Saturday, February 21, 2009


The way he spins and uses the boards is absolutely amazing. This kid just keeps doing what he loves to do, score. To be honest, I had a little hatred towards him because of where he comes from. No, I am not racist and I am not saying I hate him because he is Russian. I hate him as a hockey player because he does not come from the great land of Canada. Go Canada Go!!!

Remember in the World Junior's a few years back when Ovechkin and Crosby went at it? Where Crosby hit Ovechkin and he had to sit off because of a shoulder injury. I am starting to warm to Ovechkin. He just keeps on amazing me with his ability to score. Now to think of it, I'm starting to lose interest in Crosby. He needs to just play hockey and stop being a little baby. I'll keep that for another post in the future when Crosby exhibits some of this baby crap.

Hey Leafs, start putting some money into the scouting department and try and build a team through the draft! Please!!

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