Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This kid throws 103mph and takes being scared in the batters box to another level. Looking at his mechanics they look pretty smooth and solid but will his body hold up.

His name is Stephen Strasburg and he's a 20 year old throwing at San Diego State University.

I won't talk about his stats because you can just assume what a 103mph pitcher can do in university against guys who won't be bidding for a spot in the majors (hint: 74Ks in 34 1/3 innings). What I am interested in is his future health. Any one that has been in baseball understands the sheer amount of stress being put on a pitching arm/shoulder when a pitcher throws a pitch at full speed. Guys out there who throw hard don't seem to last as long as guys who bore batters to sleep (Greg Maddux, Charlie Huff, and Jamie Moyer). There are exceptions to the rule though, just look at Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, and Curt Schilling (don't get me started with Clemens). Does he have to throw 103mph to get guys out? Can he dial the knob down and throw in the high 90's while dveloping a killer change and knee jerker of a curve. But this leads to another point with injuries.

When players who don't play full speed seem to find injuries knocking on the door. Ever play shinny at the local rink? If he does find a way to preserve his health and maintain his 103mph fastball the sky is the limit for this kid. If he stays physically and mentally fit he'll, hopefully, have a great major league career and be filling the bank account with loads of cash. Which leads me to my next point.

Guess who is representing Mr. Strasburg at the bargaining table? Just GUESS!!!

The one and only superagent Mr. Scott Boras. The same dude who negotiated contracts for A-Rod, Manny, and even the "captain" Jason Varitek. This is a warning to all GM's who are thinking about drafting the rights to Stephen, watch out Boras is going to hold out until his client gets big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

As I have read the front runner for Stephen is the Nationals who holds the #1 pick, good luck!

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