Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back on Top

The 2009 Yankees are officially the World Series champions.

For fans in New York this is a day that they have been waiting for since 2000, nine long years of not bringing home the championship. I'm still not 100% if I enjoy watching the Yanks taking home another title.

On one hand, I think it shows that with the proper owner with the proper attitude, any team can win the World Series. George Steinbrenner has deep pockets and is not afraid to show it by signing the best talent available on the open market. We all know owners from around the league have the money and resources available to them to sign the big time free agents but have chosen to penny pinch and make a respectable profit, not caring if the product on the field adds to the win column. Steinbrenner is great for baseball because he proves that the passion for winning will find it's path to the World Series trophy.

On the other side, how can baseball survive if only a few teams get all the big time free agents. The casual fan from the smaller markets, these are the ones that matter most, will stop attending games and basically take away the revenue source that is so badly needed by the owners. These teams will continually make a loss which may lead to a bankrupt team or one less baseball team for the Yanks to compete against.

I've thrown some thoughts out there but I still have plenty to say on this topic because it seems this topic goes on forever. It could go into salary caps, revenue sharing, aren't all teams "buying" championships, and the real reason for all this hatred towards the Yanks.

This team from day one was built to bring home a championship and they did. Now, the offseason will bring some changes to the pinstripes. Will they bring Matsui and his bad knees back? I doubt it. What about Damon? Maybe. They went with 3 starters for the playoffs. Can they do that again and succeed? I personally think they won't. Who are they going to sign to help AJ and Sabathia. Tons of questions to answer but we all know the Yanks won't have any problems finding money to sign them.

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