Friday, February 27, 2009

I Have a Dream

I have a dream, a dream where my starting goalie will hold the fort.

I have a dream, a dream where, if something goes wrong, my goalie will stand tall and make sure to back me up.

Martin Brodeur of the Devils shows the entire league how lucky the Devils are to have him as a goaltender. After coming back from an injury that has kept him out since Nov. 1 of 2008, he routinely throws up a big fat zero for the visiting Avalanche. Come on, first game back and putting up a goose egg, that is just insane.

This story pains me in so many different ways but there is only one that matters. The Toronto Maple Leafs who seem to have a problem keeping pucks out of their own net when it is needed the most just can't find someone who can mimic Brodeur. It just pains me to see how lucky some teams are when it comes to goaltending and how other teams just fall through the cracks, or in my case, pucks going through the hole between Vesa's legs.

I remember the days when Cujo and Potvin stood tall and never allowed mistakes made by their defencemen to bother them. It was a good time and a time I hope returns sooner than later. In my previous post I ripped the Leafs for their poor record of bringing in players and making a team that could actually contend for the Stanley Cup. Yes, I am angry at them for not putting in a real effort, I still stand behind my opinions about management seeking profits over Lord Stanley, but I hope to see a competitive team on the ice in the next 2-3 seasons.

Mr. Burke, go out and find someone to pick up the slack when our defencemen seem to be "Out For Lunch". Leaf fans who have stayed and cheered the Leafs through these tough times deserve it. These are the real fans even if they can not afford those tickets because management seeks to price them out.


eyebleaf said...

vesa's been good of late.

and the fact that clemmensen played so well in jersey makes me think that i could rack up shutouts on that team, in that system.

but there's no denying brodeur's greatness. he's sick.

On The Fence Sports said...

That is true, the Devils have a pretty sick defensive system going on. As a fan it sucks watching the trap but can't argue over it since they rack up playoff/Stanley Cup appearances.

Would love to have a goalie like that!

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