Friday, January 9, 2009

Ricciardi, do something!!

As you can clearly see in the above picture Jason Giambi is now a part of the Oakland A's. You have absolutely no idea how pissed I am right now. Not because he signed with the A's but the fact that the Jays need help in the lineup and this is the type of guy that they could afford and someone who fits their needs but they didn't sign him.

1 - Just look a the Jays lineup and you can easily see that we need a bat from the left side that can rake balls out of the Skydome.
2 - We don't have the resources like the boys from NY to throw at free agents. Giambi is cheap!

Why the fuck did JP not do anything to sign Giambi and bring him into a friendly hitters park like the Skydome. Of course, the media can't report and doesn't report everything because they don't have information on everything. So the Jays could have been in negotiations with Giambi and things just didn't work out. Also, Giambi could have just straight up said, "Hell's no, I'm not going to stinkin Canada."

All I see is the Jays being complete idiots who seem to know nothing about running a successful baseball team to compete in the AL East. We don't have the money to spend but when someone like Giambi is available on the market we need to grab him!!!

Just think about what Giambi could bring at such a low price. Splitting Rios and Wells with a left handed bat that can easily hit 30HRs and drive in another that something you'd be interested in? What about Giambi taking the pressure off Wells and Rios to produce. Allow them to relax and do their own thing without having the media always critizing them if the team isn't producing runs.

Just another reason the Jays are going to sink to the the bottom of the AL East.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You know that guy named Roy Halladay, well say good bye to him. Take a step in his shoes and think about this, why the hell should he stay put in Toronto and waste his time pitching for a loser. Please, don't give me the loyalty crap, we all know you would drop your team if you had a legitimate chance at a World Series ring.

Can we just fire this so called GM, JP Ricciardi, already!!!


eyebleaf said...

It's not JP bro. These are orders from above, not to spend any dough. His hands are tied.

Blame Rogers. Don't blame JP.

On The Fence Sports said...

Well, if JP had balls he would have pushed for Giambi or resigned. :)

Still angry that the Jays didn't even go out and try to sign someone. There are two scenarios I see. ONE, they keep losing without Giambi and cry about the contracts of Wells and Halladay. TWO, they sign Giambi and maybe win some games and complain about the Yanks/Red Sox. All in all, if you want to compete you have to throw some money around.

I was really hoping to see Giambi in a Jays uniform.

eyebleaf said...

Regardless of the size of JP's balls (it doesn't make for good visuals), his hands were tied. Period. It's not his fault.

And I have no problem letting the kids play. Snider and Lind over Giambi? Sure.

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