Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Main Man

Warner goes deep foooorrrrrr Bruccccceeeeeeeee!!!

That could be a reality if the meeting between Warner and the 49ers becomes more than just a meeting, oh by the way it included a physical and the full 100% VIP treatment.

I would be the first to say that Warner and Bruce being reunited would be a great scene and something that would bring back memories but it doesn't make sense for either player. Warner in the 49ers offence is like me playing forward on a soccer field. He needs WR's, Boldin and Fitzgerald, and an offence where running is not the primary choice.

It is sad to hear that the Cardinals are not giving Warner what he wants especially after what Warner gave to them in that amazing run to the Super Bowl, which in my mind should have ended with a title. Apparently, the big roadblock standing in the way is money. Warner is asking to for around $14million and the Cardinals are willing to part with around $10million.

That is so sad.

The Cardinals who seemed to have finally taken a step out of the basement are not willing to spend that extra $4 or so million to sign and maintain the nucleus to their team. Yes, without Warner they are going to be terrible next year and will return to the be the laughing stocks of the NFL.

Just think about how much money Warner brought in with the playoff games, merchandise, and maybe even some new sponsors. The $14million you throw at Warner will be paid for with the things mentioned above.

In a world where the economy is in shambles and people can barely pay their mortgages people will stand and say that the NFL is hurting. Look, they are not hurting. They have the money to shell out and hiding behind the economy excuse is full of crap. We all know that the NFL is comparable to religion and good or bad home teams sell out, it is just a fact.

I truly am sad to hear about how the Cardinals are treating their saviour, yes their SAVIOUR, because without Warner they would still be just another team in the NFL. Think about how this one event could shape the future for the Cardinals. If this situation goes from bad to nuclear the Cardinals organization may not recover for another 20-30 years. Free agents and rookies will not want to sign or report to the Cardinals because of they treat their players. Why would I want to sign with a team that treats their players as if they showed up late for practice and only put in 50% effort.

Warner is a guy you need to sign and pay because without him the Cardinals are going to be nothing more than a team that had a nice run to the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

I'm a 49ers fan. I have been since day one. I was so pumped when I found out there was a shot he might sign with my beloved 9ers. Sadly it didn't happen.

There was a time when players took pay cuts to go to the 49ers. What happened to this storied franchise. A team with hall of famers such as Montana (the greatest of all time) and Young now are lead by Sean Hill. I'm ashamed.

On The Fence Sports said...

Don't be ashamed, that is the story about the NFL, teams go through mountains and valleys. They peak with greatness, Young/Montana/Rice, and bottom out with dudes like Smith.

It is sad how crappy they are right now but there is always hope in the near future especially in the NFL.

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