Monday, March 30, 2009

Rules for Everything

Just read an article about too many men on the court at a basketball game. Click here for the article, it will lead you to a Yahoo! Sports page.

Wait, wait, wait...

How the hell do you have too many men on the court?!?! This isn't hockey where on the fly line changes cause confusion amongst players jumping over the boards and off the ice. Come on guys, too many men on the court, what were you guys drinking/smoking before the game. I would be ashamed to admit that I was on the court when I was suppose to be on the bench or vice versa, especially since changes are only made when there is a break in the action.

You get called by your coach to enter the game.

You then proceed to check-in at the counter.

You hear the whistle and you point/shout at the dude you are replacing and you walk onto the court.

The dude who was yelled at takes a seat.

Am I missing something here. Is there something else that is happening that I don't see when I watch basketball or have the rules changed since I played. I guess this is why we have laws for everything in this world. There is always the chance something stupid will happen.

Man oh man, what's next, a baseball team accidentally putting a rover on the field.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Another Goal

Forsberg would be proud.

My Kind of Combo

Woman and shoes...I like.

Good job Playboy.

Props to the people from Freshness Mag.

If you want the full gallery, click the link above.

Come on Nike

Why does Nike keep on doing this to me.

I'm not rich you know!!! I don't have money growing on trees!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

V for...???

Did you know that the V means victory and not peace in Japan.

Just putting it out there.

Seriously, I'm not joking! Google it!


This kid throws 103mph and takes being scared in the batters box to another level. Looking at his mechanics they look pretty smooth and solid but will his body hold up.

His name is Stephen Strasburg and he's a 20 year old throwing at San Diego State University.

I won't talk about his stats because you can just assume what a 103mph pitcher can do in university against guys who won't be bidding for a spot in the majors (hint: 74Ks in 34 1/3 innings). What I am interested in is his future health. Any one that has been in baseball understands the sheer amount of stress being put on a pitching arm/shoulder when a pitcher throws a pitch at full speed. Guys out there who throw hard don't seem to last as long as guys who bore batters to sleep (Greg Maddux, Charlie Huff, and Jamie Moyer). There are exceptions to the rule though, just look at Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, and Curt Schilling (don't get me started with Clemens). Does he have to throw 103mph to get guys out? Can he dial the knob down and throw in the high 90's while dveloping a killer change and knee jerker of a curve. But this leads to another point with injuries.

When players who don't play full speed seem to find injuries knocking on the door. Ever play shinny at the local rink? If he does find a way to preserve his health and maintain his 103mph fastball the sky is the limit for this kid. If he stays physically and mentally fit he'll, hopefully, have a great major league career and be filling the bank account with loads of cash. Which leads me to my next point.

Guess who is representing Mr. Strasburg at the bargaining table? Just GUESS!!!

The one and only superagent Mr. Scott Boras. The same dude who negotiated contracts for A-Rod, Manny, and even the "captain" Jason Varitek. This is a warning to all GM's who are thinking about drafting the rights to Stephen, watch out Boras is going to hold out until his client gets big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

As I have read the front runner for Stephen is the Nationals who holds the #1 pick, good luck!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Again...Japan Takes It

Another WBC and another "World Title" for Japan. I basically watched every pitch of the game even after my rant about the WBC and how it sucks and it isn't worth my time. Note: I only watched because I was at work and I had nothing else to do...oh yeah, everyone else was watching it too. Another note: I am temporarily working in Japan.

The WBC doesn't do it for me and it comes down to the fact it that it isn't the greatest players competing against each at the highest levels. Why did the USA lose, well maybe because most to all of the players just started their seasonal workouts (Japanese players start in early January). If the guys from America want to take this seriously they would have started training in January or even December. This isn't an excuse for the Americans losing nor should it be. I don't know what the training for other countries consisted of but when you have players coming together and competing at a "World" championship, the players should be at mid-season form.

I'm going to wrap this post up because I didn't want to spend more than 2 mins typing.

Team Japan, I hope you enjoyed your "World Title".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mind over Matter

Time to regroup and find a way to hoist another trophy. This is what Roger Federer must be thinking after another loss to Andy Murray of Britain in Indian Wells, California. It seems Andy has an inside source on Federer after winning his 6th match against Federer out of 8 career matches.

I honestly don't know what to think about Roger at this point in time. At the start of the season I thought he would take the Australian Open with force to tie Sampras for the all-time grand slam mark but it was derailed by none other than his nemesis Nadal. After losing his #1 ranking to Nadal last year, it seemed Roger had a chip on his shoulder and something to prove in 2009 but it seems to be moving backwards, sideways at best. Some may point to his 6 week rest, to recoup from a back injury, as the reason for his loss to Andy but I am starting to doubt that. It seems there is something going on behind the eyes and in the heart of one of the greatest tennis players to play the game.

After winning every tournament he entered it just seemed to easy. Once a champion is challenged and is stripped of his crown what happens next is what proves to the world how great a champion he truly was and is. Every time Roger leaves the court with a loss it seems the only thing that is reported is the fact he was injured, sick, his oppoenent played flawlessly, or Federer just had a bad day on the court. I think there is more to the story than what is reported and what is spewed from Federer's mouth.

Remember the days when Chuck Knoblauch suddenly starting throwing the ball 20-30ft over the first basemans head, he was tossing it from the 2nd base position! It wasn't anything physical but something in the mind. This is what I am thinking about Roger. After losing his title as the greatest tennis player and having people question his ability to regain the #1 spot and with the pressure of being so close to the career grand slam record, I think his mind is playing tricks on him.

The more I see Roger in tournaments the more I think of someone who is struggling with his confidence, his ability to will himself on the court to drop the volley, hit the running forehand winner down the line, and call up the ace when needed. How is a human suppose to succeed when he/she doesn't even believe they themselves can do it. When everyone around you is starting to question your ability, your mind will most likely follow and begin the tricks that have plagued past greats.

I hope this isn't the case and Roger is able to find a new way to win tournaments and bring home the career grand slam, even if it means taking it away from one of my favourite tennis players of all time, Pistol Pete. But heck, records were made to be broken.

No matter what anyone tells you Roger, the mind is stronger than the body.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



It just reminds me how much I miss having a true game changer in the back. Martin Brodeur now holds the record for most career wins by an NHL goalie, passing Patrick Roy for first place. It is incredible to think that someone can stay this dominant for this long. Just go to his career stats and see for yourself. What hits me the most about this accomplishment is how the Leafs need someone like this to be their game changer. A man who can win games that matter the most. A man who takes the team and gives them a realistic chance to win every night he laces up the skates. I hope the Leafs find a way to draft or some how trade for a premium goalie in the near future. The more and more I see Brodeur succeed the more I think about only if the Leafs had someone like that. Time to day dream.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes

As readers of this blog already know, I love shoes. Every time I walk into one of my favourite shoe stores I always get this "kid in a candy store" feeling.

The guys over at Stolen Riches (734 Queen St. West in Toronto) recently posted a few pictures of them unboxing a recent shipment of shoes. I would love to be there when an unboxing happens because when I go home after grabbing a new pair of kicks there is that feeling of opening a window and looking in to a new world.

Take a look. Make sure to drop by Stolen Riches and check out their stuff. This is one of the places I try to visit on a regular basis even though I haven't been able to drop by due to my busy schedule.

Sunny Skies for the Raptors?

With the bottom-feeding Raptors taking a step back in there pursuit of a playoff position by losing game after game, this is news I welcome. Chris Bosh made an appearance on CTV as a weatherman and I thought it was kind of funny to see. We all know the story about how there is going to be "the free agent class" coming up in 2010 and Bosh is going to a part of it. GM Colangelo and the people of Toronto need to do everything in the world to try and sign this guy because if he leaves, the organization might as well get use to the bottomfeeder status because it will take a long time until we see a true playoff contending team at the ACC.

Or does our GM see something else in his crystal ball. Is he going to let Bosh sign somewhere else and try to build a team around another high prize player. Maybe with the likes of Wade, Stoudamire, or even, I know I shouldn't say his name, LeBron. Just wait and let me explain. We all know that LeBron is looking for world exposure and of course the championship rings. Exposing yourself to Canada, check. Winning championships and bringing it to a team outside the US would classify LeBron as the king of a franchise and he wouldn't have share it would the likes of former greats who played for the Knicks (assuming he signs with the Knicks). Taking and giving the Raptors 3-5 Larry O'Brien Trophies would classify him as a saviour, king, and what LeBron is searching for, arguably the greastest player ever to step foot on an NBA court.

Okay, I just woke up and I am back in the real world. Enjoy the video and the pictures of Bosh.

Luckily it was Warm

From the pictures below you can see the appropriateness of the above title. When I heard about this story I immediately thought, "Wow, how soft are golfers. Football players play in snow, rain, hail, hurricane winds, and basically they just suck it up." Instead, golfer Henrik Stenson didn't want to get all dirty after hitting a shot into the mud. His decision, strip down to his briefs and take a shot...very ballsy! He ended up with a bogey. I would have just taken the shot and asked someone in the gallery to go grab me some new clothes and throw him a few souvenirs/autographs. Or, just promise to give him one of my golf clubs since Tour players just get them for free anyways.

Luckily golf is played in a warm environment.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Very Funny!!!

PS. I am so childish.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Air Free Ones

What the hell is Nike doing to my beloved AF1's?!?!?!?!
They need to keep this as a sample!!!
Frees are nice but not here.

For the win...

Mr. Wade seems to be on a tear lately and is trying to put his name in the hat for MVP. Every time I turn on the news or my computer all I hear is Wade this and Wade that. I guess having won an NBA championship with Shaq and then returning the following year with injuries and not being able to keep himself on the court, he came into this year and the Olympic games with a chip on his shoulder. He had something to prove and he was going to do it by adding losses to any opponent's record that stood in his way.

I wish the Raptors had someone like that. Someone who could just bring a brilliant game to the ACC on a daily basis. Someone who could keep my attention while I watch the Raptors. As the losses keep piling up, it is hard for me to keep my eyes on the TV during Raptors games. I love the game of basketball and I will continue watching even if the Raptors are crap.

Just wish there was someone special like Wade.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Who's watching the WBC? I surely am not, well not until the finals and even at the point I will most likely watch something else unless Canada is in the final.

This "world class" baseball event is suppose to bring baseball to another level with the greatest players from around the world going at each other for world baseball supremacy. The problem is the WBC lacks any substance.

The players who participate in the WBC aren't even the best players from around the world. Think about how in football, I'm starting to refer to soccer this way, they have the World Cup. This is arguably the best and most popular sporting event in the entire world. Note: I am not a fan of football or anything that has to do with it. The reason why people love the World Cup is because it has the best players from around the world representing their respective countries. Plus, they go all balls out, or flop with "head injuries", to win. On the other hand, we have these over priced MLB players who don't want to participate because of the risk of injury is too high or in the case of Big Albert, insurance wasn't going to cover his contract with the Cards.

These players are so worried about injuring themselves they don't even think twice about participating in this event even if they are representing their own country. I can kind of agree with them here. The timing of the event is terrible. Think about it. All these players have been idle (When I say idle, I really mean they haven't been in game playing shape. Most of them keep fit with workouts and throwing programs and all that kind of stuff) for the past 5 months or so. Even if the best players come out to play in this event they won't be performing at mid-season level.

Look at Olympic hockey. These players take a break in the middle of the NHL season to participate in this event. Can anyone argue that these players are not playing at their top level? Didn't think so.

The WBC needs to find a way to bring all the best players from around the world in their mid-season form to really get my attention. Obviously this will not happen since the MLB is sticking with their 162 game seasons (which I think is a little overboard, does it really take 162 games to decide who should make the playoffs?).

If you move the tournament on the calendar, where would you move it? There are plenty of problems with moving the tournament. If you move it to after the MLB season, most players are going to be tired and I can gurantee some people will not show up because of the 162 game season, even with a month off.

The WBC, in it's current form, will not succeed. It just doesn't have the star power to draw the fans. Just imagine two no one name countries make it to Dodger Stadium for the WBC final. I wonder how many empty seats you are going to see.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wade & LeBron

Who said it was only Kobe and LeBron. Don't you ever forget about Mr. Wade!

Kobe and Shaq

If the two stayed together in LA, Magic Johnson's prediction of 10 NBA titles didn't seem so far fetched.


Chris Paul really is the future PG in the NBA.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Home is Toronto

Dudes pretending to be Jays fans. Just nice to see people having fun at the Dome.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Goofy

Guy looks so goofy.

Pay Attention to Me

Now that Tiger is back most golfers on the PGA Tour need to find a way to get their names out there and what better way than bringing out your significant others. PGA Tour wives came out to raise money for charity and apparently they raised around $100K and by the looks of it they might want to do this more often. I guarantee you if these women decided to do this more often more people will come out to the events. It really is true, sex sells.

As for picture #3. What was she thinking? Let's get this straight, I'm not complaining but again what was she thinking.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Main Man

Warner goes deep foooorrrrrr Bruccccceeeeeeeee!!!

That could be a reality if the meeting between Warner and the 49ers becomes more than just a meeting, oh by the way it included a physical and the full 100% VIP treatment.

I would be the first to say that Warner and Bruce being reunited would be a great scene and something that would bring back memories but it doesn't make sense for either player. Warner in the 49ers offence is like me playing forward on a soccer field. He needs WR's, Boldin and Fitzgerald, and an offence where running is not the primary choice.

It is sad to hear that the Cardinals are not giving Warner what he wants especially after what Warner gave to them in that amazing run to the Super Bowl, which in my mind should have ended with a title. Apparently, the big roadblock standing in the way is money. Warner is asking to for around $14million and the Cardinals are willing to part with around $10million.

That is so sad.

The Cardinals who seemed to have finally taken a step out of the basement are not willing to spend that extra $4 or so million to sign and maintain the nucleus to their team. Yes, without Warner they are going to be terrible next year and will return to the be the laughing stocks of the NFL.

Just think about how much money Warner brought in with the playoff games, merchandise, and maybe even some new sponsors. The $14million you throw at Warner will be paid for with the things mentioned above.

In a world where the economy is in shambles and people can barely pay their mortgages people will stand and say that the NFL is hurting. Look, they are not hurting. They have the money to shell out and hiding behind the economy excuse is full of crap. We all know that the NFL is comparable to religion and good or bad home teams sell out, it is just a fact.

I truly am sad to hear about how the Cardinals are treating their saviour, yes their SAVIOUR, because without Warner they would still be just another team in the NFL. Think about how this one event could shape the future for the Cardinals. If this situation goes from bad to nuclear the Cardinals organization may not recover for another 20-30 years. Free agents and rookies will not want to sign or report to the Cardinals because of they treat their players. Why would I want to sign with a team that treats their players as if they showed up late for practice and only put in 50% effort.

Warner is a guy you need to sign and pay because without him the Cardinals are going to be nothing more than a team that had a nice run to the Super Bowl.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Bryant

Make sure to watch this in HD.
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