Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunny Skies for the Raptors?

With the bottom-feeding Raptors taking a step back in there pursuit of a playoff position by losing game after game, this is news I welcome. Chris Bosh made an appearance on CTV as a weatherman and I thought it was kind of funny to see. We all know the story about how there is going to be "the free agent class" coming up in 2010 and Bosh is going to a part of it. GM Colangelo and the people of Toronto need to do everything in the world to try and sign this guy because if he leaves, the organization might as well get use to the bottomfeeder status because it will take a long time until we see a true playoff contending team at the ACC.

Or does our GM see something else in his crystal ball. Is he going to let Bosh sign somewhere else and try to build a team around another high prize player. Maybe with the likes of Wade, Stoudamire, or even, I know I shouldn't say his name, LeBron. Just wait and let me explain. We all know that LeBron is looking for world exposure and of course the championship rings. Exposing yourself to Canada, check. Winning championships and bringing it to a team outside the US would classify LeBron as the king of a franchise and he wouldn't have share it would the likes of former greats who played for the Knicks (assuming he signs with the Knicks). Taking and giving the Raptors 3-5 Larry O'Brien Trophies would classify him as a saviour, king, and what LeBron is searching for, arguably the greastest player ever to step foot on an NBA court.

Okay, I just woke up and I am back in the real world. Enjoy the video and the pictures of Bosh.

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