Friday, January 23, 2009


After a knee injury derailed his 07-08 season with the Lakers, Andrew Bynum is finally starting to show his true abilities on the court. Bynum is in his 4th season with the Lakers but his career started with Kobe saying why the hell do we need him and we should trade his ass right now. But, fortunately the Lakers didn't listen to Kobe and kept him on their roster. This was a wise decision. Andrew finished off the Clippers with a career high 43pts while bringing in 15 boards. This is not what you should obviously expect from him on a daily basis. But a double-double ever game is what I am starting to expect from him.

This post is more for the recognition of Bynum but also for the underlying fact that having a big man who is productive makes the whole NBA game that much easier for the rest of his team. Think about it. Throw the ball into the big man. He scores or kicks it back out for perimeter shooters if the defence collapses. Seems so easy instead of having to always run around screens and shoot from the perimeter.

The Lake Show seems to have a solid cast of players that can conceivably win championship after championship for the foreseeable future. It seems unfair that one team can hold such promising players while other teams around the league can barely bring together one or two guys. Of course this is coming from a guy who is watching his Raptors completely implode after such a promising start to the season.

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