Thursday, February 26, 2009

Expensive Night Out

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"Thanks for your money, suckers!"

We all know that going to a game at the ACC when the Leafs are playing is not one of the cheapest and most friendly things you can do to your wallet. So, as I read the daily news, I bump into a little piece about how the Leafs are going to hike their tickets prices 3.5% for next season. The first thing that comes to my mind is, man, Torontonians are a bunch of F*CKING idiots!!!

Why are we so stupid and continually give MLSE our hard earned dollars when all we get back in return is a product that is defective. Would you ever continually purchase something even though it hasn't satisfied you in years? Would you keep going to the same grocery store knowing that there were rats roaming freely? Even though the food hasn't killed you just yet. That is going a little overboard but it does relate with the Leafs situation. Leafs have a terrible product but the fans of Toronto keep paying and going to this "grocery store" and contually buy and buy.

As I have expressed to my friends on numerous occasions, the only way the Leafs are going to put a winning team on the ice is when they are forced to, not by management, not by MLSE, and not by their true owners, the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan. The only way the Leafs are going to field a winning team is when their profits are hit! What motivation do the Leafs have to put a winning team on the ice. They charge the highest average ticket price in the NHL, $95.33, but they continually sell out the ACC on a nightly basis. I would love to own a business like that. Produce a sh*t product and still have tremendous demand for it year in and year out.

I don't go to Leafs games because it is too expensive.

I don't go to Leafs games because I don't believe in their product.

I don't go to Leafs games because I would rather spend time sitting at home watching other NHL calibre hockey teams.

Yes, I do have to admit I do watch them on TV, once in a while. I don't watch from start to finish because they just don't do it for me anymore.

People of Toronto should start to realize that the Leafs are running a business and have a goal and sadly to say, it isn't winning a Stanley Cup and bring a parade to Yonge Street. It is to rake in the profits and give the owners, Teacher's Pension Plan, a nice gain in their investment. Come on, think logically here and check your loyalty for the Leafs at the door, why are the Leafs going to change their business plan when it continually succeeds? At this point in time, making profits and not the winning the Stanley Cup is their top priority.

B U T...

If the profits start to dry up management will be forced to put a contender on the ice. For all of you people who keep complaining about the price increases, STOP GOING TO THE GAMES!!! Talking all the smack about how expensive the prices of the tickets are is going to do nothing but fall on deaf ears.

The simple solution is to stop giving your hard earned dollars to the Toronto Maple Leafs.


eyebleaf said...

Never going to stop.

On The Fence Sports said...

I just can't afford and justify paying that much for a night out at the ACC. The Jays were a bad team but I still went to watch them because it was easily accessible for my budget. Baseball and hockey are two different things when it comes to ticket prices.

I will and continue supporting both teams but the Jays, as of right now, will be the only team that sees my financial support.

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