Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Truly Believed

This hurts not only for Roger but for me as well. Seeing the results of the Aussie Open final was a shock to my eyes because I honestly believed Roger was going to take the Aussie Final from Nadal after losing his position at the top of the tennis world in 2008. I truly believed he was going to take the record away from Pistol Pete at Roland Garros. I truly believed.

The final was another epic battle between the two tennis heavyweights and will go down in history as a match that may have changed the landscape of tennis forever. Nadal is 22 and is holding his 6th grand slam event. We are all fascinated with Federer taking the grand slam title from Sampras but even if Federer does break the record how long is he going to hold the record for. The left handed Spaniard is racking up the grand slams at a record pace and if he continues his dominating play at the French Open and more importantly stays healthy, he could potentially end up with 20 career grand slam titles.

The first grand slam of 2009 is over but luckily for tennis fans around the world there are still 3 more to go. I hope Federer turns things around from now until the clay court season begins because he is going to need to bring his A-game if he is going to take Roland Garros by storm.

Federer is going to have to battle the mental images of the undefeatable Nadal because if he doesn't, career grand slam title number 14 and maybe 15 may never come.

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