Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wasting Resources

The Yankees have officially unveiled their third free agent signing in Mark Teixeira today and I am a little tired of seeing these press conferences. What a waste of money, espeically in our so called recession, the Yankees and all these teams are throwing down the drain by bringing in the press and unveiling ther new high priced free agent signings. Just think about the money that is spent on this type of event. Since this is the big leagues you don't have water and cookies you have the 5-star amenities that these professional athletes are use to.

Members of the press have to travel to Yankee stadium and sit there and listen to this guy speak about how he loves New York and all that PR junk that makes me sick. Save all the money and just release a statement or have a video conference or even just the old fashion telephone conference. Do we really need to waste money on catering, utilities, and having the free agent fly into New York? In my eyes it is foolish.

But I guess after spending around $423million, throwing a small press conference is just like me dropping a penny into the "Take a Penny Leave a Penny" tray at the local 7-eleven.

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