Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enjoying Vinsanity

For the record...I am usually the one, well let's just say, I don't really care if players leave a team during free agency or after asking for a trade. The loyalty crap I here from my friends about players and teams and why they should stick around even though their current position doesn't provide anything except a paycheque and a last place finish gets on my nerves.

But when a player quits on a team and leaves that is when I am a little ticked off.

Vince Carter, former player for the Raptors, did exactly that...QUIT! Not only did he just quit and stop playing, which I don't give a rats ass. The important thing to make note of is he quit on his team! I just don't stand for that. In sports like tennis or golf where you are the only one out there, okay go ahead and quit. It only affects you and only you. In a team sport, quitting is the equivalent of stealing all military plans from all nations and handing it over to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Just plain dumb!

When I hear about poor performances and playing on a losing team with no hope of an NBA Championship I get a sense of happiness because this is what he deserves. Vince Carter deserves this type of humiliation and deserves this type of treatment. This guy has a true gift and with most people who possess something special they just don't take advantage of it.

The above picture is of Vince Carter who played a total of 14mins in a game where his Nets lost 105-85 to the Celtics at home. Carter scored 5 pts and found himself on the bench for the entire second half.

To put an end to this post. Everyone in the world deserves a second chance and I guess the only way for Carter to prove to me that he deserves a second chance is the following. He signs a contract for the league minimum. He takes any role that is given to him and just shuts up and plays basketball. Until something like this happens I have nothing to say except, "Vince, you truly are a tiny little man."

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