Friday, November 6, 2009

Worth $1,751,732?

2009 opening day payrolls according to USA Today.
Yankees - $201,449,189
Blue Jays - $80,538,300

Number of regular season victories.
Yankees - 103
Blue Jays - 75

Money spent per victory.
Yankees - $1,955,817
Yankees - $1,751,732 (World Series)
Blue Jays - $1,073,710

Difference per victory.

A difference of $678,022 per win. Oh yeah, that includes a World Series championship. The old business mentality, "To make money, you need to spend money" holds true yet again. The Yankees go out and spend like crazy on talent and guess what happens, they bring home a championship. Not only are they bringing home a championship but they are giving themselves different revenue streams. Adding playoff games increases ticket revenue, all the merchandise from AL East champs, ALDS/ALDS champs, and of course the big one World Series champions gives the Yankees an opportunity to spend big time money on free agents and on their high salaries.

That is life and for all those fans who cheer for a losing team that spend almost nothing on salaries, you should be complaining to the owners instead of bitching about all the money the Yanks are spending.

If I was a rich S.O.B, I'd spend the extra $678,022 per game to win a championship, I'd do it in a heart beat. With the extra $678,022 spent on salaries, I'd recoup that in a second with TV rights, merchandise, and tickets sold. Actually, I would be making it all back and more.


eyebleaf said...

Not that simple.

Read this:

On The Fence Sports said...

I have been preaching that stuff for my entire life. Money doesn't buy championships, it puts you in a good position to win them though.

Would you spend the extra $678,022 as the owner/GM of the Jays to put yourself in a position to win?

People complain about the money the Yankees spend but have you ever noticed that everything your teachers teach/preach in your school days actually applies in real life?!?!

You can never succeed if you never try. A mistake is not a mistake unless you don't learn from them. Both are prime examples of what the Yankees are doing. Spending money is trying to win, actually they are putting in all their chips. They learned from signing anyone and everyone (Giambi, Pavano, and Wright). Instead, they signed the likes of Sabathia, AJ (kind of decent), and Texeira.

The Yanks spend the most money and they get themselves into the playoffs which gives them a shot at the World Series. To win the World Series you need to make the playoffs first.

I could go on but that's enough from me now.

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