Monday, January 5, 2009

Playoffs is the Norm

As I finished celebrating Kurt Warner leading his Cardinals past the Falcons in their Wild Card game I was shocked to see the score of 23-17 with the 23 sitting beside the words San Diego. For the past few years I have always thought of Manning as a guy that would just, at least, cruise into the Conference Finals and maybe land himself in the Super Bowl but this year Manning and the Colts didn't have it to fend off the Chargers.

Reading more information about the Colts and their head coach I found out that Mr. Tony Dungy is a playoff god. In an age where the NFL is the epitome of parity, reaching the playoffs in 10 straight years while sitting in the head coaching chair seems like me winning Super 7 or Lotto 649 (just imagine). Apparently, Mr. Dungy is pondering his place in the NFL and if he is ready to hang up the clipboard and enjoy life as a retired NFL Head Coach.

Even with the likes of Peyton Manning as his QB there was plenty of turnover in other positions that could have ended or disrupted his 10 year playoff streak. But no, he managed to get his team to act as one and follow a game plan that seem to have worked. The NFL is not a league where you have a team made of all-stars. It is impossible to do with the restrictions on salaries and of course big ego's but Dungy made things happen. Just look at the Dallas Cowboys. They were suppose to be Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of the season and they didn't even make the playoffs! It takes more than a few superstars to find your team in the playoffs and it seems Dungy knows that secret sauce.

If Dungy does retire it ends a streak that seems most will not come close to achieving. Come on, 10 straight years and 10 playoff appearances, absolutely nuts!

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