fans will appreciate it that much more. It will give everyone the chance to look back on the great moments that occurred and not what great moments will occur in the near future. When they give an acceptance speech they will truly be able to look back on their careers and not be bogged down with preparations for future contests.

Friday, February 6, 2009


There is nothing better than seeing new shoes.

T-mac in Darfur, so wrong!

Let me put this on the table before I start with my comments about this video.

There is a serious problem in Darfur and countries from around the world should step up and try to solve the problem through diplomatic avenues. The people who live in Darfur and who are being displaced need a leader to stand up and give the people something to look forward to and believe in.

Now that is out of the way.

This is great how T-mac is taking time out of his life to travel and go over to Darfur to see firsthand how terrible things in this world can truly be. There are so many things right about this trip to Darfur but again there are so many wrong things.

Throughout the short clip, education is named as the primary priority being expressed by the people of Darfur. It seems a little odd to me to have T-mac there because he obviously didn't go to college. I can almost guarantee you that T-mac was not on the honour roll at his high school either (I could be wrong). He had a special skill and he used it to produce the life we currently see. I have nothing against this. It just doesn't seem like the person who should be sitting in front of those people of Darfur because it seems like he didn't pay his dues. To me seeing T-mac there with those people who are struggling to get a cup of water just seems to show how cruel this world can be. T-mac plays a game and makes millions of dollars through his contract and sponsorship deals after skipping an opportunity to go to college, for free.

Sticking with the education theme. Did you hear how T-mac talks with the people in Darfur?! Come on man, I know you are straight out of high school, have no college degree, and come from a slang/hip-hop culture but can you speak to the people of Darfur and the human activists with proper English. I found it to be totally disrespectful. Education is the way to a better future and T-mac does not stand for education. When he was sitting with some of the local people he went off with his slang and street English while the locals were left to sit and stare. The only time they acknowledged T-mac was when he said the word education.

The video just shows how out of touch some of these celebrities are with the real world. They sit in their penthouses with $500 bottles of juice/water while people in Darfur go to bed hoping when they wake up everything they have experienced was just a dream. A terrible dream.

I am happy T-mac is going out and trying to help but it just seems he needs to wake up and present himself in a way that can give hope to the people of Darfur.

The first step is to speak like an educated person because education is the key that opens up the door to a better world.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lebron: My Turn

LeBron James - 52pts, 11asts, 10rebs.

UPDATE: 52pts, 11asts, 9rebs.

NBA ruled his 9th rebound actually belonged to Ben Wallace.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What the hell is Ray Emery thinking. This guy is nuts!


All 61 Points

Post Game Conference

I Truly Believed

This hurts not only for Roger but for me as well. Seeing the results of the Aussie Open final was a shock to my eyes because I honestly believed Roger was going to take the Aussie Final from Nadal after losing his position at the top of the tennis world in 2008. I truly believed he was going to take the record away from Pistol Pete at Roland Garros. I truly believed.

The final was another epic battle between the two tennis heavyweights and will go down in history as a match that may have changed the landscape of tennis forever. Nadal is 22 and is holding his 6th grand slam event. We are all fascinated with Federer taking the grand slam title from Sampras but even if Federer does break the record how long is he going to hold the record for. The left handed Spaniard is racking up the grand slams at a record pace and if he continues his dominating play at the French Open and more importantly stays healthy, he could potentially end up with 20 career grand slam titles.

The first grand slam of 2009 is over but luckily for tennis fans around the world there are still 3 more to go. I hope Federer turns things around from now until the clay court season begins because he is going to need to bring his A-game if he is going to take Roland Garros by storm.

Federer is going to have to battle the mental images of the undefeatable Nadal because if he doesn't, career grand slam title number 14 and maybe 15 may never come.

Not Again...

Holy crap! This is absolutely nuts. Andrew Bynum is back on the sidelines after tearing his MCL. The video above shows it all. Even Kobe knows there is something wrong after hearing Bynum yell while grabbing his knee. It just seems surreal right now because of how it went down. It was a year ago that Bynum dislocated his knee cap and was forced to miss the rest of the season which included the playoffs and the Lakers' run to the finals.

As of right now, the injury will take 8-12 weeks to heal and with any injury it might take longer or shorter. For the sake of NBA fans and of course Lakers' fans, I hope Bynum is back on the court ASAP. I put it out there, I am a Lake Show fan. I enjoy watching Phil leading the Lakers into battle and how the players execute the triangle. It kills me to see a young talented player like Bynum being forced to the bench due to injury.

This is unbelieveable.

Two Feet in Bounds

The big game is over and it ended in a way that I could never have imagined in a 100 lifetimes.

As I prepared myself to take the path of ignoring, hiding, and basically running away from everything that would giveaway any details of the Super Bowl I had a vision, Kurt Warner walking off the field having conquered his second Super Bowl. Too bad it all came crashing down.

For two days I sheltered myself from anything that had a remote chance of giving away the score and winner of the big game. I wanted to see every play for as if I was watching it live. I currently live in a place where the time zone is different and well, people just don't like watching the NFL. It was an experience that was difficult to go through especially since my team left the field losers after Holmes kept both feet in bounds after Big Ben lofted the ball into the endzone.

If this was a few years back I would have high expectations that Warner could lead his team back to the Super Bowl and maybe win another one but at this point in his career and the mechanics of the NFL with parity among teams, I have to come down to earth and look at this through realistic glasses. Kurt Warner may have seen his last Super Bowl.

I hope he lands on a team that will give him the legitimate tools that he can use to build a road to the Super Bowl. If Warner ends up playing for a team that is in between QB's, I would just be left with a terrible taste in my mouth. Sorry Matt Leinart but I hope Warner stays in Arizona. They have the tools to make another run only if they can find a way to solidify their defence.
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