Thursday, February 26, 2009

PGA Tiger Update

The truth is the PGA Tour is a mere skeleton without Tiger Woods. He is the meat which satisfies the most important people in the golfing world, the fans, and without him TV ratings are simply crap.

It is the exact situation all leagues around the world go through. A star who carries the league to another level and captures the imagination of young and old while growing it's fan base. I am very happy to finally read news about Woods that isn't related to his rehab and when he was planning on getting back to competing on the PGA Tour.

Woods returned to the Tour by winning his first round match at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Tournament. (Side Note: He beat Brendan Jones, 64th in the world).

I didn't have a chance to watch any of it but after reading a few articles around the internet, I saw a theme, he was walking and swinging like he was a brand new man. His body seemed to have healed and is now stronger than ever. Just think about the fear that other golfers must think when they see, hear, and read about how strong Woods is and what he was able to do with a serious injury (US Open, leg injury, surgery, you've heard it before).

Just think about the statement it would be if Woods found a way to win this tournament. His first tournament back and he takes the title. This guy is unstoppable and it seems all the players know it. Please tell me, where is the next guy who is actually going to compete against Tiger and make him sweat when it comes to Sunday's back-9? Seriously, who the hell is going to make Woods sweat.

Tiger Woods is back and for all those golfers out there who won tournaments and had that sense of being able to win every time they teed up on Thursday, think again.

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