Friday, January 16, 2009

Humans R Kind

As the world continues to wage war on each other, a simple and passion of mine is taken for granted by billions in this world. This item is the shoes you wear every single day. Some of us, which includes me, are guilty of owning more shoes than we can store in our own homes while some in this world can't even afford to buy a single pair. This is where a coach, Ron Hunter, in the NCAA coached a game without wearing a pair of shoes.

The organization behind all of this is Samaritan's Feet and if you have a few minutes please head over and see what this organization is all about and how you or someone you know could help this cause.

I can't believe that people in this world are battling each other and killing each other for oil and land while someone is walking barefoot because they can not afford a pair of shoes.

Where are our priorities?

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