Monday, January 26, 2009

Griffey in Toronto

Now that the free agent season is kind of over with the big dudes signing, well with the Yankees, I think the Jays and their "amazing" GM need to start shopping. As I mentioned earlier this month, they don't have to go out and sign players to $150million contracts, we all know they can not afford to do that. Just go out and throw some 1yr contracts around that are filled with incentives.

Dudes like Giambi, Smoltz, Baldelli, and Saito are out of the picture so looking at the guys who are left, what about Griffey? He's old and he's kind of washed up but if you give him a bat and a DH spot he can still provide some pop especially in a hitters park like SkyDome.

What do you think JP? How about signing Griffey to a 1yr contract with a club option for a 2nd and lace the shit out of the contract with incentives. Yes he's old and yes we have a turf field but all he has to do is walk to the batters box and swing a bat. He can provide a left handed bat to separate Wells and Rios, yes I would have preferred Giambi but that is over with, so come on JP go out and get it done.

If all fails, think of all the revenue the Jays will get from selling Griffey merchandise.


eyebleaf said...

No way. Didn't you learn your lesson with Frank Thomas? Aging veterans are too risky a proposition. Give the at-bats to Lind and Snider.

And, once again, it isn't J.P. His hands are tied! I'm pretty sure it pains him to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, but Rogers has told him he cannot spend, so, he cannot spend.

I know it's everyone's favourite past-time in this town to rip Ricciardi, but I think you're smart enough to know that your angst should be directed at Rogers, not Ricciardi.

On The Fence Sports said...

I know that the head office dudes at Rogers are halting all spending and trying to reduce their budget but I still want JP to do something.

I feel like adding another player for a one year deal could really help the Jays. Like you said, there are a few young guys on our team that need some time at the big leagues and only then can we see their abilities. I would like to see a left handed DH that swings for the fences.

Now that I look back on the post, I was just a little frustrated and wanted to vent a little and well it is just so easy to do it when you live in Toronto.

eyebleaf said...

Venting about sports while living in Toronto? You and I will get along well over a beer, my friend.

Lind and Snider are two left-handed batters with their eyes on those fences. It's going to be a glorious season, mark my words.

On The Fence Sports said...

That is true. I am like a giddy school girl when I think of the potential Snider has in our Dome. If he is officially on the roster, even if he isn't, I am heading over to the store to grab a Snider t-shirt jersey. Wish I could afford the real thing...

Also, something I didn't say. I like the presence Griffey could bring to clubhouse and the advice he could give to the young hitters like Snider/Lind. Not too sure Griffey would enjoy taking on that kind of role.

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