Friday, February 6, 2009

T-mac in Darfur, so wrong!

Let me put this on the table before I start with my comments about this video.

There is a serious problem in Darfur and countries from around the world should step up and try to solve the problem through diplomatic avenues. The people who live in Darfur and who are being displaced need a leader to stand up and give the people something to look forward to and believe in.

Now that is out of the way.

This is great how T-mac is taking time out of his life to travel and go over to Darfur to see firsthand how terrible things in this world can truly be. There are so many things right about this trip to Darfur but again there are so many wrong things.

Throughout the short clip, education is named as the primary priority being expressed by the people of Darfur. It seems a little odd to me to have T-mac there because he obviously didn't go to college. I can almost guarantee you that T-mac was not on the honour roll at his high school either (I could be wrong). He had a special skill and he used it to produce the life we currently see. I have nothing against this. It just doesn't seem like the person who should be sitting in front of those people of Darfur because it seems like he didn't pay his dues. To me seeing T-mac there with those people who are struggling to get a cup of water just seems to show how cruel this world can be. T-mac plays a game and makes millions of dollars through his contract and sponsorship deals after skipping an opportunity to go to college, for free.

Sticking with the education theme. Did you hear how T-mac talks with the people in Darfur?! Come on man, I know you are straight out of high school, have no college degree, and come from a slang/hip-hop culture but can you speak to the people of Darfur and the human activists with proper English. I found it to be totally disrespectful. Education is the way to a better future and T-mac does not stand for education. When he was sitting with some of the local people he went off with his slang and street English while the locals were left to sit and stare. The only time they acknowledged T-mac was when he said the word education.

The video just shows how out of touch some of these celebrities are with the real world. They sit in their penthouses with $500 bottles of juice/water while people in Darfur go to bed hoping when they wake up everything they have experienced was just a dream. A terrible dream.

I am happy T-mac is going out and trying to help but it just seems he needs to wake up and present himself in a way that can give hope to the people of Darfur.

The first step is to speak like an educated person because education is the key that opens up the door to a better world.

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