Saturday, January 24, 2009

Poor Performance

As I skimmed through the box scores of tonight's games I bumped into a stat I usually don't see sitting beside Steve Nash. In a game that brought together former teammate, Boris Diaw, Steve Nash found a way to finish with 4pts, 6to's, and only 5asts. Right after seeing his stats I started to wonder where Nash will sign when his contract is finished with the Suns. He still has a team option for the 09/10 season.

Going into free agency, Nash has the right to choose any team he wants to sign with. As a veteran who is in search of a NBA championship and having the one true equalizer, age, creeping up on him, I do wonder where he will land.

Of course, the only team in Canada, the Toronto Raptors, would be a plausible choice. This season isn't going well for the Raptors but if GM Colangelo can turn things around with a few trades and FA acquisitions you never know. Nash is there last priority right now since Bosh's free agency is looming and Colangelo needs to make him happy before doing anything else.

How about the Big Apple. Listen to this scenario. Former coach D'Antoni is there. They are clearing cap space for the huge free agent period of 2010. Imgaine the Knicks pulling off a Celtics kind of big three. Bring in Bosh/LeBron/Nash. You could also think about Nash bringing his current teammate, Stoudamire, along as well.

What about New Jersey. Jay-Z and his friendship could bring in LeBron and his favourite players of choice. They have to either find a bidder for VC try and build with VC there. You know how I feel about VC, former post.

Or even the Cavs. LeBron could sign with his current team and have management bring in players like Bosh and Nash.

So many scenarios that could play out. With a free agent class that boasts Bosh, LeBron, and Wade most forget about the "smaller" players out there.

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