Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For the win...

Mr. Wade seems to be on a tear lately and is trying to put his name in the hat for MVP. Every time I turn on the news or my computer all I hear is Wade this and Wade that. I guess having won an NBA championship with Shaq and then returning the following year with injuries and not being able to keep himself on the court, he came into this year and the Olympic games with a chip on his shoulder. He had something to prove and he was going to do it by adding losses to any opponent's record that stood in his way.

I wish the Raptors had someone like that. Someone who could just bring a brilliant game to the ACC on a daily basis. Someone who could keep my attention while I watch the Raptors. As the losses keep piling up, it is hard for me to keep my eyes on the TV during Raptors games. I love the game of basketball and I will continue watching even if the Raptors are crap.

Just wish there was someone special like Wade.

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