Friday, February 13, 2009

Too Much Federer

Roger Federer seems to be a quiet leave it all out on the court kind of athlete who only speaks to the press because he is forced to by the tour kind of guy. He would rather spend his time winning championships than doing commercials or press conferences. This is why I enjoy watching him play and cheer for him during his pursuit of immortality, Pete Sampras's grand slam record.

After scanning through my daily news reports and also sporting news I bumped into an article that absolutely shocked me. Note: Shocking me is pretty difficult since it seems there is only bad in this world. When I read an article about Jelena Jankovic being critisized by Federer about her not deserving the #1 spot in the world because she hasn't won a Grand Slam event just made me think how stupid Federer made himself look.

If this report is true I wonder where Federer came up with this. Is he just starting to feel some real pressure because Nadal is seemingly taking over his thunder and grabbing all the positive spotlight.

All I have to say is Federer should keep his mouth shut and leave everything on the court because as we all know, tennis is a young man's game and he isn't that young anymore.

This news truly disappoints me.

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