Friday, January 30, 2009

Finish Your Vegetables!!

If this is what it takes for the world to consume a healthier diet why fight it.

Apparently, the maker of this commercial, PeTA, created an ad that was a little too racy for the precious Super Bowl ad space. Too racy for the Super Bowl? Don't come out and tell me that the people who watch the Super Bowl are going to be angry over this commercial. Last time I tuned into the Super Bowl it was a game called football and the majority of people who watch football is...well, people who love looking at half naked girls, GUYS!

The whole Super Bowl as family entertainment/programming is a flawed argument. I haven't met anyone who watches the Super Bowl with their families. Usually the wife/girlfriend would make a girls nights and both parties would be happy and better off. I know there are plenty of families who watch the Super Bowl together but seeing a few girls with vegetables while wearing skimpy clothing, in my mind, doesn't constitute racy. Think about it, cheerleaders are half naked on the sidelines dancing and prancing around in nothing but bra and panties their uniforms. At least the PeTA commercial is trying to promote something positive.

After looking at this video I decided to jump over to the PeTA website and check out what is going on with the organization. To think about it, I wonder if PeTA is making all these racy advertisements just for the attention. Also, it would be a bonus if the commercial was accepted. Back to the website. I found a few things that might interest some of my readers, enjoy!

Behind the Scenes from the banned ad.

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