Friday, January 9, 2009

Toronto Transactions

I begin with the trade of Hassan Adams of the Raptors to the Clippers. Breakdown. Raptors send Adams and some cash to the Clippers for a future second round draft pick. The Clippers then, a few hours later, decide to waive Adams. Let me get this straight. The Clippers gave a way a second round draft for the right to waive Adams? How the hell does this make sense. Please, someone come out and explain this to me because I have looked at this from many angles and it all comes down to, WTF?!?!

Yes, there could be some other little part of the agreement that isn't being reported for example, the Raptors doing the Clippers a favour later down the road. Anyways, just one of the weirdest things I've seen in a while.

Moving onto the Maple Leafs trade for Brad May. Breakdown. Leafs give up a conditional 6th round draft pick in 2010 and, as mentioned, receive Brad May. Tell me why we made this trade? Are we trying to unload contracts for expiring ones? No. Are we acquiring someone with upside that some other team just lost faith in? No. Are we trading for a future draft pick? No.

Why the hell are we doing this trade? Didn't the Leafs lure Burke into the GM office for a reason, as in building a winning hockey team. Burke better have something up his sleeve because this, yet another trade, makes no sense to me. According to Mr. Burke, May should bring some veteran presence to the locker room. Why the hell do we need to give up a draft pick for this? Yes, it's a 6th round pick but still, it could be one of those needle in a haystack guys. A draft pick is a draft pick. We should be accumulating and piling up the draft picks so we can rebuild.

The Leafs are not going anywhere this year and bringing in a guy for veteran leadership doesn't do anything for the team except bring some attention to the team and show us Mr. Burke is doing something with his time.

Oh why do the Leafs do this to me.


eyebleaf said...

In the NBA it's all about the salary cap. The Clippers just freed up some dollars, and they were willing to part with a 2nd rounder to do it.

The May deal might turn out to be a really good one. The 6th rounder goes to Anaheim only if we re-sign him. So, if he walks after July 1st, we basically got him for free. I'll take his fists at that price.

On The Fence Sports said...

I understand why the Raptors did the deal, salary cap, but if the Clippers just did status-quo they would be in the same position except with a 2nd rounder. Am I missing something? They gave a 2nd rounder for Adams and waived him. What compensation comes back to them? They used the cash to pay for the waiver.

About the May deal, didn't know the re-sign thing was the condition attached. Still doesn't float my boat.

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