Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quit It

Note: I love Forsberg. If it wasn't for his busted up foot he'd be a record breaker.

News is coming out of Sweden that Peter Forsberg will finish this season in the Swedish Elite League. Honestly, who gives a rats ass. It is time for everyone to get over this story about Forsberg making a comeback to play in the NHL. It is so overplayed because it happens every single year. With all the problems Forsberg faces with injuries, every time he laces up his skates to play a game people start to speculate when or if he will try to make another appearance on an NHL roster.

Is there nothing else to report on except this every single year? Can't we focus on some young guns that are taking the NHL into the next decade. How about talking about how some nobody is now tearing up the NHL after spending his entire career riding Greyhound buses in the minors. Tons of untapped stories that would add interest for the average fan.

Forsberg is great and it would great to see him back in the NHL but come on guys, take it easy with all the stories about him. The only story with Forsberg is if you have a picture of him signing a NHL contract to come back and play in North America. Until then, please write about something else.

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