Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two Feet in Bounds

The big game is over and it ended in a way that I could never have imagined in a 100 lifetimes.

As I prepared myself to take the path of ignoring, hiding, and basically running away from everything that would giveaway any details of the Super Bowl I had a vision, Kurt Warner walking off the field having conquered his second Super Bowl. Too bad it all came crashing down.

For two days I sheltered myself from anything that had a remote chance of giving away the score and winner of the big game. I wanted to see every play for as if I was watching it live. I currently live in a place where the time zone is different and well, people just don't like watching the NFL. It was an experience that was difficult to go through especially since my team left the field losers after Holmes kept both feet in bounds after Big Ben lofted the ball into the endzone.

If this was a few years back I would have high expectations that Warner could lead his team back to the Super Bowl and maybe win another one but at this point in his career and the mechanics of the NFL with parity among teams, I have to come down to earth and look at this through realistic glasses. Kurt Warner may have seen his last Super Bowl.

I hope he lands on a team that will give him the legitimate tools that he can use to build a road to the Super Bowl. If Warner ends up playing for a team that is in between QB's, I would just be left with a terrible taste in my mouth. Sorry Matt Leinart but I hope Warner stays in Arizona. They have the tools to make another run only if they can find a way to solidify their defence.

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